What's at stake in Curtis Blaydes vs. Derrick Lewis? | Ariel & The Bad Guy | ESPN MMA

Publicerades den 19 feb 2021
Ariel & The Bad Guy break down what's at stake in the #UFCVegas19 main event fight between Curtis Blaydes and Derrick Lewis.

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  • who is here after lewis smoke curtis with an uppercut lol

  • It’s very hard for wrestlers get star power because casual fans don’t like their style

  • Y’all thinking past Derrick Lewis and he knocked Curtis Blaydes out cold.

  • I am not going to say Ariel is a douche like what Dana said.

  • "Tell derick lewis to figure it out" aged well...

  • That mans soul was at stake lord HE WENT STIFF

  • Jon jones get the HW title next so both blaydes & lewis sit down

  • Tough fight

  • easy win for blaydes !

    • @PARAsHARMA it’s ok

    • @D&M Prod my bad lol

    • Who won THO 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ok, if he beats Lewis he has #1 spot.....so Lewis beats Blaydes hes #1 spot for chance at belt....he should because he just beat #1 jones should have to have at least 2 fights or more to work his way....fair is fair.

  • Im pretty sure Ariel will soon save the world

  • No one likes Blaydes because he just lays on top of his opponent while landing light shots here and there. Had control of Volkov for 20 out of 25 minutes and never came close to a finish

  • Blaydes late 3rd Rd KO

  • Slow down take a breath Chael!

  • Whats at stake? Alot of brain cells.

  • How is a 50 year old olinek in the top 10

  • Ariel = Douche

  • Every time a fighter signs a contract to fight Derrick Lewis...an angel gets diarrhea

  • The Black Beast😈 via KO

  • man. stop talking so darn fast dude.

  • Nothing.

  • Ariel is a douche

  • Cheeky getting clapped.. lewis is gonna take them buns...haaaa

  • lol what is that klaxon sound?

  • Whats the odds on JJ popping hot in his 1st HW fight ?

    • They’ll let him fight even if he does. At this point it’s obvious he’s on juice and the ufc will move the event for him if he fails or usda will say it’s pulsing again

  • Man Chael was on point here. I also don’t get the Curtis hate. Dude has had some awesome fights and finishes. Not every fight can end in a stoppage...but he is a winner. His only losses are to Ngannou. I think he stops Derrick.

  • Please stop bringing Chael on. His takes are mostly shallow guessing and he knows nothing.

  • Ariel, Curtis Blaydes just said that if he wins this fight he'll just wait & not fight again. He said it makes no sense to fight anyone else if he wins this fight.

  • 0:21 Lewis won not Ngannou?

  • I thought Lewis won the fight v francis

  • Funny how cael has more subs then ESPN lol

  • I like Curtis

  • Wow just looking at the HW division, it's trash

  • He comes out to the mortal kombat theme tune then shoots for a double leg and lays on top of people. Boring

    • Hhahahahhahahahahhaha you got it right with the song but the 😴😴😴😴😴

  • I love both dudes-the people that don’t like Blaydes simply just don’t like technical wrestling. Not as exciting, I get it. However to not like a man for the way he fights is petty.

  • Not much at stake

  • the enemy of my enemy is my friend ariel must be great if hideous dana white hates him

  • Ariel go report bellator

  • 14 desperate takedowns is why.

  • "'why does no one like him" * 2 minutes later* "yeah he said something no one wants to hear"' this video and the takes are absolute trash.

  • Blades is exactly who you wouldn’t want to show to someone who’s on the fence about mma. Hope Derek Lewis ko’s him. Wrestling doesn’t have to be boring but blades definitely is.

    • Well your wish came true and I couldn’t be happier

  • Cmon Lewis. Smash this dude.

  • Swang and bang

  • What's the point of the clock countdown?

  • Stfu Helwani


    • 3 tkos in last 5. You sure you watch mma? 🤡

  • oh look! my two most hated MMA analysts. all we need is luke thomas and the unholy trinity would be complete.

    • Why did you click on it then dummy

  • Ariel is such an @hole always talking about the belt not being defended often. He is such a Stipe hater.

  • Rooting for Blaydes !

  • Why does chael pick that angle to record from

  • Hes not exciting fighter. Plain n simple. I would never even stream blaydes unless he was the prelims for a good card tell uncle Dana that

  • at least take the mask off when you're asking the question. dont need to sound like you're still laying down on your pillow talking into a mic

  • I like Curtis he seems like an awesome guy I just don't like watching his fights.

  • Lately I think Ariel is turning into the bad guy

  • sonin 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • It's because Derrick Lewis has caricature. He's funny. People love him

  • I really like Curtis blades

  • Why isn't Stipe scarier than Ngannou????????

    • @Shello I remember he just kept getting taken down repeatedly and stipe gassed out doing it. Most of the time stipe just laid on top of him catching his breath

    • @Big Nasty Ngannou looked LOST fighting Stipe that night. Basically, that's all I recalled that fight.

    • @Shello stipe isn't scarier than ngannou. Stipe held him down for dear life. Even stipe could not finish him. Ngannou is much scarier

    • @Big Nasty understood, but that's my point

    • @Shello I said everyone he beat

  • Chael poses a question everyone can answer. Curtis is hated because his product (fighting) is boring. No one cares about an athlete's personal life which is why Jones is waiting for a championship fight.

  • No way Derrick is 6’3

  • Because Chael, Curtis Blades needs to know when it's time to move on and realize Francis will always have his number.

  • Yo Chael, This is MMA, Not Wrestling...when will that ever sink in?

  • Hate to break it to everyone, but the better Ngannou gets, the less and less of a chance Curtis even has to beat Ngannou

  • It's probably because Curtis has a speech impediment. Not shitting on him at all. I've had a stutter since I was a kid. He does pretty good controlling like I do but we can always tell

  • Ariel is arguably the worst sports analyst in MMA.

    • whos the best then? stephen a? lol ur clueless

  • Who remembers Blaydes turning down a Jones fight unless it's more than 200k which he was NEVER offered! He scoffed at 200k before any negotiations even began. Apparently Chael can't recall making a video on it! I DON'T GET IT

    • Chael has dementia and constantly argues against himself. You could put 2 videos side by side of Chael arguing the complete opposite point. He flips a coin before every video and decides his opinion on a point lol

  • Douche.

  • Ariel is a duplicitous vulture. Carry on.

  • Nothing is at stake, there just saved you 5:50

  • Lewis knocks out blaydes for sure

  • I'm obligated to root against Blaydes because, while effective, his hugging strategy is beyond boring to watch. I'm all for grappling and ground control, but towards a goal of a submission or a ground and pound stoppage. Blaydes seeks no such finishes, he just hugs and tries to stay on top.

  • Why do they have the timer anyway?

  • These dudes are delusional sometimes. They need to get out of the same circles they're always in. More politician than fight analyst.

  • lol willingness equals legendary, hes a boring wrestler with Ls... curtis blades legend hahaha

  • Both aren't elite. Rozenstruk or Gane are worth a better go. And even then, Stipe, Bones and Francis would beat them all senseless. Izzy and Jan should come HW, as well as Conor, let's mix it up

    • Blades is getting there

    • Izzy would get put to sleep in the first round. Jan could last a bit longer but still isn't built for HW with the narrow hips.

  • Didn’t Lewis beat ngannou in that crappy fight ?

    • Beat? I don't know if that's the word you're looking for haha

  • Ariel vs Gina make it happen Dana main event

  • you can't train charisma

  • He is boring to watch thats why

  • As a true martial artist you should have the skill to defend against all types wrestling grappling so on a good example is shevchenko awesome well rounded dangerous fighter true martial artist

  • I'll tell you what Blaydes did along the way and why he's not a star.... He pissed off Dana White talking about fighters not getting paid what they should

  • its personality derek,connor,max,holand gift of gab

    • @Dr. Evil Genius 🤡🤡🤡🤡

    • Also, none of the fighters you mentioned enter the cage with the intent to hump other grown men for 15-25 minutes.

  • I think next week's main event (Jairzinho vs Gane) is more meaningful for the division but that being said, Francis is next then Jones gets the winner so all these guys still have to fight again before they're gonna get a title shot. Also I'm pretty sure as long as Dana is still around Blaydes won't be getting a title shot so if he wins this fight means nothing.

  • Bye bye ESPN. Ariel is crazy crybaby.

  • Champions aren't actice anymore, all the fighters should stay active and keep trying to win fights, and they will get recognized...

  • Or a lot. They’re both boring. 🙈

  • Shout out to the jet ski in the background

  • Can’t defend that fight it was boring asl

  • Lol "chael doesn't see it" well watch his fights b. I dont see it either

    • Chael had 2 finishes in the ufc/wec so i can see why hes blind to why people dont always enjoy Blaydes

  • Nothing lol Blades could literally win 12 more in a row and Jones, stipe/Francis trilogy is already in the making. Lewis don’t care so that’s good for him lol

  • Ariel, The best MMA journalist HAS NEVER shed Blood or Sweat tears for this sport. ONLY tears!!!

    • Read your comment ⬆️, edit it

  • Lewis actually won against Francis

  • Ariel and chael is way better than Ariel and DC

  • Bob Sapp is one win away from a title shot, that's where we're at in the HW division. 🥱

  • No those are the kinda guys that end up with brain injury

  • Any man who fights someone like derik lewis deserves a presidential medal

    • @Pokerface RVA 👊🏼

    • @ChrissyJ 5am in VA you made my morning with that lol

    • @Pokerface frfr 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • @ChrissyJ 💀💀💀💀

    • Deserves a ct or mri

  • If Curtis wins, he should fight the loser between Francis and Stipe at the same card Jones vs the winner.

  • We need this show in the UK!! Forget BT Sport if they're not taking notice of airing the show, see if you can get it on Fight Pass or even SEnewss for your international audiences, this show looks fantastic and people only in the US can see this 😔

  • ESPN STILL can't afford better than 720p?! Children do better! PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blaydes isn’t as boring a fighter as people say

    • @Kenneth Mortensen Dude you called it! I hope you put some money on a Lewis KO. That was scary!! Good pick man.

    • @Andrew yes it is. I dont Even think Curtis has woken up by now

    • @Kenneth Mortensen With Lewis it's always a possibility.

    • @J J i think its boring to watch.

    • @Kenneth Mortensen it is possible. And I wouldn't even be surprised. But calling blaydes a boring fighter is fkn stupid