Kamaru Usman says he’s not feeling generous anymore | DC & Helwani | ESPN MMA

Publicerades den 22 feb 2021
DC & Helwani discuss the latest in the situation between Kamaru Usman, Jorge Masvidal and the UFC welterweight title.
0:00 Ariel Helwani recaps the timeline of Usman calling out Masvidal, then saying he’s not feeling “generous” anymore.
0:45 Daniel Cormier weighs in on the fight negotiations.
3:30 Helwani says that fans are being worked right now.
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  • How is colby not the biggest draw

  • Too much.. I don’t know if I can take it.. which maybe true lol or something geez

  • So tired of this little spat

  • Usman is a clown

  • Usman 🧹

  • Masvidal is the king of that weight class. He makes the most money and he’s the most famous. And he’s not even the Champion

  • 😂😂😂😂😂 That boy scared

  • Usman the weirdo Masvidal the loser

  • How are you going to call him out like that then puss out you’re saying he makes excuses with that last fight he I actually did pretty good even though attention seeker. He didn’t want to fight he pussed out saying i’m not feeling generous

  • Colby vs mavs.lets make it happen God.

  • Wish DC had a different co-host. Can’t stand Ariel anymore

  • We bet Marty '"My job is to hug my opponent until the fight is over" Usman's remaining personalities meant: "I'm not feeling brave anymore, we'd rather book it with a weakling". XD XD XD XD XD

  • Daniel Cormier talks like he is drunk. Izzy was champ and called out costa and other champs has ..stop being too old man

  • DC called out Brock, Bisping called out Henderson!!

  • Usman is such a cornball lol

  • Escaping from masvidal

  • If he doesn't fight WonderBoy he's a coward.

  • Jorge vs Usman! For the welterweight belt and the BMF belt this time!

  • Usman doesn't sell fights, masvidal does. I feel like that's the only reason this would happen

  • I bet he won’t fight Izzy

  • Usman sucks at promoting his fights, that why he called out Masvidal and went back on his word

  • Sucks we aren’t going to get khabib vs Conor ultimate fighter season. That would’ve been GOLD

  • Colby beat Tyron only a few months ago, and beat Usman 2 rounds. Masivdal got dominated for 5 rounds. I think neither should get the next title shot, but Colby should over Jorge. Put Jorge vs wonderboy.

  • How on earth would anyone want to see Usman v Masvidal again? The fight would be as boring as last one and would end the same way it did the first time, Masvidal is washed out journeyman, not a contender for belt

  • Usman screwed up. Cringe.

  • Colby for sure 👍

  • DC is so biast!! And us man is no king stupid!!!

  • DC always commits he is not biased but he is always

  • Usman just seems insecure.

  • Masvidal Vs Colby the fight to make. And Leon Vs Wonderboy. No one cares to see Usman fight.

  • DC hates white fighters ofcourse.

  • Lmao that’s what Usman is doing.... he’s made it very clear to Masvidal that he’s the B side, and he is.

  • I'll get the fight, let Jorge get a whole camp and show that wasn't a fluke. I feel like Jorge has a better chance with more than. 6 days.

  • Don't wanna see Usman n masvidal, I wanna see a rematch against Colby. That's all I wanna see.

    • @nakiyah israelite IDC, as long as it's a war like the 1st fight.

  • coldy vs anyone

  • Issue is... as much as they say it.. no one wants to fight him that’s why he’s calling him out because then they have no choice.

  • Let's have an actual fun fight and give a title shot to an actual good person who deserves it and is becoming EXTREMELY underrated at this point. The NICEST MF Wonderboy Thompson!!!

  • Long as Colby doesn’t get the next title fight I’m cool with any fight !

  • How in the world would masvidal get a fight before Colby for the championship that makes no sense its not about good fights its all about money and that one would be a flop and boring

  • usman backed himself into a corner by taking back his callout of jorge, not a good move on his part

  • Lmfao DC points out how stupid Usman is..the champ shouldn't call people out. Exactly. Idiot

  • I hope colby beats usman and then masvidal also beats him,, there is something wrong with this man, I don't know what but he is so strangely unlikeable

  • Snowflake Helwani hates Colby so much, he can't accept this one is dead in the water

  • Usman changed directions because he realized that ain’t the rematch fans want. Fans don’t like lopsided fights

  • I wouldn't mind seeing masvidal and Edward's since Edward's got sucker punched by masvidal several years ago. Then colby can fight usman since that makes more sense.

  • Usman vs wonderboy. The only active fighter in the top 5. If they’re coaches on tuf then it gives wonderboy’s hand time to heal. He’s got good takedown defence and will piece Usman in the stand up.

  • his manager probably told him a masvidal fight makes 0 sense

  • How you call someone out then flake🤣🤣😭

  • Izzy calls out all of his contenders tho

  • I don't think it's as big a deal people are making it to be. I think Usman is trolling a bit. He shuts people down in the cage so it don't even matter what he says whether it's funny, cool or cringey. He's the Boogeyman and what he does to fighters in the cage speaks for itself.

  • Jorge is pulls more eyes to the ufc than kamaru does. Belt or not Jorge is a bigger star. The first fight wasnt even a fight more like a clinch fight. Kamaru knows standing up toe to toe like he did with colby he would lose to Jorge

  • I agree the champ should be the one being called out. However, Usman has beaten pretty much all of the top contenders. There isn't anyone that really poses a real threat to him, thus he's at the point where he is just trying to fight people that will bring the most money.

  • I agree with DC. I didn’t understand Kamaru calling out a Masvidal he just defeated ... it left me going huh😳... Why is he calling out someone he humbled not long ago ... Awkward strategy for a champ.

  • Usman would beat any one of these fighters. He should bait Conor and get that big $$$

  • Dc get out of here you wanted to fight to Fight Brock for money and wasn’t even in the roster let usman fight masvidal

  • Usman is a great fighter , but he needs to let the UFC promote him coz he sucks at it 😂😂😂😂😂such a weird guy .

  • Usman is such a great fighter but hes so cringe

  • I’m starting to notice how incredibly bias DC is with fighters his friends with lol Usman knows he still has to prove him self against Masvidal. That’s why he called him out. He knows he ain’t getting no respect if he stalls and stomps his way into another win.

  • I'd rather see wonderboy vs usman. Then start rematches

  • Keep that same energy

  • Colby vs Jorge will do better numbers than Usman vs Masvidal.

    • @nakiyah israelite and 💰

  • Snoozeman is scared of Jorge & Colby 😂

    • I your dreams lol

  • I only watch to listen to DC

  • Usman is no way natty

  • Usman playing it safe


  • Israel Addesanya did the same to paulo costa . He called him out when he was champion

  • It's understandable Usman wants easy payday.

  • Marty big head usman cannot wait for you to lose and be irrelevant!

  • He’s only giving 30% of his generosity

  • Making better choices 101

  • Colby versus Maz ufc show hit.

  • More fights less drama

  • Eff the ufc house

  • Y both are wrong. It is time for a Superfight. This is a Superfight commitment.

  • Thank you DC and Ariel for talking this fight. Marty Usman called out Masvidal and spoke of putting him in a coffin. Now Marty takes it all back and speaks out of the other side of his face. Usman went the distance with Masvidal after a 6 day notice, he will get baptised with a 3 week camp. DC should work with Usman and help him with a personality that is irritating.

  • Masvidal vs Colby is the fight to make. Literally everyone wants to see it, even better if they coach TUF.

  • Adesanya doesn't mind calling his challengers out

  • You can't analyze the pay-per-view numbers like that, it doesn't work. At least not when it comes to rematches. The hype is what sells the initial fight but how the fight plays out determines whether people actually want to see it again. Covington vs. Usman, Masvidal vs Usman. I think we can all agree on which fight was more competitive, more exciting and more worth the 60 bucks.

  • Feeling scare now....? 6 days notice and he could only stomp on his feet for 3 rounds...come on kamaru come on

    • @Kush he did what he had to do and gave no chance to masvidal, no point in rematch bro, go rewatch colby usman

    • @Emilian Konstantinoff like he destroy him in 6 days notice.....he couldn’t take him down...couldn’t punch him...just stomp on his feet...I mean I think kamaru is a beast...he just doesn’t fight like one

    • He will destroy masvidal, no point in this match lol

  • i started to watch this video, then snoozeman's name came up and i fell asleep from boredom

  • Oh snooozman lol doesn’t matter how many times you win, nobody cares.

  • The most annoying champion in UFC history

  • Usman's comment doesn't make any sense because he comments I'm not feeling generous anymore and then the next line says anyone can get it. Anyone? That seems pretty generous if you ask me.

  • Drag out another fight so he can cycle the gear again. Big roid pimples back

  • DC is somehow not helping Usman hahaha, Usman has been champion 3 fights ago, he is still not drawing attention. And in this case, he DID get called out by masvidal with that tweet, that he would knock Usman out given a whole camp. So Usman did the right thing at first. What I am not liking is that he went back now. Because to me its his fakeness, I dont know if its intentional or not, but he always seems fake and always contradicts himself. So to me saying he is not generous anymore is another going back on his own word shortly after giving it so publicly after such a good performance. The thing is, Israel Adesanya did the same thing with Costa and Romero

  • TUF Jorge & Colby views would sky rocket 🚀 ✨

  • Thanks champ. Now lets make Colby vs Jorge happen...FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEEAAASE. Usman can fight Wonderboy or whomever

  • It absolutely should be Colby vs Jorge TUF...winner gets rematch

  • How is Masvidal 2 bigger than Covington 2? I'd have thought Covington would be a far bigger draw from a fan's perspective.

  • But Adesanya has been calling fighters out since he became champion

  • Plz follow izzys lead boys anybody and everybody!!!!!

  • Hey dc you fat guy then why did you call out brock lesnar 😂

  • Usman going to shut Masvidal down again. The reality is Usman has no left to beat except wonderboy unless he moves up in weight. If Khamzat beat leon Dana was probably hoping Khamzat vs. Usman but that seems a year away max

  • The real question nobody is asking is why Masvidal is refusing to do TUFF with Colby and fight Colby Jorge did a lot of talking and hasn't really beatin anyone

  • Usman is the type of guy to forget about

  • Such a douche 😁

  • It couldn’t be more clear, Usman is trembling in FEAR!!!!!!!!

  • Masvidal vs Covington is the fight to make Love Masvidal but I honestly feel like he is avoiding Colby Covington

  • You realize it has nothing to do with generous? Masvidal wanted more money and now he declined they trying to act like he doesn't deserve it. That's he ufcs decision usman not making any calls at all cmon now. With that being said i would like to see wonderboy get a title shot