UFC 258 Preview Show | Ariel & The Bad Guy Live | ESPN MMA

Publicerades den 13 feb 2021
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Ariel Helwani and Chael Sonnen get you ready for UFC 258, headlined by the welterweight title bout between Kamaru Usman & Gilbert Burns. Who will have the upper hand between these two former teammates? Plus, Maycee Barber returns from a torn ACL injury... How will she look and can she get back on track in her quest to become the youngest champion in UFC history? Also, Jon Anik will stop by to give us some insight on the atmosphere out in Las Vegas.
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  • Struggled to watch this out of sync

  • Ariel "conors lover" Helwani

  • Usman is the truth!

  • I guess Diaz. Beats. Dustin then. Marty next time

  • I think that was Usman was well good fighter would kill him not that great fight Diaz would kill him

  • Glass jaw burns his new name

  • Diaz would beat them both at the same time

  • Usman is the 🐐 goat in his division.

    • @Denzel Washington ...Exactly

    • Yea man at this point people need to start putting respect in that man's name

  • I never thought anyone had a chance against usman untill burns, I still think usman will win and I would be surprised if burns wins but not shocked like if any of his other opponents would have won. It may be close fight as well

  • Usman gut so many Hater win or loose you still a champion

  • chael " i only share this with you because" sonnen

  • Are we really gonna compare a 12 fight win streak where not even half of them were ranked to someone who has that streak but as champ where they're all title defences?! Not anywhere near the same thing!

    • Agreed tho, different levels!

    • I think their just using that to try to hype Kamaru, bc they know he’s going to be there for a while. But yeah I agree GSP’s accomplishments are far greater then Kamaru’s, even tho kamaru has been doing great as a contender and champ, it’s not the same level or the same kind of wins, period. Gsp had his win streak at a championship level Bc he lost to Hughes. Then when he beat Hughes for the title he started that 12 fight streak, or I guess he actually started that streak after he beat rematched Matt the Terra Serra !!

  • Kanaru said he would be a marriage counselor on joe organs pod cast ... Chael is Never wrong!!

  • First off, GSP had 21 wins. 13 consecutively in the UFC. Usman is 11-0 in the UFC, 12-0 if you count TUF finale fight. GSP won 12 title fights. Usman has won 3. Chill with all of this GOAT talk or best ever talk every other month. Give those like GSP, Mighty Mouse, Silva and Jones their respect. Stop being so eager to crowd a divisional GOAT. Btw, I do like Usman tho lol

    • Absolutely right words but lets gooooo Kamaruuuddeeen

  • Ariel's a Douche I canceled my Disney+ 🖕

  • Whether Barber beats Grasso, she ain't beating Bullet in the next 5 years

  • Tony Ferguson the type of guy to wake up in the middle of the night and move to Africa to prepare for the Nigerian nightmare

  • Ariel your new 'look' looks bad and your amateur lighting doesn't help at all..............

  • Tony Ferguson: *gets his arm broken with 2 rounds to go* Tony Ferguson: "ok great"

  • Kumaru isn't bigger because his personality leaves alot to be desired. He's ego makes him unaware of reality and what people think.

  • Usman 3-0 @WW, Hughes 9-3 @WW, GSP 12-2 @WW + 1time MW Champ. Usman has a ways to go.

  • Not sure Ive ever seen Anik make someone mad...

  • Not sure Ive ever seen Anik make someone mad...

  • Ariel , much respect my friend..

  • Id take Grasso over Roxanne, but this isnt MMA math..I hope Usman wins tonight..Dont have a penny on it.

  • GSP title streak was mostly Title defences, so he was fighting peak guys moving up. Not same.

  • And it would have been 11 if he did the show by himself

  • This PPV should of been a fight night

    • should have*

    • too right im only watching for kelvin

  • Won't watch this show until Ariel the douche is gone.

  • That face off was very tense between Usman-Burns .. it ain’t bad blood like it was with Usman-Covington but you can tell Usman feels Burns is a threat by his body language at that face off almost similar to the Covington fight. If you go back to last summer Usman was unfazed by Masvidal and was on chill mode the whole time because he didn’t see Madvidal as a threat but more as all hype hence his performance wasn’t really that great compared to the Woodley and Covington fights where he was dominate. Not sure if Usman wins tonight but you’ll see him come out looking to dominate Burns and put on a good performance

  • Interesting Barber is favorite in Vegas odds grasso is the slight favorite on the Irish/UK markets

  • Ariel the douche Helwani

  • “Dirty Brawl” that is laughable. It’s going to be a great grappling match. A lot of hugging and crotch sniffing. Maybe if we’re lucky some foot stomps and testicle smashing.

  • Ariel reaching with "this fight is a byproduct of Rashad"

  • Chael how good he is sonnen

  • The nose 👃 and UNCLE CHAEL!

  • why doesn't usman get more recognition?? are ya serious ariel? he only throws strikes on the ground to stay active so the ref won't stand them back up, he wants to hold and hug, not fight. Never seen a man throw so many strikes that arent intended to try and finish the fight or even hurt the opponent they are just annoying and hes technically being active so the ref wont step in

    • He’s also cringe and inactive as all of Ali’s champions end up being.

  • I think this is going all 5 rounds plus it’s going to be a chess match.

  • They have Luke Thomas’s editor

  • Admitting it's WWE

  • I hate when people sing when there's no real song 👎

  • I can't wait to see the leg cross techniques Uncle Chael be using tonight.

  • Oy vey shut it down!!!

  • Uncle Chael Rules

  • There’s no Drama Chael I just got done watching weighing in and that show interviewed the coaches.

  • Someone should tell Ariel that a big head can take a punch better than a small head. Look at Chris Leben and Wesley Correira.

  • Just watched usman vs colby and burns vs woodley... LETS GO USMAN...

  • I’ve got no comment to contribute with

  • Usman will Win the tune up fight, where’s the Masvidal Rematch

  • Team Quest>>>>>>>>Dana White

  • I think Usman gets him but I'm not super sure. Burns is fierce. Hope its a good fight.

  • Does anybody else also have audio/video problems? Doesn’t go simultaneous

    • yea the audio is slightly delayed

  • Let's go Burns!! Have a feeling it'll be Usman by decision but hoping for an upset. We need a new champ 🏆 First Brazilian welterweight champion would be history

    • It would be nice but man kamaru is a beast. I just hope it’s more of an exciting fight!

  • WTH is wrong with the audio? I thought this was ESPN

    • Nick said the same thing about the chair on his interview after the BMF fight

  • Helwani is a weasel

  • Ariel that intro my man it’s just too cringe.

  • I’m so excited for this fight

  • I can’t let you get close

    • LMAOOO when tuf wus lit

  • The video is out of sync is someone gonna fix this.


  • Listening to Chael on the broadcast and here simultaneously, good work on getting out there

  • Ariel helwani is a Mossad spy

  • Burns by 1st round KO 👊🏻👊🏻

    • It’s possible, but I think it kamaru makes it to the 3rd round, burns wknt win, to slippery from sweat submissions less likely, and if he doesn’t ko him early, idk, kamaru does get better as the fight drags out, like Max Hollaway, just not as cool or fun to watch like Max Bc Max fights he doesn’t grapple unless it’s necessary to grapple.

    • @Alper My first comment complimented Burn's striking but I did not specify how Usman would go to sleep. I think Burns knocks him out or submit him in the first 2 rounds... leaning towards a knockout. Look at their training videos... so many times Burns had to pull his punches.

    • No chance

    • NoToBigBro Yeah, but the comment above and yours was about a KO. Thats what they usually mean by putting someone to sleep

    • @Alper Burns can put him to sleep w/ sub.

  • Chael”and I bring this to you cause” Sonnen

    • Kamaru might win and beat GSP’s welterweight win streak but he will not be his welterweight title defenses win streak, there’s two differences, GSP’s win streak was also his title defense win streak they leave that my huge detail out. He might beat his WW win streak but, that 12 win streak of GSP’s is also title defenses, not just a “win streak”. Levels to those wins/title defenses... PERIOD!!

    • "ok great"

    • 😂

    • I digress

  • Ariel is such a douche.

  • I'm hoping Burns puts on a show. Gonna need it against Usman!

    • @Deryck Woods II Too true!!

    • There’s levels to this shii Mark..

  • Yo

  • Let's get rid of that intro singing please