DC & Helwani react to Kamaru Usman’s win over Gilbert Burns at UFC 258 | ESPN MMA

Publicerades den 15 feb 2021
Daniel Cormier & Ariel Helwani break down Kamaru Usman’s win at UFC 258 against Gilbert Burns, as they discuss…
0:00 The historical statistics behind Usman’s UFC welterweight run.
2:15 If Usman deserves more respect for his accomplishments.
6:30 The backstage conversation between DC and Usman.
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  • And still kamaru usman 🔥🔥

  • If Usman wants fans, he needs to use more than 30% of his charisma

  • Love DC

  • Usman talk’s cheep Kamaru

  • He just comes across as shallow, maybe he hasn’t come out of his shell idk. Great fighter, remembering GSP sort of received the same treatment.

  • Great fighter, awesome Champion...cringe person. He just comes across as a bit of a douche.

  • People don’t like Usman because he speaks and carries himself in a way where he is obviously pretending to be really humble and it just comes off as fake lol amazing fighter though and seems like a great guy.

  • Terrible Ppv numbers no one cares about this guy

  • Somebody tell me why Ariel never get shaped up ...

  • DC and Ariel, I know you guys dig and respect Usman but I don’t care for him and how he fights. I don’t think he is the right face at 170. I rather see Colby Covington or Jorge Masivdal. Those two men have character and moxie and they know how to sell ppv.

  • The Nigerian Nightmare. That’s a man I would fear.

  • That Chinese dude and wonder boy are only guy who are left to beat by usman

  • We Africans are used to this kind of biasness

  • Helwani stop lying you don't give him credit I watch your videos on his fight with masvidal his ars get kick and you still give masvidal a credit because his fan base now you are saying to champ DC you give usman credit you liar helwani

  • Usman says he did what he had to do when beating Masvidal, which is clinch and stomp. Fair enough. But let's not then turn around and say he's not appreciated. He is appreciated by fans of UFC. But he doesn't have mass appeal. And you can't have it both ways. In all sports and entertainment if you want the masses to appreciate you, you need to impress them when the eyeballs are watching him fight a popular athlete like Masvidal. If you're going to be unspectacular in those types of big paper view draws, expect a lukewarm response.

  • Cormier is on his knee waiting for Ariel to finish his and he next Evry time they see this guy and the worst was and you can t move in the second round from exhaustion in first round of 5 rounds he's only defended his title 2 time GSP did it 9vtime now that why he's the best he was champ for 2022 days uzmans been champ 200 300 days and only 2 defences not even close to champion

  • "USMAN ADAPTS TO WHOEVER HE'S FIGHTING", is the "riddle" that the casuals have trouble understanding.

  • Dc is becoming instigator just like ariel

  • How can Ariel gave enough credit to anyone since he gave all the credit to Connor.

  • Kamaru usman vs Colby Covington, Leon Scott vs Jorge masvidal !!!

  • kama has more tkos than gsp - gsp is not goat

  • USADA was after Khabib for using EPO and Diuretics. Khabib barely makes 155 lbs without Diuretics. He cheats and comes on matchday with 180 lbs. Khabib is a Diuretics abuser. He couldn't cut 30lbs without drugs. Imagine him in Welterweight or Middleweight... In russian TV was a Interview. USADA is after Khabib, Khamzat, Usman, Burns and the whole Ali team for PED abuse. Azaitar is just the peak of the steroid abusing Muslim clan. Welcome to reality!

  • The EPO is strong in Usman

  • Hooker slept him. He wasn't even a contender. Usman owns the division, unless it's GSP or Khamzat, he should leave

  • It's cause he doesn't have the support of his country... MMA isn't that big in 9JA. But soon. Hopefully

  • Daniel Cormier thought that Usman was going to loose now look at the body of his work, and the bodies that he’s left behind you mean this man shouldn’t be in the goat conversation he has far more better names on his résumé then Khabib


  • Because Usmans personality SUCKS!

  • To me Usman should move up to middleweight, I feel that's where the challenges are for him, but at the same someone told me he's good where he's at, to me obviously he's only good where he's at if he keeps getting real quality opponents to fight at welterweight.

    • There's a lot of talent in ufc welterweight division

  • I wish Usman vs Khabib would happen

  • i still don't like him..


  • ill tell u thus right now kumaru usman is the p most dominant champion on the planet today. not a fan but EAAAAILY thee most underated his jab lethal. no soul will touch that belt as long as hes active mark it down.

  • I almost wish issy would vacate middleweight strap so we could see usman with no weight cut. Easy double champ

    • He’ll never fight Izzy they’re too close.

  • Fake ufc fans praising khabib as a goat which is laughable when Usman is one of the most underrated champs I’ve seen in a long time

  • Helwani is such a DOUCHE!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Usman will beat Khabib, I said it.

  • He is like terrence Prophet they make its too easy ,people dont respect.he is Very good.

  • DC is so high

  • Why no khabib vs usman? Come on, that’s the fight

  • Nobody has any respect for usman cuz he’s calling out jorge again and not colby. He knows the hardest fight is colby and he’s ducking him so hard it’s sad. He just wants that easy paycheck

  • Kamaru is a smart man. Padding his wallet and record by calling out an easy 5 round unanimous decision victory with Masvidal. Genius.

  • Khabib vs Usman

  • Needs to be Colby next

  • I hope Khabib goes to welterweight and fight Usman. That would a goat status fight

  • Listen I’m not a race baiter but In the fight game this is something that is undeniable if usman was white he’d be one of the biggest attractions right now.. ppl saying he’s cringe or he’s not interesting can we stop the bs ... if usman was white with his resume/ we would love him and defend every thing he does but since he doesn’t look like us we play him off if usman was white from some white country he’d be huge right now .... and there is nothing wrong with that ppl like to see ppl that look like them succeed just wish we could be honest about it you will never hear these guys in interviews say that and it’s sad

  • DC is such a good friend. A great fighter and one of the best to ever do it, but possibly even a better friend for people like Khabib, Usman, and even Helwani.

  • Khabib vs usman

  • People really hate Usman for no reason. Sad

  • Usman's mental strength is really the most underrated aspect of his game. He takes everything spits it out and keeps fighting

  • the JAB looked insane...

  • It’s a little much after 😂

  • He’s not a likeable guy, his personality is an act. That’s why no one rates him. It’s a spectator sport for a reason.

  • His boring af

  • Booooo 👎🏽👎🏽 no love or support for Helwani!!! He’s nothing but a double standard hypocrite. He has the audacity to turn his back on Gina Carano by publicly shaming her yet says absolutely nothing about Pedro pascal’s 2018 tweet comparing America to Adolf Hitler‘s Germany as well. Shame on you Helwani. Dana White has been right about you this entire time.

  • No one: Ariel to DC: yOuR bUoY kHAbiB

  • I think the reason ppl don't like Usman is because guy is a great fighter but has unauthentic fake badass persona. Crazy coz he has the skills but his tough guy attitude aint authentic and seems too forced. Maybe he just wants to sell the fight or sth idk but it just pisses me off

  • Not a fun his personna is hhhhh

  • I never liked Usmans style and felt his striking was his weakness. Lately his striking is decent but his size, strength and cardio is unmatched! It will take wrestler with powerful hands to beat him. Khamzat is the only guy I see who has a shot and we still have not seen if KC’s cardio is at that level yet.

  • Everything is private now, after that KO

  • Usman is a great fighter. Sadly he doesnt have the big fan base like conor or khabib or the personality like a adesanya. Therefore he doesnt get the same push. He has beaten a tough killers row of fighters and cleaned the division. He is in a division where gimmicks of colby and masvidal are the thing sadly

  • Ariel always jealous of fighters having those private moments and access to things and placed he never will. 😄

  • This is the same as watching his wife do the dc reaction interview, high five 😂.

  • Daniel cormier mdrrrrr🤣génie du rire ahaha ❤

  • 5:04 I like how DC set the record straight cos Masvidal likes to make the '6 days' excuse when they both didn't prepare to fight each other earlier. Kamaru was in training camp for someone else, Masvidal was also said to be in camp. So why the denial when someone dominated you so much. Foot stomps are allowed in MMA, Usman used it all and won. Put some respect on that dude's name and stop hating!

  • Usman nobody likes him he is soo weird

  • I want to see Kamaru vs Kahbib. Mega Fight. Big money.

  • Did Jorge break Usmans nose or NOT?????? DC keeps saying no Jorge saying yes???????

  • "He strikes with the grapplers, and grapples with the strikers. He can do it all" Then you have Jon Jones who does the opposite. Grapples with the Grapplers, Strikes with the Strikers and still wins. I firmly believe if he took the Kamaru/ sane approach to exploit weaknesses then he would most likely be finishing everyone. He may even have to do this in HW, if the UFC gives him any money to fight.

  • Usman reminds me of DC when he was over looked and not respected by the fans. I think he will also have that turning point just like DC did.

    • Yeah, people forget DC was in the exact same boat at one point. I never understood the hate, even as a huge Jon Jones fan I could never root against DC, he's one of the nicest guys in MMA.

    • I wonder why it always happens to black athletes. I wonder why.

  • DC is a stand up guy ino.

  • Hmmm, those Nigerians, UFC needs to open shop in Nigeria. they ve got some raw materials for the fighting industry.

  • Usman Vs Wonderboy...they never fought before & wonderboy also won his last fight in amazing fashion

  • Man like my brother DC

  • So many people still hating on Usman. He is a champ. Admit it.

  • Usman is a F King 👑

  • Why not let him fight Wonderboy? That fight just makes sense to me.

    • That is not a money fight thats why, also Wonder boy will be torn apart.

  • Usman is unlikeable, much like Tyron Woodley. Both lack charisma, and no, it's not about racism because people love Israel Adesanya and are rooting for Ngannou to become champ, too. Usman's only salvation would be to turn full heel, like Covington did, the latter who also lacks charisma and was basically invisible and about to be cut from the UFC before he turned heel.

  • Man it's all about charisma and Usman doesn't have any of it. His an very exceptional fighter but his way too cringe to watch. If he had* some personality or flare he'd be the most popular UFC fighter on the roster. Literally all his rivals would make a better champion for the company and among fans - Colby, Masivdal or Chimeav.

  • I believe Usman when he said the floor of the cage was slippery. When he hit Burns with the pull counter he slipped in the exact same spot usman slipped in rd 1

  • Burns is an oversized 155 pounder.. Can we bring real contenders in the octagon! Because, Usman starts to think he's a F legend..

    • @kameha meha: Why are you contradicting yourself?. You said they should bring real contenders before Kamaru Usman starts to think he's a legend. Why are you so blind to your own written?.

    • @Akeem Ogunjobi Oh gosh.. I'm a MMA fan. I don't except to step in the octagon with a UFC fighter. Are you that dumb? He's a good fighter. But I don't wanna see him fight.

    • You are just a hater. That's who you are.

    • @kameha meha. You talked as if you can hold a single finger of any of the guys in that division. He said it all in his last interview that Dana white should bring them on because he stronger than them mentally which I belief is the only thing that gets him going.

  • Usman beat 6 of the top 10. 4 of them were in top 5. Just Facts

  • DC just made a lot of people very mad 😂 I agree tho Prime GSP vs Usman is a serious conversation. GSP had way more title defences but part of that is due to era. No one gets 10+ title defences anymore because it takes longer to get a title fight and you also fight higher level opposition as a Champion these days. I believe Burns, Colby, WonderBoy and Woodley would’ve all been champion 10-15 years ago. Nick Diaz beat BJ. Penn at 32 and Hendrickson lost to Gastelum at 32. They weren’t past their prime they just weren’t as good as the next generation.

  • People won't tune in to usman because they tend to pay attention to personnality more than actual fighting. Not to say he's got no personnality but the large american audience doesnt seem to embrace him thinkin "he's cringe". Actually he plays dumb but is very calculated

  • F U ariel. nbody remembers the 30percent thing

  • The way he constantly switches stance during his fights gives him an advantage. It allows him to rest an arm or leg from fatigue or pain. Then he hits their bodies with hooks, clinch or wrestle and drains them while his strikes still feel fresh.

  • Lets not forget about what woodly did lol chill out guys lol

  • So many Usman haters. Funny thing is most of em don’t even know why they’re hating.

    • @larsojinnaka Look brother I completely understand where your coming from and I appreciate it. But me not being a fan of Usman is simply him trying way too hard/dramatic on camera, it just comes off lame. I’m a massive Adesanya fan because his authentic and himself. And my favourite current fighter in the UFC is Zhang Welli. I’m all for minorities mate but yeah hopefully Usman grows on me

    • @Bilal Saeed give him, us, we Nigerians, Africans a break cause this is a result from being colonised. It inherently results to nuances in language, accent, and everything social so when you think of ridiculing someone it may be linked to egregious acts we all try so hard to forget. People say similar stuff about Izzy and if you’re a human you can see where i’m going to with this.

    • @larsojinnaka Mate football is different because it’s a team sport. How am I a colourist? My favourite fighters have always been black especially in boxing... Jack Johnson, Joe Louis, Henry Armstrong, Muhammad Ali. Usman just tries too hard man which turns me off completely being a fan.

    • @Bilal Saeed Let's use a simple analogy like Messi in soccer, even with almost zero on-pitch personality/charisma, football fans hardly hate on him. In fact, his opposition would mostly admit how they love him for his skill, ffs that's why he's there. I feel a colorist like yourself may always find an excuse why they don't see color but somehow react to it imo.

    • Bilal Saeed I see your point but I didn’t ask why he doesn’t have more fans I just pointed out people hate on him for no good reason or no reason at all. Your reason was cringe. If u think that’s a good enough reason to hate on one of the best ever than that’s all you buddy Oh and I misread your comment about Conor before my bad 😂

  • Your excatly right d.c he is top 5 all time if he finishes with wins his next couple defensive fights. My prediction top 5 in the near future is jones khabib Izzy usman gsp. Right now my top 10 is jones khabib gsp stipe dc triple c dj Izzy usman fedor/Hughes

  • Imagine if he was fighting 100%

  • I came here for DCs talk Ariels irrelevant

  • Usman undefeated, Adesanya Undefeated, Nurmogamedev undefeated...

  • Been supporting usman for years now. Went to Vegas to see him fight rda. He is going to put a beat down on masvidal if they ever fight again

  • His multiple personalities is what he is doing wrong

  • Burns was a lot of hype with wins over tomato cans

  • kumaru has many good moments like (the 30% thing, owning tyron and ben on that presser) i enjoyed all this. but even his best moments people try to make them look bad

  • Ask DC - who has better record in UFC : Khabib and Usman? He is definitely going to say Khabib.

    • Obviously. Although, it's a debate rn. The only wins that make Khabib's record debatably better than Usman's are Conor, Poirier (his best win, record wise) and Gaethje (his resume is aging like milk). Barboza and RDA are a shout ig. Usman has Colby( who's only loss in the UFC is Kamaru if I'm not wrong), Jorge ( Usman's weakest W resume wise), TWood, Maia, Edwards, RDA and now Burns.

  • Usman can take a punch !!! This guy has been hit many times and he just keeps going!!

  • It’s bc of the fight between him and woodly

  • It’ll be interesting to see Usman against Chimaev, if and when he gets there. Chimaev would be the first guy Usman fights that’s bigger than him and he can grapple & is a better striker than Usman.

    • After Usman’s performance to say Khamzat (who only had a few fights against unraked opposition in the UFC) is a better striker then the Champion who just put on a striking clinic against arguably one of the heaviest hitting strikers in his division and only improved since breaking colbys jaw is an opinion based completely off either pure bias or simple misunderstanding of the sport. Usman runs through Khamzat until Khamzat proves he’s worthy against ranekd competition, however I agree w you. The matchup stylistically would be interesting but i have Usman by domination if/when the time comes