Kamaru Usman: Jorge Masvidal knows that he can’t beat me | ESPN MMA

Publicerades den 17 feb 2021
Kamaru Usman speaks with ESPN MMA’s Brett Okamoto about his win vs. Gilbert Burns.
0:00 Usman describes how he gained inspiration ahead of his welterweight title fight vs. Burns.
4:14 Rewatching the bout and what stood out fighting a former teammate.
11:21 Meeting with Dana White this week.
13:32 If he’s involved on The Ultimate Fighter with Jorge Masvidal.
17:03 Why he thinks Masvidal truly knows that he cannot beat him.
24:30 Expresses interest in the rematch happening in Miami if it gets signed for this summer.
30:45 If he’d be willing to move to middleweight if current champion Israel Adesanya stayed at light heavyweight.
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  • Interviewer ask any question: Usman: RASHAD

  • For some reason Usman can never be a people’s champ no matter how many fight he wins . He just wins on brute force n I haven’t seen improvement on his skill level .Don’t compare yourself with Khabib .

  • Wonderboy also beats Usman 98 times out of 10

  • Khabib retired. Why don't we just say Joyce Gracie is number 1. Mark Coleman is number 2. Chuck Liddell 3 and so on. Idiots!

  • He’s a juicehead cheater

  • Not a fan of this ignorant cringe fool.

  • I fell asleep 30% through this video. Usman needs Masvidal's starpower and Masvidal has earned a full fight camp for a true shot. What cemented this *opinion* for me was Kamaru saying he meant to do that fight just as he wanted to do. So, you looked beatable and foot stomps? Super necessary. Period. Masvidal had his shots and just didn't have his normal cardio I feel. (Once again, my *opinion ) Plus Usman took a fat L during this interview saying "I RUN Miami" ehhh cringey L. Deserve to get ran through for that. Starting to like Kamaru in the cage after Woodley, tho.


  • This man just said green panty night

  • Usman vs Adesanya would be amazing to watch !

  • "I wasn't hurt" yet you got dropped from the punch? k lol

  • Too much talk usman. Makes you kinda lady like

  • When is CM Punk going to return? He puts a$$es in seats

  • So the guy is admitting he'll fight the dough fight.... how is that exciting? He knows Colby tested him more than anyone.

    • I guess it was quite a bit previous to Connor. When he was on a roll with Victories over Perry, Hernandez and Aliquinta , I thought he had it figured out. The Gaethje fight he showed up but Gaethje was hitting his own momentum. So??? If Cowboys footwork was 1/2 of his jujitsu he'd be a terror. Spit in one hand, wish in the other....Journeyman... Sad

    • @Pretei Lemo for sure, after Cowboys schooling of the up and comer before Connor, it looked as if he figured out his pre fight mentality in big fights. Wrong, he's forever a journeyman in his mind. I guess that's where he'll stay....

    • But when Conor fights cowboy, you hype him up

  • I agree Colby or Leon for sure and he needs to either stop carrying the BMF belt around like it’s a real thing. It’s only a real thing if he defends it. Oh and one other thing usman is the most boring human ever!!

  • Regardless if you can beat him or not you're still annoying AF and no one likes you

  • Usman, you won-but not the kind of victory where you can talk s*** about beating my man Jorge 10 out of 10 times! It was such an ugly victory, where you just basically hugged him and stomped on his feet....the crazy s*** is I know that you're capable of actually fighting because I watched the fight with Covington and you guys slugged it out now don't misunderstand me I'm not saying that you shouldn't be a technical fighter and that you should stay in their trading punches no not at all you beat each fighter according to their weakness but I think everyone including you know George is one tough MF he's got grit. Come think of it you better grab him and stomp his feet are you going to lose your belt. Lol.

  • Masvidal is trash but nowhere near as bad as nate Diaz lol

  • Then fight Colby or Leon! Like this dude is a chump looking for easy money. He isn’t a warrior like that. People can say what he want but he got pieced up by Colby. Sure he won but that was his hardest match up and still is to this day. So fight Leon or fight Colby.

  • Style bender would beat the breaks off you. Usman knows it. Talk African champs all you want. You scared dude

  • Brett is a clown

  • Even this guy's interviews are boring

  • What's the risk in calling out a man you believe you can beat 10 out of 10 times?...it goes to show how weak this man really is.

  • Alright then why you backing out the rematch when he says yes if you're so confident he can't beat you Usman?

  • I wanna see Usman vs. GSP!!!!

  • People really seem to forget Masvidal took the fight on 6 days notice and went the full distance and barely took any damage lmfaoo, Masvidal would smoke him in the rematch

  • "I can stomp 10 out of 10 of his toes."

  • I agree Usman beats Jorge 9/10 times, but the put in a coffin comment is just thoroughly impossible. The wrestlefuck, stomping on foot, stock on points is all this dude can do against Mas. Stop kidding he can give Jorge his first KO loss.

  • Masvidal vs Covington on TUF would be insane. This guy, not so much.

  • Can't wait for Masvidal to silence this man. Quit it with the toe stomps coward

  • "After March, there'll be 3 Africans with 4 belts." YESSSSS 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • He probably wouldn't have stayed on the fence if you disengaged and invited him to the middle of the cage champ.. instead you played footsies on the cage with him 🦶

  • Usman, you’re a great fighter man. Do yourself a favor and stop doing interviews bro. My God you are so unlikeable bro!

  • Your friendship is over. That’s the reality.

  • But can he do it without stalling (not fighting) and foot stomps?

  • Usman would be crazy to strike with Jorge

  • Let Khamzat beat the ranked opponents and then he'll rule this division. But Usman is already a legend with 13-0 ufc wins.

  • Great fighter.. bores me when he talks.. don't know why..

  • Reminder for all you casual MMA fans.. Masvidal has only 1 WIN over the top 10 welterweights, let that sink in for a minute..

  • Kammie stays in his safe zone Lane ALWAYS🤣

  • Kammie most unlikeable UFC Champ😂

  • Does anyone else notice the subtle jabs Brett throws at Usman? In all of the build up to UFC 258 Brett was highly favoring Burns to win and implied Usman was boring. Big respect to Usman for taking this interview when the interviewer is still recovering from his humiliation and incorrect analysis of the fight. Okamoto is slowly turning into Helwani...

  • Kamaru is number 4, he’s been number 4 since late Monday. Brett is annoying and I’ll box him.

  • Usman wants the easy payday. He can hump Masvidal all day, George is too weak in wrestling. Colby on the other hand is risky and difficult.

  • Love Usman, but where's Ariel?

  • Usman vs Leon Edwards Colby vs Nate Diaz Masvidal vs Gaejthe Wonderboy vs Chimaez Dustin vs Charles for Belt Chandler vs Dos Anjos Conor vs Tony

  • Marty is too much of a narcissist and has too many personalities for me to know if he actually believes what he’s saying.

  • Marty whats up

  • "Colby the Covington" ...20:42 made me lol


  • Usman's gorilla arms are unbeatable in his division, same way Jon Jones always was at LHW. You can't fight a guy with a 5" reach advantage and win if they know what they're doing.

  • Colby is the CHAMP

  • With foot stomps? Lmao 🤣

  • If you know he can’t beat you and you win 10 out of 10 times. Then why call him out after your win for a rematch??????????

  • His only pro MMA loss came from the brother of Alex "Bruce Leroy" Caceres

  • What a true humble champion. Bless u fellow

  • Going for the easy money fight but dont blame him, masvidal cant hit that level.

  • Everyone knows Masvidal cant beat him, We need to see Colby vs Usman 2 its the only fight that was competitive and had a ton of controversy.

  • Usman Vs Masvidal 2 definitely needs to happen he needs to beat Masvidal decisively like he bet Cubbington & Burns to prove he can stand with Masvidal & not have Masvidal pinned up against cage mainly foot stumping taking him down & not being able to do any significant damage he at one point he threw off Masvidal's movement after Masvidal escaping a clinch & backing off Usman hit with a few good punches which Masvidal is gonna have to watch out for

  • Gilbert’s problem was his baby chin

  • He does have a good argument for Number 1-3 P4P. A lot of variables could put him in any of those spots.

  • If he's means Masvidal for charity .it's a good deal for both .Kamaru giving Masvidal the fight because Masvidal brings in more ppv than Colby so a win win for both money wise

  • Jeez his head is massive! No wonder he can take a slap!

  • Call out Khabib if you’re #1!!!

  • How is the UFC not giving an opportunity for Leon Edwards to redeem that 3 piece and a soda?

  • We should just accept that Masvidal vs Usman is essentially Conor vs Khabib

  • Its trippy how this game forced usman to be more mean than he probably normally is.

    • @ben Right lmao.

    • lol look what it did to Colby

  • Kamaru is the new Tyrone woodley...remember when t wood was literally unbeatable and everybody was scared of fighting him ?!

  • He not even speaks Spanish

  • Usman says he could have taken Colby down if he wanted to 😄. I have my doubts. Colby is a douche but you know good and well that wasn't an easy task

  • Thank God Nigeria has such a good youth wrestling and college program

  • Man for a guy who grew up and lived in Nigeria his whole life it’s amazing for he has a perfect American accent

    • He lived in Nebraska most of his life lol

  • I have never been attracted to green panties

  • Green Panties

  • How is Stipe number 3 and number 4 on the list he's lost recently he doesn't have a long win streak either

  • I like this version of Kamaru, chilled and authentic.

  • I respect Kamaru payin his respects to rashad evans his Oldhead and mentor

  • It’d be perfect. Usman and burns handle their teammate match. Jorge and covington do and then the winner gets the rematch

  • He gonna fight Jorge for sure, cause thats where the money is, and he knows, even tho the saying he brings the money, we all know thats not the case, Jorge way more popular.. He should fight Colby in my opinion next, cause thats the fight everybody want to see, but he also knows that Colby might defeat him this time.. At this point is really wish Khamzat a fast recovery, cause he brings excitment to this division, where nobody want to fight nobody..

  • Colby/diaz VS masvi on TUF please!

  • Thank god this isn’t gaywani, give brett the MMA show!

  • Side note: Usman needs a new wall job ASAP. It looks like Conjuring there

  • Masvidal would get smoked. Colby too. Wonderboy etc. Unless it's GSP, Usman owns WW. He could fight Conor for the $$$$ if the Irishman had the stones for it, but it feels like MW might be the only left. Usman is on a different level to these dudes

  • Didn't kno

  • Funny how Brett told him he held Jorge against the cage and foot stomped him the whole fight. Lmao

  • Usman head butts cant be accidental he leads every time with the head. Its terrible form and he is a weak champ deserved to be docked -2, head butted Jorge to victory and ref is in another world

  • Who who who

  • This interview was REALLY impressive. Marty managed to display all 3 of his personalities in little over 30 minutes.

  • Usman always leads with the head and head butted his way to victory, that or hold excessively

  • Mas already won the fight on the feet and Usman held and did minimal to no damage in the other areas. Also he deserved to be stripped for head butts -2 and also excessive holding and excessive LEADING with the head after being brushed up badly on the feet. What a terrible title defense I get why he wants a rematch.

  • Where does he go from here? Leon's gonna be nowhere near him if they fight soon. Leon not fought since I was in the womb and usman been active

  • “I’m the boss” ends up backtracking Dana and me are the bosses “No manager makes the decisions” “Ali my manager dana white and me are making the decisions” oh god

  • marty already established he can crush jorge so he’s ducking colby then

    • He destroyed loud mouth, but Masvidal didn't get a proper beating and ran his mouth, that's what is eating up Usman. And he can fight Colby 2 months later

  • I was really enjoying this until he started moaning about being in the top 5 pound for pound... that is respect on his name.

  • Don't like Kamaru trying to hype the media like Conor, using phrases like, "green panty night", and, "I run Florida". I prefer his Humble self, his class and fight IQ speak for themselves. I want him to be the anti street rebel and anti class bragging clown. He's still way more classy than so many, but I hope he maintains his gentleman's composure.

  • p4p doesn't mean a popularity contest goof it means WHAT IF EVERYONE WERE THE SAME SIZE 🤦‍♂️

  • So why is he fighting him again so no challenge! Colby is still his biggest challenge in the division. Maybe Wonderboy deserves it?

  • Kamaru 'anything you say and can be use against you' Usman

  • Marty "Good Time To Be An African" Usman

  • I like usman but most calculated in the game is izzy dudes a human computer