Leon Edwards has message for Colby Covington, says Masvidal will never win UFC title | ESPN MMA

Publicerades den 16 feb 2021
UFC welterweight contender Leon Edwards returns to Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show to discuss a wide variety of topics including…
0:00 Khamzat Chimaev pulling out of their fight scheduled for March 13 due to COVID-19 complications.
6:45 Kamaru Usman’s win vs. Gilbert Burns at UFC 258 to defend the welterweight title.
9:29 Usman calling out Jorge Masvidal for a rematch.
10:45 The UFC discussing Colby Covington as an option for March 13, and reaction to Covington saying he isn’t interested.
14:50 Expressing interest in fighting Nate Diaz, but not expecting it to happen.
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  • I sure hope Leon worked on his ground game since the Gunnar Nelson fight. Because he was stuck in quicksand when he was on his back.

  • “One of the best welterweights in the world” who repeatedly turns down Wonderboy. Leon, where’s the heart, bro? Don’t be scared homie.

  • The fight to make was Leon Vs. Wonderboy - and Colby Vs. Jorge - the best performance goes on to fight Usman

  • dammmm man... hope ufc got a replacement for that day cause this guy got the worst luck.....

  • ibelive edwards will take the belt

  • He is like Tony Ferguson of welterweight division... Tony has 11 fight win streak, and still he doesn't get a title shot... I pray he gets a shot... Hopefully, gets Covington..

  • He mad cause he got a three piece an uh soda .. lol mad cause masvidal name bigger an he scared

  • Dude is top 3 at the worst 3 and he doesn't get the respect he has earned. Khamzat wins 3 fights vs none ranked guys the first 2 and another guy who might have been 15th rank. They try to push him for a title fight. I mean khamzats fights where fun to see and fast but come on now let's not get overly excited until he beats a top 5 guy. Needs to prove he can survive when its not going easy and those deep waters fights happen and then we will see. Guy didn't want to fight Edward's and he knows it. Scared period. Covid is an excuse. Healthy guy and I'm sure eats healthy so he could been back training in a week tops.

  • Im having troubles knowing what he means.

  • Khamzat had the Covid-19 disease. The alleged Cov-Sars2 virus has still not been isolated or scientifically proven to be more then theory.

  • Most underrated fighter in the ufc

  • This guy is all class. He is world class talent and deserves more respect than he gets.

  • Love Leon, he’s a beast and a gentleman.

  • Anyone think Khamzat doesn't want to fight Leon because his hype train would get derailed?

  • Leon would do the same thing as Colby if he was in the same situation. He's done it before many times.

  • Colby made a big mistake by not taking the Leon Edwards fight right now. Obviously they found Leon a fight, but the BS Colby was talking; about why he wouldn’t take a fight with Leon; is garbage. If he just physically wasn’t ready to fight Leon and let the UFC know that he physically couldn’t take the fight - then okay, disregard all of this... But if he really didn’t take it because he thinks the fight is below his pay grade and doesn’t draw enough eyes and views - then I bet they sideline him from big fight opportunities for a while. He lost a title fight and has one win against a fighter at the end of his ropes since that loss; he hasn’t done anything since losing to Usman that makes it impossible not to push usman to run that fight back; and if Usman wants to wait to have a rematch with Colby like he is doing with Masvidal, then Colby needs to take another fight while Usman fights Masvidal - If Colby would have taken the fight with a 3rd ranked Leon and won, then he deserves to have the next title shot after Usman and masvidal fight, no matter what the UFC would have needed to push Usman to run the rematch next - but by declining that fight with a highly ranked Leon edwards, he puts himself in a bad spot and might not even get the rematch with Usman - at least for a couple years. With all of that being said about Colby putting himself in a bad spot with the ufc by declining the fight with Leon - I do understand why he feels the rematch with Usman should have happened instead of Usman fighting Masvidal. The Colby and Usman fight was one of the best fights we have seen in the UFC, and Colby deserves a chance to have a rematch with Usman and Usman knows that - It feels like Usman took Masvidal because it’s an easier fight and will draw the same attention. He choose the easy payday over the fight that would be brutal and risky - but the Colby fight is the right move if you are a champion that wants to prove you are the best and are not afraid of taking the toughest fights on your division. He can argue that he beat Colby and yata yata, but it was a brutal scrap and he didn’t get the job done with ease. Usman knows that his reputation and career would be overshadowed by Colby if he lost the belt to him, especially because of how loud Colby. So I do believe usman is scared of what a loss to Colby would do to his name. He absolutely chose to call out Masvidal seconds after beating Burns because he wanted to block any possible noise starting about another fight with Colby. If usman waited a day or two to call out a Masvidal fight, then too much talk about a Colby rematch would have started and it would of made it more obvious that Usman was making a weak decision as a champion to take the easier fight. Moral of the story; Colby made a bad decision but he is right about Usman being scared of that rematch - lame

  • Hope he gets his title shot soon and doesn't end up like tony...

  • Jorge is very entertaining but Usman is gonna be ready for Jorge in their sequel. Too many guys at the 170 level and Usman is very capable of beating all the rest. Colby has to fight and win to get back at Usman. Edwards, Khamzat and Burns are guys that Colby needs to beat.

  • Colby's excuse to not fight The Birmingham Bruiser Rocky Edwards is garbage 💯 . Colby's excuse is Rocky has faught nobodies so he doesn't deserve to fight him. How can Rocky Edwards fight these big names of the division if all of them names turn him down. 💯 Colby and the big names turn him down because he's to big of a risk and they all know it. I think if Colby was to grow a pair an fight Rocky , and if he ends up winning he jumps Masvidal for title shot. So it would be a win win if he beats Rocky but i cant see him winning and colby knows.

  • Isn't it supposed to be Masvidal vs Covington on TUF in March?


  • He had the flu, COVID doesn't exist

  • 🇯🇲 ❤️ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Top boy !!!! Beat them badly

  • Edwards deserves that belt!

  • ENGLAND! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • *Leon Scott

  • Finally Leon has a fight 💯💯

  • UFC can be a fuckery, Ngannou last fought in the distant mists of time. They're destroying peoples careers.

  • Leon's nose spreading like wildfire.

  • Looks like he has a scar from masvidal punches?

  • A really nice guy and really needs to fight! Cant wait!!

  • Give the man a fight please!

  • Covington gets a title shot often going to a decision with a past prime Lawler, gets beat by Usman, expects another title shot with a win over Woodley coming off 2 losses... 🙄 Fight Edwards, stay active and quit asking for charity.

  • You can still see the cut Masvidal openned.

  • Leon is good but colby beats him. If rather see leon vs chimaev eventually

  • I think he beats Belal pretty easily, tough fight for his comeback fight but man I really feel he can be champion

  • Leon fight confirmed

  • I'd really love to see him smash up Colby.

  • you are a mark 😂

  • This guy hasn’t fought in like 3 years

  • Do y’all ever see Leon fighting at 185?

  • I like him but I really dont think that he will win a Titlefight either

  • Nobody wants to fight Edwards, because losing to him takes you straight out of title contention. He's the most dangerous contender at Welterweight. Just put him against Usman again, since everyone is ducking him.. But I REALLY want him vs Masvidal. But Masvidal too scared of the Jamaican badmon

    • If he beats Belal, he might just get thrown a title shot.

  • Why feel bad for a guy who didn’t give wonderboy a shot

  • Leon 'and new' Rocky Edwards

  • I have a feeling Leon will pull out of every fight .

  • Duh. Of course he won’t win the title. He has 15 losses about to be 16 lmao

  • To best divisions are lightweight and welterweight


  • Kevin Holland

  • Who's this guy...?

  • Masvidal should fight him period


  • Respect to Belal Muhammad for stepping to fight him on March 13.

    • @mmadigest I don't agree. You know quite well that Belal is jumping at the opportunity. He could go from nowhere to contendership in one fight. And up against a possibly rusty Rocky Edwards... Nothing to lose.

    • you have a good channel been following it since 2014

  • Leon edward should get a title shot!..c’mon where are all the welterweights so called themselves baddest fighters 😏..

  • Colby's going to run from Edwards because Edwards is better than him everywhere he knows more than anyone else this is what he does for a living that's right Colby keep on running see the tail between the legs

    • @BB He's the closest to beating him. The only guy to give Kamaru a chance. People like you probably think masvidal could beat usman.

    • @Josh Roy no he can’t

    • Yeah ok man. Colby is the only guy who could beat Kamaru.

  • Cant wait for this guy to get knocked out so he can go back to not fighting

  • Leon Edwards cracks me up man-- He wants to fight everybody, but he always ends up fighting nobody😄

  • Leon is underrated and gave Usman a good fight in the past.

  • Them boys running from Leon

  • No Matter how good you are if you don't fight you will be underrated .....you have to change your management team and move to USA....the first fight with Chimaev fail because you decided to stay to UK knowing everything is going to be shut down....so say what you want but everyone is fighting for being ranked up and your team fooling you into staying in UK.....Chimaev will catch you sleeping big boy.....💪🏿

  • His only “good” win is against RDA who hasn’t beat a legit 170 pounder since 2017. Not counting Kevin Lee, he was a lightweight moving up. And RDA is a pure lightweight. This guy needs to stop acting so entitled, go beat some credible names.

  • ULTIMATE FIGHTING COVID 1st fight : Leon 2nd fight - Khamzat 3rd fight : Khamzat Trilogy ended. Khamzat 2-1

  • He’s for sure one of the best fighters In the division. Sucks that he’s such a good guy and doesn’t generate enough “buzz” to get the big fights he deserves. The UFC is a not just about the best fighters it seems to also be mostly about being the guy people want to see fight due to their antics

  • Everyone knows Masvidal was never going to be a champion. He’s a good fighter but he’s a great promoter. People will pay to watch him fight but he’s NEVER been anywhere near USMAN

  • Leon Vs. Wonderboy needs to happen

  • STFup UFC and Ariel. Make Colby Usman 2 , and stop playing betch games..

  • Hopefully the next champion from the UK

  • Ariel heelwani

  • Leon who?? Awwwww Leon 3 piece lol imagine being at the top of the devision and nobody cares about you

    • Imagine having nothing better to say than this ⬆️

  • Leon "Spittin Fax About Masvidal" Edwards

  • Leon edwards is like piccolo

  • Ariel: What smell is your favorite color? Leon: The scent of a championship.

  • This guy is cooler than 98% of the other fighters.

  • chisera 😂😂😂 2:08

  • i mean leon aint wrong. i like jorge but he will never be the real welterweight champion

  • I think Edwards can beat usman not yet but within a couple fights he’s the only one that has a chance

  • People say Tony didn't got respect dude shut up Tony didn't even deserve one Look at Leon dude

  • I don't see him beating Colby

  • Leon Edwars won my respect i think he is a real man and takes everyfight everyone even thought they arent ranked 💪😎

  • Yh we have seen what ring rust dose i hope he beats a couple of ppl

  • Not that I’m a fighter but fk man if he put some husssss into his elbows he be leaving fighters like Perry Vs Ellenberger or Matt Brown Vs Diego.

  • i'll fight 😁😁😁

  • Edwards vs Magny would be cool keep him active and a good solid win before he gets a fight in the top 3 because he's not been active over a year so just to be out in action is important right now for Edwards.

  • leon edwards the dillian whyte of ufc. 2 years and no title shot in sight. colby duckington . who else is there? unless he moves down to light, then leon is his biggest fight. stepup colby. probably scared of getting beat by another black guy. that's why he chose tyrone instead, easier fight.

  • i think he should be fighting michael chisea in march 13 michael wants tro prove himself he has beaten neil magny and leon edwards want to prove himself in the title picture

  • What a great guy.

  • I think him vs wonderboy for a title eliminator makes sense.

  • Even before COVID, Leon has never been a active fighter. Looks like to me he doesn’t really enjoy everything that goes into being an active fighter. It’s nerve wrecking and a scary job for most guys. He obviously doesn’t like it too terribly much!


  • Leon is confident, level-headed, and respectful. And he got skillz too. We gotta see this man soon! I'd rather he take a "warm up" fight before Colby tho. That's a tough one to start back with after so long. Colby is in his prime right now. If he beats Colby that's a title shot for sure.

  • Edwards Vs Colby

  • my man ROCKY

  • Give this guy a tune up ffs. Why does the UFC not treat their fighters right? There has to be a live body to throw in there

  • Great comment: Im getting older and older as time goes on. That's what happens. I'm sure I've said worse 😂 Can't wait to see Leon fight ✌️❤️x

  • Never witnessed this man speak before this video. I am now a fan.

  • I like this guy. Feel bad for him. Tough luck, hey?

  • Ariel "Cage rust" Helwani

  • Leon Scott hasn't fought since July 2019. Backs out of fight after fight. He should fight Jorge. How does he not want to fight Jorge after he got the 3 pc with the soda?

    • @Monsieur7295 casual alert. Yeah Leon hasn't fought since July 2019 because everyone is scared of him. Yeah you hit the nail on the head buddy.

    • The guy's been calling out the whole division since, what are you talking about?

  • Leon Scott