Kamaru Usman called out Jorge Masvidal, is it the fight to make? | DC & Helwani

Publicerades den 15 feb 2021
Daniel Cormier & Ariel Helwani react to Kamaru Usman’s post-fight callout of Jorge Masvidal, including…
0:00 Why it’s the biggest fight Usman can take next.
1:25 Why it could’ve given Masvidal a better option than Colby Covington.
6:15 DC & Helwani debate Usman’s place among all-time welterweight greats such as Georges St-Pierre and Matt Hughes.
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  • Colby has to be next.

  • This is stupid. The best fight is Covington and usman. Only fight usman almost lost. That would make the most money

  • Ariel "not there yet" Helwani

  • It's the fight nobody wants. If the UFC makes this the fight can they make it the first of the CO-Main Event. Because that fight isn't all that exciting on it's own

  • It should be Wonderboy vs Usman

  • High level entertainment = competitive fights not money fights

  • Cormier is right about the numbers there is a reason why khabib is also in the conversation for goat fighter even with just a couple title defenses.

  • Not gsp level. Gsp could still fight him

  • I can’t wait to see this fight. Masvidal is going to clap.

  • People are scared to talk about khabib fighting usman. If Khabib did that he would truly be p4p best.

  • Usman vs Masvidal is one of the lamest fights they could've made out of all the match-ups available.

  • If masvidal doesn't take this fight. He's scared. Everything he says he's about is here for the taking. Since he trumped up. I think he's gone commercialized. Gambred, take the fight or admit you want no part of the champ or that chump covington.

  • Khabib wants no part of kamaru. It’s clear

  • Masvidal should fight Colby. Give the shot to wonder boy or Colby. Jorge just came off a loss

  • If the champ wants it, it’s the fight to make. If beltless McGregor can can keep calling out people to get dominated by, then Usman should get whatever fight he wants.

  • Usman in Ultimate Fighter would be the worst one ever made.

  • This game is crazy !! Masvidal is good and a great fighter but I see the same outcome Usman is good I even think burns has a better chance in a rematch But the only one that will bring problems to Usman is Colby that rematch has to happen

  • Covington deserves the rematch he was the closest to beating usman

  • Ariel saying Usman isn't at GSP level yet is actually comical. DC knows whats up, GSP is a legend and a great but he did not have the same level competition.

  • That’s NOT the fight to make

  • The answer to that question is yes that is the fight to make.

  • What's the point in seeing street judas get mauled again by usman ..masvidal needs to man up and fight leon Edwards or colby

  • Bro their saying Usman could win again but masvidal did go the full 5 and Gilbert didn't so who's better in my opinion its masvidal he doesnt get too excited and has enough power to knockout masvidal

  • Jorge doesn’t want that smoke again and its not a smart fight for his career.

  • Everyone wants to see Colby/Usman with Mario as the ref.

  • Everyone calls out Masvidal for the paycheck lol. It should be Wonderboy vs Edwards with the winner getting a title shot. Usman has beaten everyone else within the last year.

  • I really wanted Jorge vs Covington

  • Helwani just fan boying on GSP and doesn't know what he is talking about most of the time

  • at this point i feel like the ufc and usman just want a money fight where his name value goes up.

  • When it comes to being considered the greatest I don't think skill translates well into that conversation. For instance, for me I believe Jose aldo is the greatest featherweight of all time based on what he achieved during his reign on top. Holloway may have shown to be more skillful but not the greatest. GSP vs Usman would be a tossup fight if they fought today and that's with GSP coming out of retirement so I don't even think Usman's skills are that far above GSP's if at all. But his greatness as a champ is not GSP level just yet. He's on the way but you're looking at no missteps for another few years. And that's tough.

  • i enjoy da discussion, but NO, usman - maz pt 2 'not da fite to make', hence thumbs down. shud b either colby or WB, but actually, if khabib cud bulk up and un-retire, wud love to c da superfite of all time tween da eagle and usman, khabib same height as burns

  • Colby and Wonderboy both deserve a title shot more than journeyman Jorge

  • I'd rather see Masvidal vs Colby then after that Colby vs Usman part two.

  • Masvidal needs to man up and fight Edwards

  • People with high iq (small percentile) love kamaru usman for his skills and dominance, even tho his head shaped weird and he can’t trash talk. Low iq people (vast majority of mma fans) love masvidal because he says “iz da ressureshion n ima baptize dis foo” and “2 piece n a biscuit pop pop supa necessaerey” and then the fans go wild

  • Kamaru and Colby was a great fight, Usman vs Masvidal not so much. I'd love to see Colby get the rematch but first he needs to get a quick win. Him vs Masvidal definitely has a good story. I say Colby would take it, but who knows. It's still fighting and all it takes is one punch. Colby vs Masvidal, lets make it happen.

  • That real ish everyone wants - Helwani vs Schmo

  • Dc says that people hate Covington. The insiders must hate him but I see a lot of love from the fans

  • COLBY vS MASVIDAL on TUF....... bromance gone bad ... there is so much bad blood to mine

  • I would not pay to see this fight usman n jorge nah want get my money for that fight but wld rather see jorge n his ex friend or let leon fight jorge been waiting to c that fight

  • It was all set up by Dana. The call out and the reply. It's all for the show. Nobody want to see that fight again. Dana thinks it will give his failing show the boost that it needs. But this is the most boring matchup in MMA. I think Usman is going along with it in order to duck the Covington rematch.

  • Cormier: Stop denials/credits on Usman!

  • Not a good match usman just guna take masvidal down and lie on him

  • The contenders evolve but so does the champion so that what dc says isn't valid. Its not like Usman is fighting the guys gsp did. He's fighting guys thats the same era who have similar skill level

  • Burns vs CC would be great then, Gilbert can unleash those sledge hammers on broke jaw

  • I love Jorge, but he didn't lost due to lack of conditioning. He lost due to lack of strategy, he was putting himself back against the fence (like he did against Till and worked)...

  • if usman fights jorge for the belt on tuff i will quit watching ufc forever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! give him colby or wonderboy

  • Helwani got a point. GSP on another level.

  • Kamaru would kill khabib in the octagon and I hope the whole ufc sees that

  • It’s hard to tell me a Masvidal defense means more than any GSP defense

    • I think Masvidal is an amazing fighter but I agree with Ariels revisionist history take

  • colby vs usman 2..is better to watch

  • the top three welterweights in the world right now vs gsp in his prime….he would lose in my opinion. the game changes these fighters now are well versed in every aspect of the game. Gsp is part of the reason the game is where it’s at a true pioneer of being well rounded but those are different animals then what he fought.

  • Soft

  • Gd nobody wants to see usman vs masvidal again id rather watch paint dry omm Covington is the fight to make

  • Prime GSP is way better then usman

  • Covinton getting dodge by masvidal/usman. Sad to see

  • Yes, but this time for tne BMF belt.... The BMF belt is the funnest of all, it has no weight division, anyone can challange for it...

  • except that GSP fought everyone clean while they were all on PEDS

  • If khabib gives DC a hard time imagine what would happen to usman

  • Colby vs usman BMF vs NMF Edwards vs Vincent Luke or however you spell his name

  • Usman is trying to get the big money fights against the 2 guys he already defended his belt against. Logically speaking, Leon Edwards should be next but he's not a draw. And the only person at the top who Usman hasn't fought yet is Thompson. Those 2 should be the next ones in line for a title shot. Either Wonderboy next and Edwards vs Damien Maia or Edwards next and Wonderboy vs either Maia, Burns, or Masvidal

  • I like the way Daniel makes his argument about the GOAT when it comes to Usman and GSP. Ariel just sounds annoying the whole time ...

  • But Marty FakeNewsman would destroy khabib

  • Wonderboy come on



  • Watching Usman is so boring. I don’t care that his accolades are even more insane than GSP, it’s just not FUN to watch. If I wanted to be entertained with wrestling, I’d watch a wrestling match between two high level wrestlers!

  • The reason he is calling out Masvidal is because it’s the easiest fight for him I don’t see him calling out Coby because that was his toughest fight and he is the number one contender. Why the UFC don’t dictate who he should fight, we all want him to run it back with Coby including Dana.

  • At this point ufc doesn't care about rankings they just throw in the cage who ever sells the most ppvs

  • Real easy answer to the title....NO

  • Boring fight, the intrigue of Masvidal vs Usman is no longer there. I would like to see Stephen Thomson vs Usman

  • I’m more excited about the Colby Covington rematch. Why? Because that fight was WAY more exciting. Oh, also he’s the one true contender right now.

  • Don't tell anyone but DC is a spy in Gilbert Burn's camp and he told Usman Burn's game plan.

  • DC seems to forget that we just watched Lebron go to 8 straight finals. Or that the Patriots went to 9 Super Bowls.

  • There’s a difference between the best of all time (skills) and the greatest of all time (titles). Skill wise Usman is probably the best WW of all time but he’s got a long way to go before we can call him the greatest

  • Daniel Cormier is WRONG 100%

  • Stupid fight to make

  • I don't get this thing that Usman wants masvidal because its the biggest fight , no , Usman wants masvidal because its easier than Colby same as Jorge he would rather lose to Usman again in a championship fight than lose to his old friend Colby , Usman is not scared of Colby but we know that Jorge kinda is , Colby is the biggest fight for both fighters idc how many people hates him everyone loves a Colby fight and i think people are more interested in Usman vs Colby both equally as skilled and the top 2 guys at WW where as Masvidal really dont have anything for Usman to worry about , we the fans should get Usman vs Colby 2 or at least Usman vs Stephen Thompson before Usman vs Masvidal 2 Stephen thompson and colby deserves another title shot

  • Wonderboy deserves this next shot. He beats everyone in the top 5 with ease. Just like he already beat masvidal. Keep ducking him, your times coming

    • Lol Usman will ragdolls Thompson easily.

  • I agree with DC here the game has changed and evolved a lot. Different Beasts today. That being said Usman still needs a few defenses and calling out somebody you already beat is just soft. That fight goes the same way every time. I want him vs thompson and rematch vs Covington. Maybe throw Edwards in there depending on his next fight. If he wins those i dont mind putting him in the Goat conversation

  • 2 shills for the ufc....

  • Usman choosing easy fights lol

  • Usman vs Masvidal wasn’t even competitive. Why is this the fight to make? Atleast put someone with a win their last outing.

  • Jorge, Colby, Nate would all get slept. Usman owns it all unless it's Khamzat or GSP

  • Stop bringing gsp into conversations George wanted khabib but it's not gonna happen there's nobody to get close to khabib he's the retired champ only George can come close to khabib it's a fight that sadly may never happen

  • UFC 251 only sold 1.3 million because it had three title fights...

  • Why are they not down with the idea of him moving up to 185? The only guys really deserving to fight him are Colby and Leon. Jorge just gonna get foot stomped again for 5 rounds.

  • Kamaru has developed into a outstanding fighter jorge has got sloppy with fame he's not eager anymore cos the bank balance isn't low

  • I want to see Covington vs Burns. Why isn’t that in talks? Both lost to Usman. Have them meet in May

  • Personally the fight that makes sense is Colby v jorge jorge rematching kamaru will end the same

  • I love both these fighters, but I have no interest in this rematch. Masvidal is a great fighter, and a lot of fun, but he is very overrated right now. He is top 5 in the division, but he isn't the number 1 contender. Usman should fight the winner of Leon Edwards and Chimiav.

  • Usman will loose eventually. Moral of the fighting story is everyone gets touched. Calling out Jorge after beating him easily says he loosing his edge. Colby gonna beat him next time he got careless and tired at the end. Usman a good story but he can’t sell fights and nobody really cares if he wins or looses

  • Gsp and khabib are bigger fights for Usman. Because of their last fight I actually think masvidal and usman do bad numbers

  • I don't know if masvidal is a big fight right now many of the people how bought the ppv the first time were fans than usually don't buy ppv than did it becouse off the bmf persona but i doubt they will buy the rematch after the fiasco off the first time

  • Literally nobody likes you Ariel. Just quit😂😂😂

  • Wonderboy being disrespected like crazy...

  • Colby has been robbed again and these two are loving it.

  • Can't blame Usman for getting that money vs. Masvidal. That fight is probably 2x more profitable in PPV points than any other available fight, and these guys have to make as much money as possible in a pretty narrow window of time. The only one making Mayweather money from UFC fights is Dana.

  • Ariel describing how it feels to be a champion to DC is just so funny.

  • Usman vs Colby 2 & Leon vs Masvidal.... Now throw these on the same card and we talkin big $ numbers