UFC 258 Recap: Kamaru Usman stops Gilbert Burns to defend title | ESPN MMA

Publicerades den 14 feb 2021
Ariel Helwani and Marc Raimondi recap Kamaru Usman’s win vs. Gilbert Burns at UFC 258 and discuss where Usman fits with the greatest welterweights in UFC history. (11:50) They also discuss what could be next for Usman, including a potential rematch with Jorge Masvidal that includes the two being coaches on The Ultimate Fighter. (18:20) The guys also break down Alexa Grasso’s win against Maycee Barber, Kelvin Gastelum snapping his losing streak and other standout performances on the card.
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  • Allhumdulilah

  • this man says Jorge n covington is no good for TUF because their beef is too real and not good for reality TV. like bruh i want real beef not fake beef I'd love to see that over Jorge n Kamaru

  • I dont like marc raimondi

  • The Colby usman/lawler Rory 2 are the two best fights ever seen

  • Usman owns this division. Unless it's Khamzat, no one's coming for that belt. Burns got slept by Hooker so he wasn't even a contender

  • My god, feel like sleeping after listening to these 2 for more than 5 minutes.

  • Masvidal with 14 losses competive against Usman...joke

  • If Usman beats Colby and Masvidal in rematches and possibly another defence down the line against a Wonderboy or Edward in a rematch than he is certainly classed as a GOAT.

  • Barber was always overated No better than sage or Paige the hype trains before her She will never be a champion in the ufc EVER

  • Usman sucks!!!!

  • I wish espn would have gotten somebody other than helwani! He's such a dousche it's nauseating!

  • I thought the fight aaz was week

  • There’s a jar of respeck missing

  • Usman is just incredible, no one is beating him anytime soon.

  • Hey mermaid

  • Usman is boring

  • They mentioned that they hadn't seen a jab like that in a while. But i think Max Holloway had a killer jab (possibly best boxing in ufc) against Kattar. How quick ppl forget.

  • Bro Talking about sports fight, could you choose a different background instead of those books piling up at the background

  • Wonderboy vs Usman


  • If Tuf happens like this ,who would be a proud member of Team covington ?

  • Kamaru not getting the respect he deserves has to do with Colby, Askren, and Masvidal all having more likeable personalities

  • Hi Marc, I see a pro wrestling book in Japanese in the background. Not many know that MMA started when Antonio Inoki decided to fight Ali. I have a feeling that you are a historian of MMA. I also see Japanese map ! LOL

  • You guys are definitely shocked Usman TKO Burns I’m not! Usman easiest fight in a long time, Colby was his is toughest fight till date!

  • Im worried about Macey because she likes to punch and kick alot of air lol. Half her punches were NOWHERE near grasso. Its good to faint, but its not good to throw full jabs toward your opponent with no intentions of hitting / confusing them because she was giving grasso a chance to time her and get length reads. That has to be fixed if she wants to be a champ. With that performance there is almost no hope against Shevchenko.

  • I think Masvidal is awesome but I don't think he beats Usman and I also don't think he wants to fight Colby as much as we would all love to see TUF with Colby and Masvidal but Colby wins that fight. So I reckon Khamzats comeback fight should be the winner of Woodley Vs Luque. Masvidal fight Chiesa. Wonderboy should fight burns to possibly fight Usman soon. And Usman has a rematch with the winner of a Colby Vs Leon fight because they are both strong rematches I reckon.


  • Based purely on physical attributes I'm not sure who will beat him. Burns has way more skill and technique but still could not beat Usman. That said GB was overrated, he couldn't avoid a jab

  • Volume on max and I still can't hear. C'mon ESPN

  • Ariel has a face that requires a Stockton slap

  • Marc is just wrong about the referee/point deduction situation. If there’s a chance the low blows could’ve changed the outcome of the fight, then a point should be deducted

  • Was it me, or did that camera quality of UFC 258 send subliminal messages for MMA fan fanatics to go out and purchase a virtual television?

  • Yeah Ariel an idiot for saying usmans not close to gsp smh look at usmans resume smh crazy asf. Ariel gonna eat his words

  • It’s not that we don’t respect Usman, we just don’t like him

  • It should be Usman Covington 2 & Leon vs Masvidal if some how both fights on the same card thats 🔥🔥

  • Usman's jab was devastating

  • Why is espn still uploading at 720p? How cheap are they?

  • The languid wall primarily refuse because laborer evolutionarily nail next a straight newsstand. common, shocking hub

  • Usman finishes Masvidal in their next fight

  • Usman as of now is the 2nd greatest Welterweight of all time. He is only 3 wins away from being the Goat of that division. Hughes, Sierra, Lawler are no where near his level. Woodley last 3 performances knocks him in to 3rd all time.(170 division) Usman only lost 2 rounds his whole Welterweight run. Gsp got Koed twice during his run. Tbh his chances are looking good

  • Edwards vs Covington -> Usman Masvidal is not on the same level.

  • Usman is a bad bad brother...in Stephen A voice

  • The best is yet to come from usman , he’s only getting better and better . Usman is not even on top of his game as yet. Look out the Nigerian nightmare is here to stay.

  • This dude doesn't want to see Cobly Masvidal on TUF because its too real? Fight game isn't for everyone I guess.

  • If Burns didnt land on his back in the first, be could have gotten the finish.

  • The way people just completely switch points of view after a fight is hilarious. All the people shittin on Usman are now bumming him. Hes average and will get de-throned.

  • I'd like Thompson vs Usman. Fun styles. I think Usman will still destroy him though.

  • Even if Usman wins 10 more title defenses, I don't think people will still put him ahead of GSP, because of personal preferences and willful ignorance. Usman has beaten a lot of fighters in their prime and doesn't dodge fights!

  • I still believe that Usman is avoiding to talk about Wonderboy, I believe he knows that stylistically he is by far the absolute worst matchup possible for him in the division hands down. I don’t blame him and that’s just my humble opinion.

  • So disappointed with ESPN plus. For the 3rd time, the fight wouldn't stream after ordering it...Had guests over and we couldn't watch it. Won't be ordering any UFC fights again through ESPN plus. Ridiculous

  • Where is DC?

  • Let’s compare the killers GSP and Usman went through. I think Usman is pushing GSP.

  • While I like the cast of MMA Analysts ESPN has (both Journalistic & former athletes) it would be a great help whenever they get to the "What's Next?" Conversation for any title that they, oh I don't know, put up a brief graphic of the current rankings for whichever division is being discussed. I mean, when an ESPN Show is discussing the NBA Playoffs or something along those lines they put up the current playoff standings for the audience there don't they? Just something for the producer. Give us the same video but including a current rankings graphic. Thank you

  • Spoiler alert : These liberal soy boys give away the ending at the start.

  • ESPN Mark's audio suck, can you provide a better one please 🙏

  • Masvidal and Leon have history, makes more sense. Colby vs Usman was a better, closer fight, makes more sense.

  • What about Thompson ???

  • Only flaw i see on Usman is his head movement, he kinda froze up every time he was hit in the head, you can see that too on his fight vs Colby

  • Usman has done 3 title defenses not 4. You can't count the Woodley fight as a title defense? lol he didn't even have the belt yet lol

  • people were talking about burns being his hardest test, when im still over here saying its WB and none of these shows ever talk about him fighting Usman..

  • Marc Raimondi is so annoying. Please stop having this nobody twerp wannabe Bobby Hill lookin' kid. Lol

  • this guy is being a pus about the TUF stuff

  • Here’s a prediction: Usman beats Masvidal in a über-hyped fight and they both get 💰 and then both retire. Who else is Usman gonna fight?! He has basically cleared out the division and I get the feeling he feels his body is pretty worn down. And Masvidal is NOT a journey man! But he is a smart man. He wants to get payed and he is at the end of his carreer. He has marketed himself almost flawlessly and both Usman and Masvidal KNOWS they can make alot of money on the rematch. Therefore that very awkward call out from Usman.

  • So where are the people that said usman will lose this fight huh ? Funny Everyone acting a fun now

  • Lol stop making it seem like this fight was competitive

  • The 🐺 is gon do it watch

  • There was a meme before the fight: usman wins by foot stomp! I think he had a great outing. The coaching has obviously made a difference in the striking

  • Marc raimondi is a Jon Jones hater. Only Anderson Silva has more than 13 fight win streak? Lol Jon Jones is on a 28 fight win streak fighting almost all top guys.

  • Guy on the right looks like a moms basement virgin

  • UFC & Dana White are the only ones disrespecting Usman. They don’t even promote him. Dana don’t give af about promoting blacks or Brazilians. 💯

  • I’m sorry, but I hate it when Marc is on these. Dc and Ariel is the only way to go for these.

  • This usman and the one who fought Colby is simply amazing to watch

  • What if GSP came back to fight Usman? How awesome would that be

  • it feels great to see Usman getting all this respect. I remember his fight with Emil Meek or whatever that kids name was. Usman caught a lot of flack for all that hahaah

  • It's like ESPN raided mmafighting for everything they had and left them for dead.

  • Usman has beat most of the division already. Masvidal is the clear next fight, when you clear a division, you get to call the shots.

  • GSP has more but Usman is beating better opponents. GSP never beat anyone like Colby or Burns. Colby probably beats every guy that GSP beat. Not to say Usman has surpassed GSP but it is a good point to bring up. I really dont know if prime GSP beats Colby or Burns. I dont see him beating Usman.

  • I think Burns showed the blueprint on how to beat Usman. He had him hurt. Usman starts slow and does get hit alot. A power puncher can beat him. Covington throws alot of punches, but has no power, he can’t finish anybody. He won’t win on points against Usman. Masvidal has a better chance. Other than that, Khamzat but he needs 2 to 3 wins to get there.

  • The main thing I know is that usman can get dropped and can get hurt badly and is better to finish usman early rounds

  • Draw

  • Delawani needs to go

  • My dream match to see is Usman vs Stylebender 👌

  • Masvidal don’t want to bring too much attention to Colby 😂 I can’t wait until usman finish him for good

  • Why tf wasn't belal muhammad bump up to the main card? ESPN and Ariel very suspect when it comes to the Palestinian-American fighter. 🤔🤔🤔

  • Masvidal doesn’t deserve a rematch smh it should be Colby vs masvidal!! Winner gets the chance to fight for the belt again

  • Burns got way too excited thinking he was gonna finish Usman and probably had an adrenaline dump. I would like to see a rematch in the future. It seems like the only way to beat Usman is to K.O. him.

  • I had a nightmare last night, Usman must have win.

  • Usman should exclusively take fights based on $$ at this point, he's beaten everyone in the division and has nothing to prove. I think Masvidal and then Covington would be a great sequence of fights for him.

  • Ariel, you are one of the guys Usman is referring to. You do not give him the respect he deserves. Quit making excuses and put some respect on his name. How many fighters can do an Izzy? Only Izzy.

  • If Wonderboy could stay off the ground, he could make a fight with Ysman real interesting. BUT avoiding Usmins takedowns is a tough task. From a striking perspective, I think WB would make thing difficult for Usmen.


  • I mean I'm not the sport journalist but doesn't usman have 3 title defenses 🤷‍♂️Shouldn't be me knowing the facts.. Won it from Woodley.. Colby 1 masvidal 2 burns 3 🤷‍♂️4 title fights 3 title defenses.. Jesus I do more homework and research than these guys shame on you Mermaid and little fat guy 🤷‍♂️🤣

  • Happy for Kamaru he puts in the work.

  • Nigeria nightmare has done it again shout out to all nigerian fans

  • Mans is soft talking sitting on the fence

  • Khabib and Usman

  • Usman is a great Champ and phenomenal fighter.

  • Big fan of this combo. Hate the point deduction take by Ariel though.

  • Why does usman have to be compared. Usman is a new era.

    • Gsp had his time cemented his legacy. He is the goat in that division. No doubt but stop having conversations about he will never reach this guy or he’s not there yet. That’s the problem he is already there but because he hasn’t captured our attention the way gsp did he’s not on his level? I’ll tell you this. Gsp prime he doesn’t beat usman now

  • I never thought burns had dominate striking compare to a masvidal or colby.