DC & Helwani preview Curtis Blaydes vs. Derrick Lewis | ESPN MMA

Publicerades den 15 feb 2021
Daniel Cormier and Ariel Helwani discuss what’s at stake in Saturday’s heavyweight main event between Curtis Blaydes and Derrick Lewis at #UFCVegas19.
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  • D Lewis would sleep Cormier and jones

  • If Lewis doesn’t get the knockout on the feet, Blaydes will donkey Kong him

  • Can't stand man child Ariel. Even his name is weak. You got the same name as the little mermaid guy. He has no place to ever talk about fighting. When he is pressured he doesn't fight he cries. I'm with Dana when he fired him years ago. ESPN needs to hire someone that the fans actually like and respect. This guy is considered a clown wide and far

  • Dc you lost....twice

    • Or four times in 5 fights...

  • Bruh with +330 money on lewis

  • Bones gonna eat them

  • I hope miocic loses guy has just slowed down the division so much

    • So long as stipe still has any semblance of a chin he's about to take Francis into deep water again. Francis for all he's claimed he improved does exactly what he's done his whole career. Look at the Rozenstruik fight tell me Francis changed his game.

  • We stand with gina. Cancel DC TOO

  • Blaydes should get a title shot over Jon Jones at HW if he beats Lewis, but knowing Dana white its $$ over rankings 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Dana hates Blaydes style of fighting

  • Ariel needs 3 amateur fights before he can continue as a member of mma media Cub Swanson sent me

  • Ariel is a DOUCHE Cancel this clown

    • We stand with GINA

  • Dc and Stipe are to blame for this wierd jam at heavyweight

  • Ariel is a social justice warrior.

  • Such a DOUCHE!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Who fookin cares

  • Lewis has had some very fortunate decisions go his way.

  • Lewis has a tough fight on his hands. Bonbons are strong as f

  • Douche 😂😂😂

  • DC complaining about time between Stipe's fights like one of those year-long gaps wasn't his fault.

    • First person I’ve seen ever say this I said it to people in comments before the reason stipe was out so long was because of the eye pokes from dc

  • Lewis will KO that Crab.

  • I just came here to say Ariels a spineless piece off garbage, thanks!

    • We stand with gina. Cancel ariel and dc

  • Yeah DC dodged stipe for ever but Stipe the one who takes his time 😂😂

  • Idk about demolishing I think more like humping their legs.

  • Ariel tapped out the day he was born, cowardly lying snake of a man, blessings from Ireland to the rest of you yeh

  • i got Lewis for the W

  • God Ariel loves his own annoying voice and patting himself on the back

  • This is why Ngannu HAS to win, he will fight multiple times a year, unlike Stipe

  • Dani Cormier has not the right to complain about the fact that Curtis Blaydes can not fight for the title. This has all to do with the fact that stipe and especially Daniel occupied the title for more thans 3 tears.

  • What a doosh

  • Dana’s right calling him a douche

  • Does it Really Matter? Even If Curtis goes on a 10 fight win streak or gets the belt whatever, He is just gonna be keeping the title warm for Ngannou. Actually with all due respect I dont think He beats Stipe Either. Stipe is the 2nd most powerful heavyweight after Francis. Man needs to hit up Trevor Wittman or something. Takedowns and wrestling are great but you need sharp hands/striking if you wanna threaten the Champion


  • Blades by dry hump.

  • Jones would demolish both wouldn't even be a fight

    • The only thing Jones can demolish is Cars and Olympic sized pools with grains of salt in them.

  • Fight the winner of Jarzinhio vs Gane ? If Lewis could do us a favour and win thatd be a lot simpler

  • Really hope Francis wins so he can put Jones into orbit.

    • @Limited Infinity francis is bigger and heavywaight is highst class i nthe world in the idvision srry form y english.

    • Lol cant wait for that

  • NGL Heavyweight division boring AF rn. Not a lot of movement happening there compared to, literally every other division. Lol.

  • Ariel " is all about me "Helwani

  • What a douche

  • Blaydes wins by unanimous decision

  • Salty Ariel.

  • Douche

  • It’s so sad but dc did the same thing Jones is trying to do...I’m a big DC fan but he Gets so petty when it comes to Jon jones.

  • Jones will smash all of them Including DC againnn

    • @Lake Bennett your a panzy

    • The Only Thing Jones can Smash is Cars

    • Good thing DC is retired so that comment had Zero Relevance

  • Struve fought for the UFC for more than a decade. Fought great fighters. Won against great fighters. Then all he got is a 10 sec. mention in the end of a clip? You betta' put some respek on his name!

  • Jones wants winner of Stipe and Francis...However, you need to book the Trilogy if Francis wins. That means the 3rd fight in 2021 and Jones challenges in March 2022? Jones should either fight Izzy after he claims his belt or fight the winner of Blades/Lewis as a welcome to the division. It won't happen because UFC don't care about the rankings or anything, it's about money fights.

  • Blades will get ko'd or crotch grab, he wont stand with Lewis

  • Blades is the Tony Ferguson of Heavyweight division in terms of not getting a title shot for so long

    • Well, he got murdered by Lewis so there is that too.

    • @greg g okie.dokie

    • @I Am Here ah ok, clarified nicely, cool

    • @greg g I didn't say blades deserves it over Ngannou. I said he deserves it because he has been on a win streak and beaten pretty much every HW he faced. Now Jones taking his spot is the same as More famous fighters getting Title shots before Tony

    • u r here in wat dimension?? nganou spanked him twice already, blaydes not deserving of title shot

  • Blades should go to bellator and grab that belt then come back to ufc and get a title fight...that’s what it’s looking like unless he wait and mess around and get knocked off smh

    • Once he is outta the hospital he can go to Bellator.

  • I really want jones to fight winner of this

    • @Limited Infinity Your brain is fried dude

    • @The Don now you feel good with yourself calling people casuals?

    • jones deserve to get the chance before everyone else. he's the goat of mma

    • JONES WILL KILL BOTH OF THEM AT THE SAME TIME, JONES DESERVES THE TITLE STRAIGHT AWAY, DC got the title straight away Conor got the title straight away SO STFU

    • Alexandros Geromarkakis Izzy and most champs are different when most have cleared out their division convincingly. Jon should have lost his last fight and hasn’t been looking good since those picos left his system. He should’ve fought Jan to prove he could do it naturally and then go up

  • Lewis gon knock blaydes

  • Cry baby Ariel 😂😂😂


  • I dont thnk UFC would be interested in doing another Ngannou/blaydes fight right now. Ngannou beat him twice already. So blaydes should pray Stipe wins cause UFC will be more likely to do Blaydes/Stipe

    • And Blaydes had his soul removed by Lewis so I think it will be a while until he gets a title shot.

    • They’re both so young in the sport and dominant. I almost guarantee they’ll fight again at some point. I think Blaydes will handily defend his spot just behind Franic and Stipe.

  • Blyades will just do take downs and Lay on him

  • Ariel “cries out as he strikes you” Helwani

  • Helwani should stick to interviews and stay out of politics.

  • I cant get excited anymore for such heavy weights. They gas out in half a round and it often doesnt seem technical enough for my taste. Just whaling and hoping to land one heavy punch and its over. At least john jones and stipe show a variety of skills in there. And i really like Lewis as a personality. But at this point fly weights are more entertaining to watch.

  • Blaydes murks Jon Jones

    • Lewis nuked Blaydes

    • And don't see Jones taking down blayeds and holding him either

    • @Limited Infinity exactly

    • More than likely. Curtis biggest issue is Power but with jones theres nothing to worry about there. Man cant even KO middleweights without the sauceee

  • Ariel wanted DC to say something bad a Jones he was itching

  • Lewis is thé winner

  • Winner fight jones or Francis depending on who wins at 260. If stipe wins winner fights Francis and Jones vs stipe happens. If Francis wins winner fights Jon whilst we get the trilogy.

  • If Curtis wins, he will probably have to wait a year before he gets a title shot. it is what it is, it’s not ideal but hey, don’t complain and just wait your turn.

  • I want Curtis to get that title shot. Something to be said about a dude who's only lost to Francis.

    • I don't think he's getting that shot anytime soon.

  • Blaydes is legit MMA fans have terrible memories they only remember the last fight they forget Blaydes KO JDS on the feet and has a 71% finish rate same thing with Usman after the Jorge fight all it takes is one impressive performance

    • He is legitly having post-concussion therapy. You'll be sleeping on Lewis.

    • @Ettore Bugatti You don’t really know what you’re talking about. He absolutely mailed Tyron Woodley and RDA. There was nothing boring about those performances. You just don’t understand grappling, the transitions and scrambles in the RDA fight were crazy and it’s incredible to think he was able to do that for five rounds. That fight against RDA was so impressive that he leapfrogged Colby and was handpicked by Dana to take out Woodley. Before the RDA fight he boxed up and dropped Demian Maia. I think you’re just another uneducated bandwagon fan.

    • @X Football There are bunch of fighters that had at least 1 boring fight. But 1 boring fight doesn't make you a boring fighter like for example the hate that Adesanya was getting because of his fight with Romero. But Usman's style of fighting is boring. Like i said it's not about the wrestling, it's about his style, and he has very boring style of fighting which is effective and it wins him the fights, but it's not entertaining to watch.

    • @X Football clearly haven't seen jans last few fights if you think he's boring

    • @Darren Reddix I'm sorry. Usman is one of the most entertaining KO artists out there. (Even though this was his 3rd tko in the UFC)... Happy?

  • Such a douche

  • Wasn’t Helwani in favor of Conor who just got stretched rematching Dustin for the belt. Maybe I’m wrong.

    • @Hem Karki in my opinion a good journalist is someone who is unbiased, is consistent with all fighters he covers, doesn't try to make up false stories etc. Helwani is terrible at all 3, so I don't rate him. He used to be the best now he's a fanboy who doesn't give a shot about the sport. I rate John Morgan, Okamoto, Waggenheim, Raimondi, Luke Thomas, Brian Campbell, Andrew Bronstener etc.

    • @Christopher McMillan Dc is all about hyping fighter. He never really gives a true breakdown. Ariel is loyal to Conor because he has history with conor and irish fans from back in the day.. So he might be biased on that but he is withoit the doubt best journalist in mma so far.

    • @Christopher McMillan He is really not. He really talks nonsense sometimes. His breakdown of the fights are just hyping the fights. I stopped listening to his breakdown of the fights when he said that "Paulo Costa is as much skilled as Adesanya". It was literally the dumbest thing i ever heard. Even on paper he is not even close to Adesanya and of course fight showed that aswell.

    • @Sushi Uchiha because DC is one of the best analysts in the game.

    • @Christopher McMillan they why do you keep watching?

  • Dude Jon isn’t even champion. He wouldn’t even be double champ. He should fight blaydes, then winner gets the title shot at the end of the year

    • @X Football Tell him again bro. That guy is nothing but a Jones hater

    • Jon is the greatest fighter in ufc history. Even gsp didn’t have to fight a middleweight contender for a title, why shouldn’t Jones

  • Boycott everything with Helwanis name on it. Pathetic

  • I like this fight and I like the "problems" Blaydes brings to everyone in the division.

    • @Blackwings Prophetthats my point Jds was getting pieced up because he was letting his guard low on every takedown feint from blaydes Miocic/dc wont react to alp of blaydes' feints and so blaydes wont land cleanly at all Hope u get it this time

    • @Ultimate fraud Crymier You obviously haven't seen Blaydes recent fights he KO JDS on the feet and pieced-up volkov Early in the fight Blaydes stand up has gotten way better

    • @Sushi Uchiha Blaydes can beat stipe or ngannou both have had problems against Grapplers ngannou with Stipe and Stipe with DC right now I wouldn't favor Blaydes over either guy but Blaydes is young and keep getting better

    • @space monkey 412 shaw Well clearly you haven't watched every fight, did you see his fights against Overeem and JDS

    • Problems, I've watched every fight Blaydes had in the ufc it's a crotch sniffing contest every time zero striking this dude will the most boring heavy weight Champ in ufc history and I say Champ coz wrestlers have all the advantage in UFC even the rules accommodate for them that's way strikers are the onley ones people ever remember

  • A sloppy ko win for lewis or a boring no movement wrestling decision for curtis

  • Lewis beat Ngannou while landing less than 2 hits to the head. Don't underestimate him.

    • @Peyton Brown sometimes I don't understand how people get as stupid as you. Do you not realize this is a joke?

    • Francis did not throw in that fight

    • He also threw a high kick

  • DC looks weird in that thumbnail...

  • Lewis needs to let his hands go, otherwise it will be the same scenario as it was in 1st round against Oleinik only it will be 5 rounds like that with potential ground and pound finish from Blaydes.

    • @Conner Anstiss just by looking at your recent comments I can tell you’re quite the toolbox. Shut up “casual”

    • Overeem-Rozenstruik 2.0

    • @GG Medina casual

    • @Conner Anstiss I firmly believe it could go the same way. Blaydes cardio will break him apart

    • @GG Medina no chance your a bit delusional

  • Helwani is a snowflake

  • helwani is not a douche


    • Ariel "The Jewish Victim" Helwani

    • @Gus Chiggins No, she didnt get fired for her work ethic. She got fired because the cancel mob came for her and disney caved like corporations do to the woke mob.

    • @Juan Vazquez she also got fire because of her work ethic fyi.

    • @Juan Vazquez yup.

  • Blaydes stomps him.