DC & Helwani react to Derrick Lewis’ KO of Curtis Blaydes | ESPN MMA

Publicerades den 22 feb 2021
DC & Helwani discuss Derrick Lewis pulling off the upset by knocking out Curtis Blaydes at #UFCVegas19.
0:00 Daniel Cormier says this isn’t the same Derrick Lewis from back in the day against wrestlers.
3:34 DC describes how he grappled with Lewis in their fight at UFC 230.
8:16 DC explains what it feels like to get punched by “The Black Beast.”
#DCandHelwani #ESPNMMA #UFC
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  • The Blue (belt) Beast!

  • I'll ankle pick you

  • You guys are awesome.

  • Dc is the best

  • I wish he would have beat DC like that it’s why I had bought that ppv

  • DC is humble 🙌

  • Biggest mistake Curtis made was going for that take down without feinting or throwing something to set it up.

  • Come on DC, Derrick wasn't the fighter he is now when you fought him. Conveniently left out.

  • DC is such a good commentator. Class act

  • Aint DC the same guy who didn't want to fight francis instead retire because he knows he cant take Ngannous power

    • Dc would wrestlefuck Francis just like stipe.

  • I still disagree with Cormier where he says Lewis hits harder than The Predator Ngannou. 1 Cormier wanted to fight Lewis and 2 Cormier said he would not want to fight Ngannou after he said he would fight him. 3 Derrick hasn't knocked out everybody he's been in front of or in the first round.

  • 2:20 Curtis Blades was beating Lewis standing, he actually got knocked out trying to wrestle . Look at the stats the significant 6 and 7 strikes were after the KO 😂

  • Stipe isn't the GOAT

  • Imagine Derrick Lewis as Champ. The soundbites!

  • Blaydes wasnt even wrestling him though. He literally was piecing him up on the stand up.

  • Blaydes was winning the fight in the standup and would've won if he wouldn't have shot for the takedown.

  • Only credit you deserve is EYE POKES

  • DC with some excellent analysis on why Blaydes didn't succeed on the take downs.

  • DC, hands down, has beaten the best competition ever.

  • DC it's time to separate from Arel. As Dana White infers Arel is trash. Get away from this stink bomb.

  • DC is on drugs and doesn’t understand betting or math

  • Again Daniel...you lost twice against stipe ... before the fights you Said you are in the shape of your life ...you are annoying me that much that i will cut a video together which would proof your behaviour

  • Everything about this fight said curtis would win but I always had a gut feeling Lewis had to ko him

  • Derrick Lewis vs Stipe Miocic. 👌

  • DC should've retired after Derrick Lewis fight.

  • Hellwhiney is a 👸

  • the difference is derrick needs to land a good shot, ngannou only needs to touch you

  • "Am I a joke to you" ~Anthony Johnson to DC

  • We gonna get some MMA news without the reporters ego on this bad boy or whats going on??

  • Hmm excuses.

  • D.C. eye poke ninja😳

  • Yeah D.C. you brought in the eye poke move.🙄

  • Lewis still can't tussle with Francis, Stipe or Bones. He knows 'Reem is the limit. Even Gane would smoke him

  • "High crotch" ?

  • DC wasnt the same guy anymore because of the 2nd fight with Stipe, Stipe took his soul when he k.o'd him while DC was dominating the majority of that fight.

  • wonder what would happen if Tyson fury fought Derrick Lewis.... even in an MMA bout would Lewis still try to box him and KO him? if yes then probably Fury takes him out right?. Fury is the same size as Lewis .....wonder what the comment section thinks!

    • Fury is too tall and slick, Derrick wouldn’t touch him.

  • Prime DC probably beats all the guys he lost to.

  • It’s so true that some people are blessed with being able to hit with more power than makes sense. There’s no reason why they should be more powerful, they just are born with it. It’s starting to look like Derek Lewis is one of them people who are naturally powerful.

  • Watching lewis vs blaydes made me realise how good stipe and cromier are in comparison. Stipe is miles ahead, only Jones stands a chance of convincingly beating stipe. Nganao stands a punchers chance but that's it.

  • Oleynik got Derrick down in the first round. Maybe I remember it wrong... Gonna watch the fight again now

  • I don't get how anyone doesn't like DC. He's so humble in both victory and defeat.

    • Because is a boy scout, a company man and people hate that.

  • This uppercut was phenomenal. Can somebody find something similar in any weight class? In HW, to perform such a picture-perfect strike is much harder. Props to Derrick, that was awesome!

    • nganau chin shot to cain Velasquez. looks like his leg gave up but it was nganau power that made Caine's legs lifeless

  • DC looks and talk like a baby

  • Love DC but to say you weren’t the same fighter those last 2 fights yet knocked stipe out in the first fight sounds like a really sore loser. Your performance didn’t just fall off a cliff.. Stipe just made the better adjustments and beat you. Twice

  • I wish DC got into MMA earlier. I feel like he could have still been so much better.

  • DC is right!! Derrick Lewis is the only man that Francis Ngannou had to think twice about his power.

  • Curtis reminds me of Corey Anderson sadly

  • Really hurt to hear DC say when he was good😔 you still are good bro actually a great fighter & this is coming from a Jones fan

  • He had to finish that fight quick....his ballz was hot.

  • DC spent half this video blaming his losses to Stipe on his age smh, coward.

    • Stipe might be better ...but age plays a factor in any sport

  • Thanks for the money Derrick! Knew you were a good bet.

  • I give you credit DC. :)

  • I think Lewis vs Jon Jones would be a great fight. 2 All American Wrestlers who will stand and bang.

  • Just to think that someone can knock out a beast like Curtis Blaydes is crazy. Lewis can knock out any man on this planet. His power is unrivaled

  • I hate seeing dc just looking back and idk I can see that he doesn’t like being retired. I think he can still go with the best of him. I wanna not like him cause he came off super disrespectful to stipe in my eyes but hey I still like him tbh😂

  • Man I keep liking DC more and more

  • DC making excuses for the last two fights with stipe because he lost ... i was hoping he would bring the eye poke like a hypocrite


    • Two stupid guys who didn't know what happen to ngannou in that fight, ngannou admitted he was scared after got beat by stipe he still trauma and loss his confidence

    • If he tried to brawl with Lewis he would have got koed

  • Curtis' tooth is now keeping Glover's tooth company in the Stratosphere

  • DC while claiming injury ducked Stipe and fought Derrick that literally said on post fight interview he's not ready for title shot.

  • Derrick lost a grip of weight as well

  • dc speaking facts

  • Dc still making excuses for Stipe loss

  • 1000 agree the comments of Cormier 🎯💣

  • Francis stood and took pictures cause he was afraid of getting gassed after the stipe fight - not cause he was afraid of the power

    • I will let it slide this time.

  • The ease with which DC says that Stipe is the best heavyweight of all time is really impressive.

    • He always did acknowledge that stipe is greatest heavyweight

  • Was this segment about DC or Derek Lewis?

  • There's that pansy helwani again.

  • Derrick "All American" Lewis

  • Why is that we’re sitting here in 2021, this is ESPN, and the video is only 720!? How is that possible!?

    • First world problems for you. I’m enjoying the video at 144p. Ain’t complaining. Makes no difference if I see DC in HD. I care more about the discussion and not the images.

  • DC’s honesty about power of Derick Lewis was just awesome. Real Feedback.

  • dc- ‘the only fight XXXL trunks fit’ vs lewis 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 dc literally didnt train for lewis. blades wanted to bang bad choice

  • Every chance he gets now, DC tries to uncercut Stipe's wins by saying he "wasn't the same fighter anymore" it's honestly pathetic and tarnishes his own legacy.

  • Black beast vs Max Holloway

  • I’m surprised dc says things happen fast in a fight. It’s like slow motion for me. I see everything. I think that’s what Izzy sees as well.

    • @Clutch7 buttholes? It’s true. I’m no Izzy but all my fights I felt were like playing in slow motion. I wasn’t trying to triple c the situation. You can bend the knee .,

    • Cringe

  • 8:15 DC is an idiot. Francis said the reason he was not able to pull the trigger in the fight with Lewis, was due to what happened in the stipe fight. DC was the one who was afraid to lose his title. That is why he avoided fighting Francis. UFC fighters with brain damage should not be allowed to speak.on certain topics. They come off like fox News saying the power outages were due to a windmill.

  • DC you're still a GOAT, no matter what you think, stats don't lie. (Unless they're a forged)

  • Love these two this show just works

  • DC classy dude fighting age has brought him great wisdom that humility to know how he has changed as a fighter and to be introspective is really cool to see in a classy dude...hope DC stays working for the UFC for a long time regardless of what he does for them!

  • I wanna see him grapple at SUG just because he's ok at that

  • I don’t know if Derrick is as powerful as Francis...

    • Why? If anything he seems to hit harder. Ngannou’s speed however gives his punches a surprise factor.

  • The two Ngannou stoppages were nothing compared to what Lewis did to Blaydes. That was a career/life-changing loss.

    • @Lemonsqueeze More like jaw destroying athletes.

    • He’s saying Cutis Blaydes took way more life changing damage in this fight. Also, to be fair, Francis had the momentum of windmilling his arm and they were in a very fast exchange. Both incredibly jaw dropping nonetheless

    • Francis KO uppercut on overeem was better than this. Lewis had momentum by Blaydes head moving toward him on the takedown attempt. Francis had zero momentum just raw speed and power.

  • I don't think you associate curtis 'Buttface' blaydes and common sense🤷‍♂️.

  • Dc you tried to give your to much credit, to many reasons why you beat him. It's simple why you beat him, because he did not know nothing about wrestling and he learn from that fight. A little bit of defensive and wrestling

    • True don't mean Derik didn't work on something things after that lost.

    • Lol there’s a big difference between DCs wrestling level and Blades wrestling level. DC was an Olympian

  • I literally love ya'll show, but why is the camera quality this way? lol

  • This was like dc therapy not even about Lewis

  • Been waiting for Ngannou vs Lewis 2 for a long time can't believe UFC didn't run that one back right away but think of it happening now, number two and three in the division both with insane power known for knock outs let's make it happen! Could be for the belt we shall see what Stipe has to say 💪🏻 but it should happen eventually regardless.

  • The uppercut didnt even look powerful, but man was it.

    • @Sauced up it looked like he was under hooking from the camera angle.

    • huh😂 were you half asleep?

  • Excellent question to Dc about Lewis

  • Who else rewatched the DC Lewis fight right after this

  • Props to DC for beating Derrick the way he did like no one else has

  • Oleink took Lewis down in the first round and almost submitted him multiple times . Get ur knowledge up DC

  • Francis was scared of drek lewis punch then u knlw this guy is a killer

  • That wasn’t a TKO???? HE WAS OUT FOOKIN COLD KO!!!!!! They need to change that on the official record

    • @Luke Price lmaoooo “groaning and moaning”😂

    • @BloodDjimon614 Curtis probably won't be the same for sure. Those ko's change you at least a bit.

    • @Fishing California No it doesn’t lol. A TKO is when the ref stops the fight due to accumulation of damage but they do not go unconscious.

    • I think those extra 2 hits made it a tko lol

    • Derrick sent Curtis to the shadow realm. He'll probably never be the same.

  • Lewis is a funny likeable guy, but let's not pretend that his technique isn't bad. I barely train but I can probably knock him out. I would hit him with some rib roasters and the moment he drops his hands I would knock him clean out. I'm just that type of savage that is built different and I don't think Lewis is that type of savage.

    • No attention for you buddy!

  • They always bring up what dc did to Lewis but remember Lewis had terrible cardio at the time and also coming off a long fight where he gassed and took a title fight 30 days later.

  • Derrick Lewis goes rounds with fighters with Francis There's is NO Rounds. Francis has more RAW power

  • Only reason i watch this cuz DC, aiieal is cringe!

  • Weird that people didnt love how DC fought but the same people love Khabib.

    • Was DC constant pressure though? (Didnt watch him) ... Thats why Khabib is fun to watch, he isnt running or playing points - hes in their face at a fast pace (didnt mean to rhyme)

    • I mean even DC is more exciting tbh but Khabib a monster

  • Beast looked like he's dropped 20 lbs in the ring.

    • He's looking a lot leaner 💪🏿

    • Derrick used to cut from like nearly 300lb back in the day I'm pretty sure. Nowadays he is around 260-265 I think. Definitely slimmed down

    • He actually dropped 260 pounds