Gilbert Burns wants to fight Kamaru Usman again, prefers Colby Covington next | ESPN MMA

Publicerades den 18 feb 2021
Brett Okamoto catches up with Gilbert Burns after his loss vs. Kamaru Usman at UFC 258. They discuss:
0:00 How he's feeling after his fight and being mentored by Robbie Lawler
3:01 His thoughts on the Usman fight
5:17 Not having Henri Hooft in his corner
7:41 Whether Usman was hurt by that right hand
9:38 Whether he wants to fight Usman again
12:33 Whether the delay hurt him
13:44 Talking with Usman since the fight
14:38 When he'd like to return and why Colby Covington, Leon Edwards, Stephen Thompson and Michael Chiesa are on his list
16:57 Why he thinks he could fight four times this year
18:34 If Hooft would be in his corner for the next Usman fight
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  • Gilbert vs Colby, winner gets rematch with usman

  • Lol his going to lose again 😂 kamaru usman will knock him out again 🤣 usman 2 gilbert 0 😂 just in case gilbert wants a 3rd rematch kamaru will kill him 😂 gilbert is going to be a meme for the rest of his life just watch😂 mark my word😂

  • Talking too much. Even tho he is not making excuses but it is a bit disturbing. Just recover, take some time off. Enjoy your family. But he is 34 years old. It may happen that he will be in the octagon again end of this year. And than he should not go for CC. But for Edwards. CC is a shithead. Kamaru should fight Wonderboy late summer. That would be great.

  • Colby vs Burns.

  • Gilbert you just got knocked out with a jab sit your chinny chin down. Why would colby fight you he finished woodly when you couldnt...Colby needs to fight jorge or usman!

  • Glass jaw

  • This guy is delusional, claiming he is still better than Kamaru on the feet and claiming Kamaru was only throwing jabs, dude Kamaru destroyed you on the feet with jabs and knocked you out with a jab..... Also you didn't have Kamaru hurt, it wasn't even a knock down, he caught himself with his other arm and didn't even fall over, sorry but no one can do that if they are seriously hurt, he wasn't even wobbly either, he instantly regained his composure, convincing yourself that you had him nearly out is just delusional of you.

  • Props for Gilbert for growing a pair and already wanting to step-up unlike other 170ers

  • He loses again. Thats facts

  • Usman is a scary dude... who runs through Burns, Covington, Masvidal & Woodley in 2 years? Almost feel like Dana wants him out sending his personal assassins to kill Usman. Has not worked.

  • great guy, hope he becomes the champ one day

    • Hope don't win championship

  • Scary dude

  • He is good but he lost to a better fighter .


  • It really stinks Burns did not get up when he was on the ground first. But easier said than done I guess. I just want to see the Covington Usman rematch. That was one of the best fights ever. Covington is on a different level than everyone else underneath him. He’s the only person who has a shot against the champ. It’s sad Usman does not want to run it back with him he would rather take the easiest fight possible against Jorge.The numbers are going to be horrendous for that fight. I know I’m not ordering it. Every MMA fan knows it will be the same exact thing as the first one

  • he want more payout

  • You want too take you friends glory i dont respecr you no more as a person

  • Too late bro you missed your chance.

  • I still can't believe how crisp Usman's jab is

  • Colby doesnt deserve the next shot (the days of beating woodley for a title shot are over, ik burns just did but he was new blood) colby needs another win first

  • I wna see nick diaz vs lawlor good fight for both at this point aswel makes sense

  • If after six years training with him and 2 fight cancelled and u lost 2 ronds of tree dam If u give escuses of time

  • Usman pound for pound you have to give it where the credit is do

  • i can't stand Brett

  • Great interview but the champ is above you all. 10out of 10 the champ will still win. I like ur confidence but I strongly believe there are levels to this game and Colby will beat burns if it happens

  • Gilbert lost that fight, he got too excited.

  • Why does everyone want a rematch when he got ko,d dont deserve rematch

  • He blames it on not having Henry there to calm him down... yet Henry hasn’t even sat down and talked to him about the fight yet ......

  • Excuses

  • Yeah Usman Burns 2 would be one of the most anticipated fight of UFC history... Or maybe not

  • I love this dude a lot, he's so humble. He'll be back soon for sure...

  • Usman on way other level.....he box way better

  • I only watch Brett and Ariel Interviews, Mark is Annoying af

  • I said it before the fight.. dude has no head coach to put it all together. Would be a big factor in this.

  • Henry should of been in Gilbert's corner I think it would of helped him even a little bit

  • Gilbert kept saying he made a lot of mistakes, was it made out of vacuum? Kamaru forced you to made those mistakes.

  • I was scared in the first round but I never doubted Kamuru!!!! Respect ✊ Burns but you are the second best ... go beat coby and hiding masvidal

  • First of all, he did not win the first round, secondly, it was crystal clear that Kamaru Usman recovered very quickly and it did not, in fact, look like such a pulverising hit, it just made him lose balance. I believe that Usman has Burn's number and the next time they fight Usman will beat him much easier. Not just that I believe there are others in the division who are better than Burns and who will beat him. Colby Covington much as I dislike the guy will beat Burns up easily.

  • he really is a nice fellow



  • Soon he whole thing is Usman didn't beat him, he beat himself....yeah real humble 😌 👌.

  • If Burns could've gotten up, he would've. Usman wouldn't let him.

  • Burns is a great guy. Champion in ufc or not, he stays a good guy. 💪👍

  • Gilbert you are great and yes you did a mistake,! I do not know if you remember what Habib says ? mind and the disipline are the key for any fight. We hope see you champ very soon

  • He will eventually be champion.

  • pet peeve of mine: fighters dont make excuses when they always do...

  • Daam man I have so much respect for Gilbert. Even in defeat he's still a winner much respect bro! And p.s. Gilbert is the only guy in the top 5 at 170 willing to fight Leon. I'm just saying 🤷‍♂️

  • Scot Baio reporting


  • I wanna see Burns molllywop Jorge sour dough masvidal

  • Hello guy,,, if try to fight Usman 💯 x ,,, his going to laying you out bro 😎,,, Usman is going to beat you,, take it like that Bro,,,,

  • Only person at WW beating Burns is Usman

  • Gilbert, you didn't make mistakes. You Rocked the champion and tried to finish it. How many fighters would do it any different? Usman weathered the storm like a champ. Just not meant to be on this day.👍

  • Crazy. Durinho agrees that the absence of Henry Hooft is a big factor after the 1st round. Just shows how a good corner is a big factor for the fighters.

  • How does Brett always have such great hair?

  • Humble man, gracious, listens to advices and does things right, god bless

  • Don’t be a costa guy.....and stop blaming Cody for your mistake you went crazy not Cody why you try to put ur excuses into another man

  • This fight games is all about the clout and Kamaru has the clout right now

  • Gilbert Burns is the man. A beast of a fighter. Takes on anyone. And a real gentleman. Rooting for you, Champ. Much love & respect.

  • Nah g u lost

  • Gilbert's good but his chin is soft. Hooker showed it and it was why he was never going to beat Usman. Colby right now is not a good fight as he hits hard

  • Man how can you not be a fan of this guy?? I was probably rolling with Usman even tho I was hella torn. But now I'm an even bigger fan of Burns than before

  • It's crazy how fast they heal, love Gilbert

    • Superficial, the mental healing takes a longer time period

  • lol unproven gilbert who ESCAPED 155 would wants to go home on a stretcher.

  • He is a likeable guy:)

  • Ey, gilberts reaction to leon edwards next fight is priceless😂😂

  • So far he was usman most dengerous opponent.

    • no that was colby that ''knockdown'' was a lucky punch

  • So much respect to Burns. Right back to work like a true champion 👍

  • Dillbert

  • Dilbert "a lot of setups a lot of counters that didn't happen" burns. I think Usman needs to shut this guy up.

  • Gilbert is a killer I’m bafffled how people are calling him a inflated 155 er..Usman can pick who he wants at this point too, he’s a hammer .

  • Henry should've been there, Imo usman had a head coach he switched camps Gilbert stayed. The belt didn't go to gilbert/Henry gym it left with usman. Henry should've been there for his student.

  • Wonderboy vs Burns in May! Make it happen Dana!

  • Colby shoulda took that Leon fight cuz he’s not beating Burns if that’s ends up happening.

  • Gil vs Colby would be fire.. idk who wins that

  • 12:27 is my favorite part of this interview. Kid is totally in protect mode. He is mean mugging Brett then when he feels he's not coming after his dad, he leaves.

  • I hope he understands he will never ever be fighting Usman or for the title. It is what it is...

  • This loss only raises his stock.. Upawards and onwards durinho

  • Gilbert Burns is going to be tomorrow's meant he's either going to choke him out or choke'em out the next weekend

  • Colby will smoke Dilbert, the guy cant take a punch.

  • I would love to see him fight either Wonderboy or Masvidal

  • Gilbert is a dork. Good riddance. Chicken w head off title fight. His interviews are cringe.

  • We Need more fighters like Burns! Can't wait to Watch him back in action again

  • Respect to Burns but next time he fights Usman its just going to be the same outcome but this time probably early KO FOR Usman

  • Respect to Henry Hooft for taking the stance of foregoing payment and not cornering either guy. I'm sure both fighters love him for that.

  • Colby will absolutely destroy this fool.

  • I like a quick turnaround to fight Colby. April.

  • The same first round where Burns did good was what led to him getting knocked out. Went in too hard and gassed out. If Burns didn't step forward like he did in the first round, Kamaru would have filled that gap and being ahead. Kamaru also showed that he could make adjustments, even if Burns could go 5 rounds the way he did round 1. Kamaru's striking is also getting better. I think Kamaru wins if they fight again, especially if it's too soon.

  • Why not fight Leon??

  • this man is a bad interviewer

  • I almost cried with Gilbert

  • UFC will not give him a rematch unless he’s Conor

  • He should fight wonderboy. Who beats him in my opinion and gives usman the toughest challenge right now. Everyone is avoiding him.

  • before these interviews start brett should thank Ali for keeping him in his job

  • Colby will run thru this guy who couldn’t even take a jab idk how it even went to 3 rounds shows how much Usman really fell off, and you know what, he was right fights like the one he had with Colby really do take something out of you.

  • Hope his antics changed now.

  • Gotta respect Gilbert, he’s doing things the right way. Dude became number one contender at 170 in less than a year just by being active and accepting fights. Wouldn’t be surprised if Gilbert earns a rematch before Leon or Colby do lol

  • That fight won't ever happen again. Guy is disillusioned

  • I respect Burns but it's funny how things turn around after the fight and you see who's who. He was saying Usman has moments between round where he is looking for Henri to lift him up and go through those walls, but it turns out to be the other way around. Usman is just a tank.