Curtis Blaydes is 'more than' ready for his fight vs. Derrick Lewis | ESPN MMA

Publicerades den 19 feb 2021
Curtis Blaydes joins UFC Live for an interview to preview his bout vs. Derrick Lewis at UFC Fight Night.
0:00 The crew takes a look at Blaydes' and Lewis’ ground strike percentage
0:34 Blaydes speaks with Laura Sanko about the fight
2:44 The crew reacts to Blaydes' comments

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  • I can't stop watching when self confident fighters are falling asleep! really like this one, 'cause he's done it 3 times!

  • Who’s here after the KO?

  • There's no way to prepare for an uppercut to the jaw.

  • tough sport. kinda feel bad for curtis

  • Who here after Curtis lost?

  • No he's not

  • This didn’t age well

  • He wasn't ready

  • He's approach and attitude is disrespect. You'll be humbled by the upper cut of gods. It was great to see Lewis is a fighter with heart and power that allows him to beat people who might have all the skills in the world.

  • Super ready 😅

  • this aged well

  • Blaydes doesn’t seem to do as well against those 1 shot KO power style of fighters like Ngannou & Lewis. Dana White should match Blaydes up against fellow wrestlers who usually go the distance and mix things up (their fights are usually a mix of striking and plenty of work on the ground and in the clinch ) like how Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier, and Stipe all like to fight. Seriously, Blaydes would have better fights (I’d guess they would be 5rd to the judges split decision fights) against Stipe and Jon Jones.

  • Ready to be stiff as a board

  • Welp.

  • Here after lewis turned the lights out 😴😴

  • Aged well

  • Well not prepared enough it seems

  • First to comment since the knockout; Word around town is Blaydes is still sleep.

  • Here after he got knocked out

  • Derrick Lewis knocked him out

  • Curtis just got sent to the Ghost Squad.

  • Bruh, look at his hands compared to hers😮😂😂

  • Great to see Jouban as an analyst!

  • Laura Sanko tho

  • Laura Sanko is making our boy Blaydes sweat 🤣

  • Did Curtis just throw a jab at Alistair?

  • Anyone Remembers on ps2 when you could change the shape of a player’s head ...

  • Blaydes is a scary wrestler. He looks better than all the others wrestling if you ask be.

  • Too bad you can't condition your chin blaydes.. that scrub beard won't help you

  • Lewis out there looking to clap some cheeks!

  • Alan should be Johnny Cage in the sequel

  • Curtis blaydes has the least charisma of anyone I’ve ever watched in any combat sport. He actually replies to the Lewis wrestler quote with a serious answer. I hope he gets KTFO.

  • Curtis “ I’ll lay my sweaty body on you for 5 rounds then hyperventilate” Blaydes

  • Derrick Lewis by sub. You heard it here first. 😂

  • Curtis is a great fighter and seems like a genuinely nice bloke, but my God is he boring in his media appearances.

  • I want blaydes to knockout the beast and shock everyone. Hes a wrestler but he has the hands for it if he wants to

  • Laura Sanko Is P4P the hottest in mma

  • Lay n pray win for blaydes easy

    • BAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Sucks to be youuu

  • Who is this new reporter? Goddam

  • Blaydes got one of the cleanest cuts ive seen yet

    • @In2ThinAir Lewis had to Reline my boy up thats all

    • He took the cleanest UPPERCUT ive ever seen HAHAHA

  • Aldo/McGregor 2 at 145. Who’s with me?

    • NO ONE BRO!! I'm Irish☘ Just so you know Conor will never fight at 145 again and he has said it many Many times!! BUT back in the day Aldo used to say he would go up to 155 to fight Pettis! And im a LONG time UFC fan, iv been watching since UFC 65 , i forget who was on the card maybe Frankie or Clay G i cant rem right now.. but back to your question....That will never happen at 145 man it just wont!

  • Can you say blockhead 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Wonderboy v Usman!!

  • Lewis bout to knock the stutter out of Blaydes

  • Two extremely dangerous in this matchup Curtis is far more well-rounded and I just don't see Derek winning this fight. May the best man of the night win and I'll be happy for him.

  • Alan Jouban looking bigger than Rashad. Its crazy he fought at LHW.

  • My man said the 4th and 5th rd would be the opportunity for Lewis to take this win home......ESPN is trolling us.

  • Lauraaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • I love the black beast but the only way I see him win is by early KO otherwise blaydes wrestling will easily take this fight.

  • 'More than ready' to put on another lousy performance.

  • i missed this show ?

  • Why does rashad have dreads????

  • Man such a shame for Curtis that he has to live in a time when Ngannou is around.

    • @ULC Music Brah true, I guess he doesn't have it in him to get to the big big leagues.

    • It’s a shame for him that he got uppercutted into another dimension by Derrick Lewis.

  • Alan Jouban is such a great commentator, great to see him every time speaking about mma fights

    • Jouban waking up is good TV. Give that man a desk and that ESPN money already.

  • Alan Jouban is a natural at this, looks to have a better career there.

  • Curtis “unlikeable” Blaydes

  • Alan Jouban looks like he could make a decent pundit. But he needs to slow down and take a breath...

    • Yeah I thought the same thing. Just needs to slow it down.

  • I have a feeling Derick will knock Blaydes out in 2nd or 3rd Round

    • @Ozzee Totally agree with no question with what you said Izzy is way more technical the only difference is power Luckily Izzy survived against Kevin because Kevin didn't had the KO power or the gas tank to finish him and i know Izzy has only gone better since that fight but fighting a guy 30-40 lbs bigger than you is a whole different thing i think if Jan hurt Izzy it won't be like Gastelum fight he can finish him and Jan is way better fighter than Costa

    • ​@JD SHADY interesting i just think that izzy is on an entirely different level on the feet im sure he and his team have dissected jan to a tea. we will see though. and izzy has been in over 100 fights kickboxing and mma and has only been slept once by alex pierera who is a two weight kickboxing world champion with striking far greater than mma fighters and izzy was schooling him before getting knocked out. i don't think jan is anywhere close to that level.

    • @Ozzee I am an izzy fan too but Jan is just so big and izzy is not getting any bigger he"ll probably weigh in Around 193-195 lbs which he said in an interview all we know it only takes 1 shot like Derick since he got rocked by a Welterweight like Kevin

    • JD SHADY I'm an izzy fan now you have me scared 😂😂

    • I have a feeling blaydes will get knocked out and start moaning really loudly

  • Most unlikeable: curtis & corey anderson

  • Curtis “karen” blades

  • Her like first sentence said it they have been preparing for this fight for 6 months ¯\(°_o)/¯ so of course he's more than ready

    • NO hate!! ... but you do realize there are emojis right...👍!! P.S I love your profile name🙏🤍

  • Ole Curtis got some mitts 👊

  • He’s not going to win

  • I'm just waiting for Stanley Hudson yells: "Did I Stutter???"

  • Steven A's voice is irritating. please purge it!


  • 0:40 Laura is keeping herself way too sexy to be faithful to her husband.. she got implants, lip fillers, turned herself into a blonde bimbo aka Dana's type. You know they're banging and that is good for her career.

  • Curtis: Who are You? Ngannou: I'm your wall brodar.

  • Laura Sanko! I had been so impressed with your poise and command of MMA lingo, facts, and history, thinking that you were merely a sports caster/reporter (ala Helwani). Well, much to my pleasant surprise, I just found out that you were an MMA fighter prior to engaging in your current vocation....That explains everything! I am still impressed by your performance, but it all makes much more sense. Why hasn't White made you a color commentator yet? You definitely have the credentials (both MMA and journalistic) to do the job right. You are always dead on with your observations and are always asking great questions. There are some commentators, won't mention any names (DC) who don't do nearly as good a job as you could do. I hope you get your shot soon. Let us know what we can do to advance the cause.

    • @Joe Really? You're going to go there? Is that all you think of when you see her? I'm sure you probably think the same way about Daniel Cormier? Btw, they're both married. Sorry Joe.

    • @Joe he's just a nice guy, its just a compliment.

    • She’s not gonna bang you bro

  • Morning Kombat

  • Sanko is the best, you don't even know!

  • Did anyone one do ecstasy last night? That covid e

  • Dude I appreciate how Blades. Series himself honestly. He sounds dangerous

  • My boy the journeyman

  • The Beast gonna hurt this dude.

  • Curtis " lay on you like a rug" Blaydes

  • Sanko can submit me anytime.

  • Shout out to blades , good interview bro

    • The world needs more people like you. It's easier to breath when you're around.

  • Rooting for Blaydes cuz he's from Chicago 💪

    • Now he with king von 😂😂😂💯

  • Lewis by Pele kick

  • Rashad got that cte sauce in his cranium

  • I love Derrick Lewis but he gasses too much and Blades is relentless with the takedowns

    • @Old Med Student hahahahahahahahahahaha

    • @F not couldn't but wouldn't

    • @Old Med Student When did anyone ever say Lewis couldn't win?

    • You were saying

    • @F and imagine a guy with that much energy, on top, throwing elbows and you're tired

  • Let's get Wonderboy a title shot

    • @Ron Anderson LMFAOOO what did wonderboy do

    • Wonderboy needs to be humbled

    • give Edwards a title shot before wonderboy!

    • I don’t want to see usman vs wonderboy. I want the Jorge rematch bmf vs nmf

    • @North Bound needs another win

  • Blaydes is likely the favorite for most.. he has 2 losses on his record both from Nganou but that's about it. His wrestling will get him the win, but I'm not counting Derrick out he has massive punching power

  • Curtis “please retire Ngannou” Blaydes

    • Amen

    • Old med student the msg was actually for user name and i do nt care about both fighters. Team Ngannou. Next time go learn some manners.

    • @MrKay what was that? Looks like Blaydes got knocked into another dimension tonight. Sit down and shut up.

    • in your dreams.. when you wake both of you can glue up and come to fight

    • Curtis "Lay on Top of Him for 5 Rounds" Blaydes

  • lol sry but curtis is the most boring fighter in the ufc........most unlikable fighter to....i wont hate him enought to watch him or like him enough to like him dana!!

  • Ready to fight or ready to hug?



    • @Ron Anderson you are stupid if you believe that hes the nicest guy in the sport more like he needs to humble everyone

    • Wonderboy needs to get humbled

    • @Uchenna Alisigwe just watch wonderboy has been knocked out once in 78 fights Izzy got knocked out too but all you guys forget the best are the best and WB is one of them

    • @Matt Boone even less usman is too slow for wb in my opinion Gilbert was also but Gilbert lacked experience and usman slowed him down by making Gilbert fight a slow style if Gilbert would have pressured he would have beat usman People don't know wonderboy fought the two toughest versions of woodley who was technically unstoppable and drew against him hes definitely championship material everyone's doubting him just cuz of a lucky ko wonderboy would beating him up before that and didn't judge the superman punch

    • @Khuraym they will learn lol Usman definitely beats Jorge 9/10 times. More like 4/10 vs Wonderboy!

  • Guessing he has trained really, really hard and is more than ready for a nap? Not sure he will get his wish or not. Should be a good fight.

  • It’s a 5 round fight?

  • Jouban didn't give keys to victory, he gave keys to only survive

  • Curtis is a bi g unit

  • where that Blades vs Overeem free fight??

  • Just look at the stats, I see Curtis tiring out before Derrick tbh, then Lewis koing him

  • Let me tell everyone here... If a man like Derrick Lewis talks about clappin' cheeks and is looking my way?? You won't outrun me. Promise.

  • Blaydes is definitely on the Spectrum....

  • Curtis is boring A boring fighter A boring interview And his lady told me he's boring too

    • I heard not even your mom likes you

  • I’m hyped for this fight

  • Blaydes 2nd Round TKO

    • well. all you got right was 2nd round

    • Bald, ginger and 5’3

  • it'll be more of a grappling contest than a fight if Curtis has anything to do with it 🤣