Kelvin Gastelum talks UFC 258 win over Ian Heinisch | ESPN MMA

Publicerades den 13 feb 2021
Kelvin Gastelum speaks with ESPN MMA’s Brett Okamoto after his win against Ian Heinisch at UFC 258. Gastelum describes how he remained motivated despite not winning a fight since 2018, why he decided focus on his wrestling and what he’s looking forward to next.
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  • All of these guys are natural winners who want to be number one but there can only be one number one, it is the double edge sword.

  • Jack black with the W. Great job I like to see him every time he gets the opponent in danger.

  • Good on yah Kel

  • Hey guys do you think he ever stopped believing in himself

  • Tub of lard cheater

  • Awesome performance from Kelvin, Heinisch is a tough opponent for anyone but he kept cool and came out on top

  • Darius is amazing

  • Darius is amazing

  • Couldnt happen to a nicer guy. Big ups to kelvin for never giving up the fight.

  • This guy knows a lot about believing and tables

  • Gas is exciting to watch. His fight with Israel was one for the ages. Glad he got the W.

  • I wish Kelvin would get his weight down enough for another crack at 170.

    • I think there’s needs to be a hydration test where fighters have no choice but to fight at their natural weight and up

  • This dude needs cut

  • I want KG to knock out (Darren Till, he can do it), beat up Robert Whittaker then annihilate Paulo Costa, then we can see a great rematch with Izzy.

  • Kg would definitely become ww champ if he made the weight u look at his legs they’re waaaayyy to small compared to all the middle weights he faces..he says he can’t make 170 but if till can or if usman can he definitely can he just needs to get more disciplined

  • He’s only getting better that’s for sure. Kings mma are sharpening up champions.

  • Kelvin vs T Wood part 2

  • Can easily become champion in Welterweight, no matter how many times he tries, these middleweights are just too big and why give up pointless advantage...

  • Good job Kevin 🔥🇲🇽

  • Happy to see him get a win.

  • This is an underrated interview. Really shows you the mental fortitude needed to be a professional fighter

  • Really happy for Kelvin ! I've always liked this guy alot & his fight IQ

  • Kelvin is a G

  • Great job Kelvin! Keep pushing forward win or lose

  • Kelvin really needed to get back in the win column, congrats champ 😃

  • He touched izzy and izzy wobbled Izzy should not get hit by jan

  • Kelvin on point is almost as good as Izzy, besides his wrestling quickest dodge and 1, 2 in the MW division

  • Big John shitting on Leon. What was that about.

  • Love Kelvin, just love this guy. The thing that impacts me with MMA, is that these guys are a wonderful example of healthy masculinity, true warriors, happy to cry, happy to go to war, real men, I’m inspired.

  • Every interview with Brett is like a therapy session no one asked for

  • Kelvin “bring to the table” Gastelum

  • kg vs vettori would be interesting in more than a few ways

    • @Brandon W. I got kg in that one

    • @Mitch Mac Would be a great matchup though.

    • @Brandon W. thats what im talking about

    • Won't happen anytime soon, they train at the same gym

  • Bret likes to talk about feelings and failures BUT cmon lets talk about the fight against Ian, Bret go be a shrink. almost every question is "ho do you feel"

    • Half the interview is about getting his first win in nearly three years, which most fighters are more than happy to express, then the other half is about techniques, training and opponents. Its the answers that the questions lead to is what is important, or do you want all interviews to only be rudimentary robotic 'technique' only responses from the interviewee's without being able to express their personalities?

  • Real gangster

  • I'm happy for him... He deserved to win...if he lost ...he mighta got cut

  • Great fighter congrats but bro do something about those herman munster eyebrows pls...

  • Beast

  • Couldve done alot better against Israel if he wrestled like this

  • The Old Kelvin 'with hands' is gone 😔

  • Kelvin is a fun fighter this man can even cheat the scales and no one really cares lol 😂

    • Well if your not taking peds and dehydrating yourself cutting weights much harder

  • I just think the Izzy fight was too much on his brain , he had never been dropped and was dropped 3 times in that fight

  • 😴

  • Okamoto, with the word questions always, hands down

  • The Mexicans stole the show. People keep underestimating these warriors.

    • @Darren Reddix I know all of that, I just didn’t know about his parents.He was born and raised in the US, his name and accent aren’t hispanic and I couldn’t tell from his facial features that’s why I asked if I’m missing something.

    • @Najim Mahamdy It's called being a Mexican-American. Just like us blacks are called African American. Whites are called European American well at least that's my guess.

    • @Najim Mahamdy Yeah, You are. He was conceived in Mexico by Mexican parents but his mom crossed the border to have him here in the United states. So he is very much Mexican American. Much like GSP is French Canadian and Paul Felder is Irish American.

    • His bio says he was born in san josé california and he sounds very much american to me, am I missing something here?

    • We don't underestimate Mexicans we just don't think about race like you

  • He was lokin at triple c and thinking he was champion with his wee interm belt now he looks hungry again got his beast back

  • Not one mark on his face. Get right back in there.

  • Say what you want but Heinisch was dangerous. Kelvin is top, he looked in control.

  • Wow I'm so glad for u bro yessss

  • The fact his just 29, just entering his prime is crazy. I bet it should just get better from now on

  • Kelvin lost that fight stop lying to yourselves

  • You can hear the emotions in his voice, congrats KG!

  • Kelvin: Don’t stop believing Hold on to that feeling I’m just a city boy living in a lonely world It’s all a journey.

  • Dude needs a strict diet. KG vs Usman would be good.

  • Me: 🤦‍♂️ When a fat boy and a skinny kid put on one of the best fights ever and people still think roided muscle bound gorillas win fights!

  • Well done kelvin. Your young and can have a great career. Stay ready get a big risky fight next and your back up there!

  • Dudes fought murders row the past few years. Glad he got this win

  • Happy for him

  • Congratulations Kel. True OG of the game

  • Kelvin you did Great! Wrestling was on point especially against a dude like that but can’t wait to see your hands fly again love to see you crack people

  • Idk if it's too soon but Cannonier vs Gastelum is an ultra fun striking show and could put Gastelum on a 2 fight win streak and in the top 5 which puts him right there for a title fight

  • Congratulations 👏

  • Kelvin fought a very tough opponent and looked good in defeating him.

  • Kelvin gave Izzy his hardest fight, lost a close decision to Till, and got caught by Hermansson's go-to submission... Ian Heinisch is not on the same level. Don't count out KG.

    • Kelvin most underrated fighter he needs to star being Cocky and wipe his division, Kelvin like most Mexican Fighters are always fighting waay above their weight division cause they ain’t no punks or weight bullies

    • @Johnny Herrera Anyone who watched since 2008 isn't a newbie. I bet you only started watching when McGregor came in. So you think Kelvin clearly won because he got a few tds but not doing anything with it?

    • @Darren Reddix nice paragraph btw, but maybe one day you can understand how scoring works newbie, stay salty lol

    • @Johnny Herrera The 1 crying are you ppl. You fools act like I said Ian was robbed. Kelvin won but it was close no matter if you want to hear the truth or not. Edit: you can't even spell but you expect me to believe you know how to score a fight? 🤣 It's "you're" you know you are.

    • @Darren Reddix congratulations your about 3 years late to the party, no I’m one of those people that see takedowns, striking, octagon control, and significant strikes in place stop crying it’s embarrassing and because he attempted a submission you think rd1 was close? geez bro you definitely don’t

  • I thought Heinisch would win this. It's too easy to underestimate Kelvin after a loss

  • Gust a nice guy happy for him. Hope this is the start of great things.

  • I’m so happy for Kelvin ! This was a must win and he got the job done !!

  • I think he'll be more dangerous in Welterweight more than Middleweight if he can get his body healthy for 170

    • @Reggie Shack yes for the hydration test. One weight class per 10pounds instead of 15 would make 10 weight classes instead of 8, i think it's completely possible with the growing number of talents in MMA

    • @lacostiben yea because there needs to be more weight classes and a hydration test

    • He tried, many times and at a time was famous for missing weight...

    • No. He kept missing weight

    • @Reggie Shack having more weight classes would be bad for the sport. That’s why Dana hasn’t added those divisions. They’ll just be a bunch of champions holding up the division by trying to get a second belt

  • Hard not to like this dude...humble

  • I love both of them

  • Happy for Kelvin

  • KG was classic today, physically ready looking strong! Relaxed!

  • Rikers island *eyes rolled* nice try sauerkraut 👏😄

  • Man those Kimuras that Ian had on Kelvin looked scary I honestly thought it was over jus goes to show how good Kelvin’s striking is

  • Hope he rises back to top 5 and gets a shot at title eventually

  • Kelvin needed this win. His wrestling looked great.

  • Am happy for u my man

  • Saludos s Gastelum. Desde Mexico

  • Im glad he won but he need to count his blessings hes lucky

    • @Miguel Castro was not even close. Just shows Heinich ground game was levels below KG.

    • @Miguel Castro Those two kimoras weren’t going to work in the position Kelvin was in

    • @Andrew Almost got submitted

    • Lucky how?

    • There’s definitely luck in this sport, but can’t judge a great performance on luck

  • he could be a problem in the WW division. His gas tank is buns at 185 hope he makes that decision

  • Let's agree on this guy's..we are here cuz we are fan's of KG

  • That fight was a bit boring for me to be honest but just glad he got the W after so long, hope he can rebuild from here.

    • @Skobo Da Baws im a casual so i can say these things

    • It was tactical!

  • The most interesting man in the world Dos XX KG

    • He is very humble n look more disciplined!

  • Fighters go through emotional problems we will never understand. Congrats Kelvin!

    • 100% - can’t imagine the pressure he was feeling going into this..

  • I love to see all this support for my man kelvin in the comment section.

  • Mindset beats skill in this game.

    • They just go along. Your skills will only Take you so far.. at some point you'll need the mental fortitude to keep it going or else you're getting done up

    • Not it does not lol

    • That just is not true at all. I don't know how you came away from this fight with that, where Kelvin easily out-maneuvered and beat a fighter much less skilled than him.

  • Everyone at my gym calls my Kelvin lol

    • Haha holy snap.

    • You look like Kelvin gastelum and Robert whittaker had a child lmao

  • awesome

  • Man let's see Izzy vs Gastelum again that fight was amazing and a gift from both fighters

    • @Daniel Moreno Gastelum will have to earn that rematch 1st.

    • @pimpinainteazy Gastelum has heart and a chin. Izzy almost KO ‘d him in the last minutes but Kelvin is so durable. Would probably be an easier decision

    • @pimpinainteazy I still think it goes 5 rounds. Styles make fights. That's why i would love to see it again

    • Izzy would finish kelvin in 3 rounds at the moment. But hey, fights are fights

    • Izzy would finish kelvin in 3 rounds at the moment. But hey, fights are fights

  • He believes in himself

  • Great moral boast for Kelv.

  • From what I can tell, he never stopped believing in his skills. And Brett says like a lot. But on a serious tip, congrats to KG who looked awesome out there. Good on ya mate!

    • Bret like to talk about feelings and failures BUT cmon lets talk about the fight against Ian itself, Bret go be a shrink

    • @Tim Donaghy He seems like a nice guy, but just not very articulate and a little nervous doing his job. He gets torn up in comment sections.

    • Brett is the worst

  • Im inlove this guy is again in the winning column !!!

  • Happy Kelvin got a win he needed it badly to stay in the mix. Best performance he's had in awhile hope he can keep it up

  • about time Kelvin 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼get this dub and so many more

  • kelvin vs costa will be 🔥

    • Yeah but unfortunately Costa fighting Whittaker even though Whittaker should be fighting for the belt.

    • Indeed

  • glad to see him win.

  • Congrats kelvin 👏👊