Kamaru Usman recaps TKO win vs. Gilbert Burns | UFC 258 Post Show | ESPN MMA

Publicerades den 13 feb 2021
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UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman chats with Megan Olivi after his TKO win vs. Gilbert Burns in the main event of UFC 258. He explains how hard it was to fight a former teammate and friend in Burns and also explains why he decided to call out Jorge Masvidal in his post-fight interview.
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  • I am surprised this video has so many views. I didn’t think Usman had so many viewers. Every time he speaks i swear he loses fans

  • Kamaru “ calculate” usman

  • Usmans got a head like Marvin Hagler, good luck knocking him out .

  • He's still miles behind the goat GSP!

  • It's crazy that both Khabib AND Usman are retired on top. Guess that's the best move. Good for Usman. Going out on a W.

  • Jorge, Colby, Wonderboy etc. aren't ready for him. Unless it's Leon, GSP or Khamzat, Usman will own them all AGAIN

  • Why he still have his gloves on ?

  • The 🐐

  • Kamaru the goat, pls in your next fight with Masvidal, make him suffer!!! Do not give him the liberty to be knocked out, let go of him before the ref comes to end the fight, give him time to rest and punish him again and again and again for the 25 minutes. Do this religiously. I love you champ!

  • Good win. A true champ in and out of ring. Keep it up . Invest your money make good choices and then walk away into the sunset

  • Masvidal has made a statement to be used against him and Usman the greatest is calling him out for purnishment. Will Masvidal accept the challenge? Capital NO!

  • Crazy he KOd his mate from a jab 😵😵😵

  • Amazing fighter, very talented, His personality is a real shame ! I can see friends Kamaru Usman & Michael Chandler have similarities “dislikable personalities”

  • No comments about megan. Jeeze

  • Laid dude flat out with a Jab and made him cry after. Usman the Champ

  • He's calling out Masvidal cos he's faced him before and already had a feel on him and knows what his game inside the cage is already.. like Gilbert Burns whom he had 200 rounds of sparring with at the gym, he knows what it's like to fight in there with Gilbert. Not taking anything away from his performance, it's that the callout is bull... I think the George he really wants to call out is Georges St. Pierre. Who wins Prime GSP vs 100% Usman??

  • Don't know why people hate Usman and like characters like Conor, as great as he is you would hate to have a friend like Conor lol most of the man dem are strong and silent like Usman. Most tough guys aren't talkers you know


  • Y so w3!rd?

  • iron sharpens iron!!!

  • He is awesome fighter but he is no respect another players and talking too much like corner I don’t like him🤣🤣🤣

  • 2:14 Same🔥🔥🔥🔫🔫🔫

  • USMAN a major problem - this was his biggest exposure fight to force the RESPECT!!! "PUT SOME RESPECT ON MY NAME" Classic!!!

  • Masvidal wants none of that wrestling smoke. He is in Diaz DMs right now.

  • Kamaru “Braggodocious” Usman

  • Yet khabibs 13 doesn’t count bc it wasn’t title defenses

  • Congrats usman! Well deserved and more fights to come for sure 🥊👑

  • Usman is the real deal he is a perfectionist at doing the simple things to the best of his ability !

  • I fvck with big time King Usman 'The Nigerian Nightmare' Kamaru. Congrats Champ!

  • Usman using steroids just watch until he gets popped

    • @S N wanna bet ? He gets popped for Roids?

    • ok buddy

  • Gilbert was lucky Usman didn't get to foot stompin'

  • This is true Champ. Much Respect ✊

  • Let Usman learn a bit of Muay Thai it’ll be a wrap he’d be the best ever

  • How you win against usman, just keep kicking on those chicken legs lol

    • You probably get a jab after you extend those legs... Lol

  • Good fighter but such a fake persona

  • Decision machine on the mic !

  • Throw some respect on that name

  • Fake Nigerian.fight leon Edwards you phony

  • Bobby Lashley of UFC..

  • Kamaru Usman is the man.

  • I like Kamaru but this guy is so cringy.

  • 1:51 2:21

  • Masvidal and Burns were both lightweights. Interesting...

  • Saved by his size and jaw. Wish a middleweight would drop down.

  • Usman is actually Middleweight!😬😉

  • When you can appreciate the mindset kamaru has you understand why he’s the best. He’s not fighting for himself. Corny or not you gotta love this mans will power.

  • I’m sorry why does a man who dosent even have his gloves off yet need to sit there and do an interview.

  • Usman praying he gets the Masvidal rematch rather than having a tough fight with Wonderboy or rematch with Colby.

    • This man hasn't cleaned out the division, he's DISINFECTED it!!! Colby needs to win a LEGIT contender fight, not against washed-up Woodley because he got finished!!

  • 🐐 in the making

  • GSP no one on this earth is close to his skills as far as record matter yes usman is best Walterweight right now but not even close to 50% of GSP

  • Would GSP beat Usman?

  • The American white supremacists hate him, and they are claiming that Masvidal will KO him, but obviously Usman is going to beat Masvidal even worse this time around, Masvidal is a one trick pony from lightweight, who slept a stiff and injured Ben Askren, that's the highlight of his career.

  • Tim Boetsch would destroy this fool

  • Usman is a revisionist when it comes to his performances.... in the Colby fight he claimed he intentionally let it go 5 rounds just so he could "punish him" and in this fight at the end of the first he was humbled cos Burns dropped him holding his fist out for respect but soon as Usman drops Burns later on he becomes himself again and acts cocky af.. I don't think Usman knows himself well.. He's Mr humble in interviews but after he wins that humbleness goes straight out the window

    • Lol, it's obvious you didn't look at the mirror. I wanted you to look at a reflection of a fool. What a fool looks like. It crazy I have to explain myself but I guess you understand better now and if you don't, I can't help you no more.

    • @Don Ekwuazi one minute you're sayin deal with it next minute you say smile.... you got bipolar or something? I'd appriciate more consistency in character

    • Lol. Look at yourself in the mirror, but both hands on your head, smile. It's okay bro, it's obvious you dont understand me.

    • @Don Ekwuazi you guys are religious extremists.. everything's always to do with religion

    • Da fuk is a pastor? We ain't all religious nuts like Americans ya know

  • Kamaru "Don't Fuel My Fire" Usman

  • Usman so good fighter but he should stop trying to be so cool it’s seems he got that phony character and I think this is why he’s unlikable

  • Could Usman go up and fight Izzy?

  • I'm a huge fan from Oregon great job Usman

  • Kamaru "Bragadocious* Usman

  • He ain’t joking when he says he’s calculated and methodical. Just they way he talks and phrases his speech scream out this fact. He is a problem.


  • Had burns lookin like poopy face tomato nose😭😭😭only real ones will know what that's from

  • "ctrl + f: bbc -- 0 results" Man this community has changed

  • Ok, great. So who's left at 170 for Usman to fight? Jorge rematch for easy $ then Wonder boy maybe? He wins that, then who?

  • Colby will beat him in the rematch

    • Colby loses quicker then the first time

  • multiple personalities disorder


  • Top 5 unlikable fighter!! ...so what? if he haven't posted the photos, Usman wouldn't have TKO him?!?!

  • Coq bawls.

  • Since he defeated Woodley. I knew he will be a threat in the Welterweight division.

  • I'm not a real Usman fan but he is a top top level fighter. With that being said, Burns was done after the 1st round. He just had no cardio with all his big winging punches

  • Kamaru definitely the fighter everyone loves to hate! I for one can’t say I’m a huge fan; but this dude is for real! He is gonna be hard to be for a while! Respect! 💯💪🏻

  • Geez! that red outfit with that Tan and Dark hair with shine as shinny as a mirror.. she looking FINE!

  • What y’all haters got to say now.

  • 2:42 Talking about him "countering heavy". Burns hit him so hard with that shot that he must have forgot what happened. It definitely wasn't a counter shot that rocked him. It was a clean, fast right hook. A single shot NOT thrown as a counter.

    • @S N He was talking about the fight.. He was comparing the fight to the sparring sessions. He said it in more than one interview. Basically saying he was getting rocked in practice too off of "heavy counters"...just like the fight. But it wasn't a counter in the fight.

    • he was referring to their early sparring sessions bruh

  • That jab was sharp 🚀🔥

  • Imagine if this guy fought Askren. Lol, Death

  • Uzman/Masvidal re-match gonna be a war....can’t wait

  • Humble guy 👍

  • He will take it out on your toes

  • 71 people got jabbed

  • People don't realize that Burns was the most qualified skillwise to beat Usman. He had the biggest weapon to counter Usman's wrestling forcing it to be a standup as well as having fast hands. There is nobody else in the division that can pose a submission threat to Usman to negate the grappling besides demain maia (who doesn't have the stand up to stay on the feet). Colby can prevent the wrestling but doesn't have the power in his hands and Masvidal doesn't have the grappling.

  • You know what Connor told me? I want Diego Sanchez..... in Nigeria Isn’t he f..ing awesome?


  • Respect to Usman for picking scary opponents.

  • Usman with one of the best jabs in the WW division.

  • It's African time, Wakada .from heavy weight to Walter weight, the heist has just begun. Senegelse are yet to join the wrecking boys,they are night mare too. Especially for heavy weight.

  • Burns with no head movement smh1

  • Woodley ever coming back to UFC🤔

  • Be president lol

  • Burns: HE KNOWS HE KNOWS ME: laughable

  • Kamaru “I consistently repeat myself word for word” Usman

  • All you mfs doubted him at first don’t play biggest fan now🤣🤣

  • Kamaru “everything I say sounds scripted” Usman

    • @Rial Taf Only you would know that.

    • @Carl Stokes don’t be ridiculous, I have no credibility no matter what I say.

    • You'd have more credibility if you just say you don't like him...

  • Kamaru “gingerbread man” Usman

  • Usmans gotta get through Wonderboy now

  • GOAT

  • Usman head is brighter than masvidals future

  • Their script is to say he passed GSP for wins in welterweight but GSP'S 7 or 9 wins (I'm not sure) comes from title defenses. quality over quantity

    • @Don Ekwuazi hateful?

    • Sorry bro. I feel your pain. The world doesn't care about your hateful opinion.

  • Hairline hanging from a thread