Belal Muhammad on his UFC 258 win, Li Jingliang callout | ESPN MMA

Publicerades den 18 feb 2021
Belal Muhammad chats with ESPN MMA’s Marc Raimondi about his win vs. Dhiego Lima at UFC 258 and more.
0:00 Marc intros Belal and his podcast, Remember The Show. Then they discuss his win over Lima
2:40 Muhammad discusses his pursuit of a fight against a hgher-ranked welterweight.
6:01 Breaking down the strategy of calling someone out, including Li Jingliang.
12:48 Explaining the situation with his shorts at UFC 258.
13:50 How he’d book the welterweight division if he was in charge.
16:14 Breaking down the title fights at UFC 259.
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  • BullyB doing the most

  • This is how you earn respect in the organization and build a fan base. Sean "Salt Show" O Malley needs to take notes.

  • Seems like a good guy, looking forward to seeing him put on a good performance against Edwards

  • Calls out jingaling gets Leon happy for dude will be watching 100%

  • I like this dude. Seems genuine

  • Winner of him or Leon should fight Usman. Division is boring rn

  • I love watching him fight.. But his Tony ferguson impression is gold

  • Well the stat of Masvidal only beating one ranked fighter is a bit misleading cus he KOd Till who was the nr1 contender and Askren who was like nr 5 or 6..

  • I hope Belal wins he did the work. Sucks for Efwards I like him as well.Gonna be a good fight!

  • He said Jason Anik?

  • Peon deadwards

  • Boring fighter. Leon picks him apart

  • Inshallah, hope you going to win brother !


  • This interview is old he is fighting Leon Edwards

    • This was 4 hours before leon edward fight got announced

  • Hope he Wins

  • 4:43 And he ended up taking that fight Love Belal and I wish him luck against Leon

  • This is an opportunity of a lifetime. A fighter steps up to dethrone a top fighter. Let us root for the underdog.

  • Eyes on him for sure he gotta big fight coming up for sure psh

  • Maybe this will be the break he needs..he seems like a really Good guy

  • Congratulations u got Leon "Scott"

  • Leon would stomp Bilal.

  • He lucky Brady got hurt he was gonna bully him

  • Who is this unranked guy? Khamzat would destroy him!

  • When you see this dude doing the ESPN interview you know its because Ali Abdelasleaze has a grudge against Ariel and won't let him interview any of his guys.

  • Long Live Palestine from Canada

  • hose eyebrows i can see them from congo

  • Straight savage

  • The term belal was looking for about the shorts was ritual. It’s a ritual

  • 3:00 - 3:50 Actual Factual. He called out everybody top to bottom.

  • Free Palestine

  • Free Palistine from the terroryst of David

  • Hauity Ness before a CRASH, SOON COME!

  • Decision king against cans. Leon gonna clap this dude

  • When was this interview

    • 4 hours before leon edward fight got announced

  • Interesting fight. I hope Belal wins

  • I fucks with belal dudes a beeeeaaaasssstttr!!!

  • My man there’s only 1 Ariel u gotta get your own style

  • It was hard to watch this with the exposure of the picture so high lol

  • Been dope since pre-Reebok

  • He went from calling out ranked 12 Li Jingliang to getting a ranked 3 Leon Edwards :)

  • man, Belal is so underrated

  • Wanted to hear Belal, but sadly this fool is interviewing him. Skip

  • Lets go Belal!

  • Marc just gets all the undercard guys 😂

  • Why is the beta male an mma reporter what can this guy possibly know about fighting

  • Mezval traduction is masvidal..

  • This is a TRAP FIGHT for Leon..he's hasn't fought since 2019 and Bilal got those hands!!! Leon is gonna stand and trade punches/kicks...Bilal is the same type fighter...that layoff may cost Leon.. I don't like this match up but respect for both guys taking it

    • @Timothy Trotter I disagree...the film say different. Bilal prefers to stand and trade bro. But regardless Leon should be favored...but if he sleeps on Bilal...he can get trapped. God bless be safe Tim😷😷😷😷

    • Belal doesn’t have them he does have high cardio, high pressure, great wrestling that grinds dudes out but them hands, average at best my man..

  • The name Belal is sacred.

  • I had a feeling Belal Muhammad and Ariel helwani werent gonna do a interview together lol Not gonna say why, but you all know why ;P

    • @Magical stuff! Yes and no, the situation there isn't so black and white.

    • Palestinians to this very day are living under brutal occupation barred from traveling etc

    • He's very close friends with Jason Anik, they have a show together. Jason is Jewish btw.

    • Lol 😅 😅 they both good guys... I'm sure they could sit down and chat

    • Yeah they wont😂😂😂

  • Guy's head is too big to become champion. Easy target ;)

  • Man I really wanted to see li jinliang vs Leon after he kod ponzinibbio

  • Leon Edward's must be happy

  • Belal has been in the cage as of late, edwards will return with ring rust, dont be surprised if belal finishes edwards.

  • @mmadigest more like respect to Leon for giving Belal Muhammad the opportunity 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • 12:53 😂😂 I’m from Chicago. Not sure if it’s exclusively a Chicago thing..But I always pull up on my shorts - even with my Gi Pants when I roll in BJJ

  • This is why BM got the Edward’s fight. Don’t know why but this made me feel happy. I listen to his podcast and you can tell BM is the real deal. I’m rooting for ya big guy.

  • This guy smart AF.

  • The only pro that's fine out and said Usman/Wonderboy makes sense.

  • i like this dude

  • I do not like the interviewer. His face screams beta male. Such a weak, pathetic, excuse for a man.

  • This dude has top level charisma

  • This guy looks like he stinks but he can fight.

  • Well this is outdated now


  • Belal Muhammad is really growing on me. Same with Beneil Dariush. They're both veterans at this point, and I had somewhat dismissed them earlier in their UFC careers. However, they're both super game, and always show up with a good performance. It's awesome seeing some fighters rise to their potential and develop before our eyes.

  • Tune up for Leon he knows he needs activity.

  • What is in the beg.? Who arghhh you.! La Candela.. La Candela.. But.. TaTarrr Taaaarhhhhh....!

  • And he's fighting leon

  • Let's get Wonderboy a title shot

  • Been a fan since ufc 205 even tho it didn’t go his way, since then he’s been a killer! REMEMBER THE NAME

  • Future Star!

  • Edward's murders him.

  • Belal seems like a very promising fighter but that Leon Edwards is sneaky good.

  • This man versus that guy Leon. Take care of him Belal. Got no sympathy for Leon whatsoever.

    • @khan khan yes sir. It'll be a good fight.

    • Is it confirmed 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Such a hungry humble guy. What a OG. Hope he KO's Leon

  • Vamos Con Todo Belal!!! 🥶🔥

  • Belal vs Edwards @roufussport!

  • the Palestinian hope

  • And as soon as I clicked, he's fighting leon on my b'day ❤️

  • Not a bad fight at all. So does this mean we gonna get Colby vs burns for the winner of Jorge vs usman?

  • Respect for stepping up to fight Leon Edwards

    • @Melvin Smith bro imagine the real reason leon hasn't fought for couple years to develop a ground game lol nah who knows though

    • @We are all Equally worthless. oh ok got cha, my bad😁 I can see ur point tho..Leon probably is superior in striking but inferior ground game.. Side's been proven and admitted my by UK fighters that they suck with Wrestling...why aren't they starting wrestling programs over there and why not start asking American Wrestlers to open gyms over there..ik for a fact alot of them would love to go back to there UK roots to make money as well as their kids growing up in UK ..not star athletes but the middle of the pack guys(they usually make best coaches).. just always wondered that

    • Who is that? I thought he was fighting Leon Scott

    • @Melvin Smith no im saying for this fight i thing he should and will go for take downs. But yea Muhammad do like to throw hands no doubt..and he ain't no slouch

    • @We are all Equally worthless. I doubt it bro..Bilal throws them hands bro. But I believe if he does try takedowns... Leon ain't wit that 💩😂😂

  • Belal you need you to get a mic and tell people the number one thing you care about outside of fighting. When yo I get pre fight or post fight interview reach out to the community of your number one hobby. Like if it was gardening ask for people to connect with you to collab. Or if you like making paper swans tell the public and let industries reach out it will help people relate and then yo I can get sponsorship money from a niche you enjoy. You are a great fighter, but you dont do annoying gimmicks, thank you lol, so you need an honest point of marketing and connection.

  • Man him against Leon will be nice

  • Who’s here after him vs Edwards was announced?!?! I got Belal by decision!

    • 3 round fight

    • Leon's gonna beat em, Dana's throwing him as a tune up. Colby and jorge didn't wanna take this fight on a month's notice and they're both better than belal

    • @Khuraym I've seen every UFC fight these guys have and Leon is just better. Belal can win but its extremely unlikely

    • @Isak Dahl he has a chance of winning hes solid

    • Leon is world class but it should be a good one

  • Let’s go this guy stepped in gangster move

  • Belal vs Geoff Neal in a rematch or Neil Magny, if he wins either he's in the top 10.

    • @Andrew Yanes Oh that's dope if he's getting that fight and wins he'll be a good amount ahead of both of them. So maybe Chiesa or someone in the top 3.

    • He’s fighting Leon Edwards #3, so after Leon he should fight them.


  • Belal Muhammad is a grat guy , speaking true facts "like Nobody wants to Fight Wonderboy, Usman takes the easyer fight who brings the most money... hope all goes well for Belal Muhammad and He can climb the ladder.

    • @captain price usmans already been beaten before so why you acting like he’s undefeated

    • Wonderboys still injured, idk why everyone acts like he's gonna be the savior against usman, he's older and usman will just outwrestle him to a finish or decision



  • Belal Muhammad vs Colby Covington would be one of the funniest fights the UFC could make 👊💥

    • 😂I think colby is already preparing all the name-calling for belal in his notebook

  • Wow, he's fighting Leon Edwards now!

  • He’s fighting Leon Edwards next!

  • Why not give him the Leon fight? None of the top guys will take it on such short notice

    • Just got booked lol

    • Because Leon really should be fighting for the title, Leon is ranked 3 maybe he should beat a couple guys in the top 10 first before he gets a top 5

  • Decision fighter... Borinnnnng

  • good win, the mans improving, hope he keeps it rolling

  • Definitely not a Chicago thing its a inner city hood type of thing 🤙🏽

  • Jason "Never Remembered the Name" Anik

  • Islam is the truth. Read the Quran