Kamaru Usman, Gilbert Burns make weight for title fight | UFC 258 Weigh-In Show | ESPN MMA

Publicerades den 12 feb 2021
On the UFC 258 Weigh-In Show on ESPN+, Ariel Helwani and Brett Okamoto preview the upcoming welterweight showdown between Kamaru Usman and Gilbert Burns.
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  • Usman is built like a TANK!

  • 223 fighters in UFC history have spent at least 1 hr of Grappling. Only 2 of the 223 fighters have held control positions for over 97% of their grappling time. Khabib nurmagomedov - 97.40% Kamaru Usman - 97 .36%

  • Those official mask weigh .5 lbs? hmmm....

  • Usman's cut like good dope

  • This ESPN MMA page needs a revamping. Stop trying to make reporters (and former fighters) into personalities. I watch Brett and Ariel because they are excellent reporters (and interviewers). I'm not really sure what was going on with this video...

  • They did not do any favour here to the mask sponsor

  • Impressive Kamaru. Gilbert is a strong dude, I think it is going to be competitive.

  • I would like Ariel to sit back a little on the chair. That big head tilted towards the screen feels menacing and invasive.

  • Well I think we can clearly see that gilbert doesn't have the grappling prowess to get it done against Usman, better go for the KO.

  • When you say all Usmans accolades it sounds like hes been a savage in the UFC.....then you watch his fights.

  • Enough with the masks on the scale, grow a brain

  • Wth happened to Bobby G?

  • Take mask off

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • Why are they wearing bane masks? Lmao just wear a normal one 🤣

  • Allegedly...

  • Ariel sounds so thirsty

  • It’s official. The Mask chokes out Gilbert Burns. It was never even close.

  • “This guy TKO’s people. When I stomp on their toes they don’t f*cking move.”

    • Who the fook is that guy

    • Underrated comment🤣

  • Usman will win this fight. 2nd round KO

  • Burns is Fired up! End the Nightmares Dream by TKO

  • Lol. Gilbert is 0-1 against that mask

  • Usman trying to be tooo cool with that mask 😂

  • Usman is a lot bigger

  • Usman or burns(who ever wins) vs khabib would be a staple on G.O.A.T for khabib if he gets that 170 belt

  • And Neeeeewwwwww ....

  • Gilbert "I see blue lips" Durhino Burns

  • If you enjoy the mask issue go & look up Balottelli vs the bib, classic stuff.

  • Mask 2 - Main Event Competitors 0

  • "I blame the mask!" He's a man of science ladies and gentlemenen. hahahaha

  • I thought Ariel was fired from UFC

  • Be careful on what yr feet wish for !!!

  • Why show the stare-down in photo?

  • Burns is gonna get it from the champ usman...3rd rounds knock out trust me...just like I did costa in 2nd rounds from izzy

  • Champ usman in his prime...straight up no play...he is gonna win for sure

  • I can hear Gilbert raining down punches on that mask in the back room. “Dam You”!!

  • Gilbert losing a fight before the fight

  • I can’t let you get close - Gilbert’s mask

  • And still

  • Got Co-Vid just watching those two fumble there mask all over there faces🤧😷🤧 so stupid

  • Gilbert Doretio Burns.

  • I can't wait for it, let's go Burns

  • Oof the body language experts not gonna like Gilbert fumbling with that mask

  • ....& the run of the 🇳🇬Nightmare continues!!💪🏽

  • How stupid can you be?? To funny, they got a mask that they supposedly wear all the time for sponsorship but can't seem to figure out how to put it on. What a joke

    • @Alex Korami not sure what language your trying to speak 🗣️

    • ...you have never had the Human condition called fallibility play tricks you?

  • Indeed. Kamaru missing weight was a big problem.

  • STFU Ariel!

  • Those masks look real simple

  • HAHAHA brazil whats new

  • Great editing work. Set to make his ufc debut at 170, Gilbert Burns...

  • Gilbert Go brother ! Stomp his toes!!

  • Hahaha helani was running out of fillabuster. Keep it together Ariel.

  • Let's go burns.

  • Why khabib and usman fight each other? .. that’s what khabib needs to do to go as the best ever

  • Ariel still throwing shades at khabib

  • I want Gilbert to win so we have a champion with the name Gilbert

  • Pulling for burns cuz of GSP record. But Marty is a beast

  • The thumbnail shows them facing off. Watched the whole video to see them face off. No face off

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • Legend has it he is still trying to put his mask on

    • Look at the video I made of Ariel Helwani crying because Dana white called him a ‘douche’ 😂😂😂

  • Half pound masks...

  • Usman is carved of stone!

  • Just curious, if any champ misses weight what happens? I know the challenger can still win. But if the champ wins.... he technically still keeps the belt so seems like no big deal. Just a small purse cut? Seems unfair. If it was two people fighting for a vacant belt, only the one that makes weight could win it.

    • Chael won a title fight and didnt get the belt because the champ missed weight, after that, Dana will strip a fat champ

    • No they lose the belt and they have to fight for it again

  • Dana called Ariel a douche. Hahaha. Douche recognizes douche.

  • Helwani's prolonged introductions are getting more annoying the more I hear him.

    • Holy shut up alresdy with that repetitive comment

    • Look at the video I made of Ariel Helwani crying because Dana white called him a ‘douche’ 😂😂😂

    • I’ve noticed that too. Everything is prolonged with him. He likes the sound of his own voice. This is what happens when you’re hailed as the number one guy for your entire career

    • Can't watch helwani anymore.

  • Let's go champ 🏆

  • Gilbert can take anyone in the welterweight division. I dont think anyone can handle his jiu-jitsu and his striking is as crisp as ever. Its gonna be Usmans toughest fight its not gonna be an all out war like him with colby this fight will go everywhere and it'll end on the mat whoever it is who wins

    • @Alex Korami maybe i think this will bring the best out of both fighters

    • Probably the most cerbral fight he will ever have ...he is fighting not just the dangerous Burns but also part of his former technical team.

  • Let's go Burns!!!!!!!!

  • That mask weighs half a pound good lord

  • It's (TOE STOMPING) TIME!!!!

    • Michael Jackson: I approve the 🇳🇬Brother

  • Let the best man win. But im on the Usman train for this one

  • And newwwwwwwwwwww - Gilbert’s mask 😷

    • Lmao @That name and profile pic 🤣

    • The manager isn't here KAREN

    • Everyone! Look at the video I made of Ariel Helwani crying because Dana white called him a ‘douche’ 😂😂😂

    • In Your Dreams!!! Your Dreams will soon become a Nigerian Nightmare, 👍🏾👊🏾✌🏾🇳🇬🇺🇸

    • Ok Karen

  • That was a 10-8 round, in favour of Gilbert's mask.

  • Burns can barely beat his own mask let alone Usman

    • The mask is way different from an actual opponent though. I wouldn't put much stock in that. Yes he's incompetent and unintelligent at even the most simple tasks. Yes his face is oddly shaped and has the head of an old obese man. However he is a decent fighter.

    • Ok Karen

  • 2:53 That was just too hilarious

  • Hate to say it but snoozeman going to win

  • Nobody caired who usman was till he put on the mask 😷

    • Look at the video I made of Ariel Helwani crying because Dana white called him a ‘douche’ 😂😂😂

  • Usman on the scale with the half pound gas mask on

  • "I see holes in his game" -bane mask to Gilbert burns

    • Look at the video I made of Ariel Helwani crying because Dana white called him a ‘douche’ 😂😂😂

  • It takes too long to put on that mask

  • Hahaha that would be me first title fight too good to be true gotta embarrass yaself alittle 😆

  • Make Usman vs Khabib happen if Usman wins.... I am hoping that Gilbert is the Spoiler... LET’s GO BURNS!!!!

  • Usman means business, eye look the stare down was intense the fight will go the distant for sure. But I hope usman has a game plan because the colby fight word got around his jaw broke. So usman now needs to play the game with burns. Remember team mates know each very well skills and downfalls. 🥊


  • Masks played a blinder 👍

  • Mask during the weigh in. No mask when they fight. Total BS! Makes no sense!

  • Good🇳🇬

  • Im not here to take part ,im here to take over _Mask

    • Look at the video I made of Ariel Helwani crying because Dana white called him a ‘douche’ 😂😂😂

  • Their stats match up pretty evenly, I swing it in usmans favor in concentration and intelligence.

  • sothat mask is half a pound ?? LULLLLLL

  • It's gonna be a scrap

  • Every fighter that loses to the mask wins in the cage...

  • "I'm 1 pound" -Marty's hairline.

  • Let's Go !!!!!!

  • Ariel sounds like a golf announcer not a mma announcer. Bring some energy.

    • Ariel can sound however the fook he wants

  • Ariels commentary 😅👍. Smh

  • Ariel "Attenborough" Helwani is back

    • Hey guys dm me at diegovasta in instagram where in my ufc account I will be streaming the full card live , no bs as the stream will be through ig so no fake links

    • Lmfao good one

    • Lol it was that vibe

  • This fight is FIRE

  • I cheer for the fighters who try to wear masks the least.

    • @Blazen B right on. Ya, I suppose even a war has a sponsor, right?

    • They're paid by the mask company to promote the mask so you gotta cut some slack in this situation, but in general I totally agree.

  • Gilbert tryna get his mask on was too funny the guy is a gem

    • His first title defense should be against that mask.

    • @Peter MaDash I didn’t make a prediction on the fight tho I just like burns as a person I also like usman as a champ the dude as only lost 1 round in the ufc but burns is on the rise I think it’s gonna be a good fight but you’d be a fool to bet against usman till he gives you a reason too

    • Everyone! Look at the video I made of Ariel Helwani crying because Dana white called him a ‘douche’ 😂😂😂

    • @Dooo Dooo Won't that cause him to freeze on the biggest stage against the Boogie man of the division? Consider also that, as far as I'm aware, his fight against Woodley was the only time he went the full 25 minutes when he knows that the man he's fighting is used to 25 minutes of relentless pressure. Also take into account the fact that Woodley was retreating all night long, meaning Burns had the advantage cardio-wise. What's going to happen when he is the one being put under the pressure?

    • @Peter MaDash Ik he’s nervous but that’s what makes it so wholesome especially because usman did it mad easy