Anthony Hernandez recaps wild UFC 258 win | ESPN MMA

Publicerades den 13 feb 2021
Anthony Hernandez chats with ESPN MMA’s Brett Okamoto about his thrilling victory against Rodolfo Vieira at UFC 258, including his decision to go for a guillotine choke in the second round.
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  • what...a...fight!!!

  • This kid made me a forever fan. What a scrapper.

  • That's similar to Sean 1Malley's tattoo...

  • upset of the year

  • Always glad to see someone beat up one of rogan's bfs

  • A fix/setup??

  • He needs to not curse so much if he’s gonna wanna blow up on espn. Every other word was beep, beep. I curse a lot, so until they bleep you? You don’t really see how bad you sound... momma keeps telling me that. Lol

    • Yeah I agree, interviews are a chance to be your own PR guy, and it comes off a little low class. Find the words, your performance was too good to squander.

  • The Mexicans stole the show.

  • Anthony "The Van Helsing Monster hunter" Hernandez! ! ! ! !

  • Bruh u submitted him cause he got tired 😂 don’t ego trip

    • @fvgc454ss He submitted Vieira in round 2 ,but I am sure in some other fights purples tapped blacks in R1.

    • Come on guy he was getting tagged up. Either way a black belt got tapped to a purple belt in 1 round tired or not.

  • Most impressive of the entire card

  • Wild!!

  • Who is this guy?

    • Anthony "Fluffy" Hernandez. Dunnigan CA.

    • A guy that just submitted a world class black belt jietsu specialist who was a 7 time Abu Dhabi champion

  • Those tats are clean man , usually you see the most horrific body tats especially chest. But this is great.

    • Dat boy is Mexi Mexicans are da creators of tattoos✊🏿

  • Cool guy!

  • Hes like a young masvidal

  • Y’all sleeping on my boy Anthony 🇲🇽🇺🇸

  • *Suga Sean O Malley's bigger stepbro😁*

  • Fluffyyyy 🔥🔥🔥

  • When you hunt the blackbelt hunter as a purple belt 👀

    • @Matthew Heinlein just sayin 🙄

    • Kingdom well it wasnt a jui jitsu match

    • He would have never beat him in a Jiujitsu match

    • Eddie Bravo type stuff

  • Dude that was amazing!! Good work ✌🏻

  • Well-done- big win - submit the bjj legend!

  • Losing to Kevin Holland = best performance of your career in your next fight

    • *Jacare licking his alligator lips right now*

    • hope he dosen't go out like buckley

  • I thought that was masvidal

  • Post Malone

  • Casuals don’t know how big this was

    • @In Korea maybe he is prepared but is just too overrated

    • @Stephen Nathan when you show up to a job and you're unprepared you aren't being a professional. Hence why most players get cut.

    • @In Korea lol I’m sorry I should’ve said 99.9% of ufc fighters are professional. And what is your argument about getting cut? NFL, nba, etc. players get cut all the time. Lol but maybe you don’t think they’re professional either

    • @Stephen Nathan you're acring as this was a pure bjj match. You admitted he wasn't prepared and gassed. Being unprepared for a job isn't called being a professional. But you claim all ufc fighters are professional. Yet you backed off that when I mentioned the most obvious fighters that weren't professional mma fighters. I didn't even mention all the guys that got cut for being unprofessional. Yet you're so worried about acting as if you're somehow more knowledgeable you failed to address your obvious contradictions to your own arguments

    • @In Korea a purple belt subbing one of the worlds best bbj purist isn’t a big deal? You sound like a casual lol every mma outlet that I’ve listened to, seem to think it’s a big deal. 52 other people seemed like it’s a big deal. Only you don’t for some reason lol

  • Awesome win! Congrats!!

  • Viva Mexico 🔥🇲🇽

  • Weasel reaction gonna go crazy

  • 🐐underdog

  • Give this man he's 50k bonus

    • Dana announced he got it 👍 Well deserved

  • 1st