DC & Helwani (February 15, 2021) | ESPN MMA

Publicerades den 15 feb 2021
Daniel Cormier & Ariel Helwani are back in your lives to break down Kamaru Usman's continued dominance over the welterweight division, retaining his title vs. former teammate Gilbert Burns at UFC 258. Following Usman's call out of Jorge Masvidal, is that rematch next at 170? Speaking of 170, who steps in to face Leon Edwards & who gets Nate Diaz in his return?
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  • Every time Ariel introduces DC he always points to the wrong side

  • 58:50


  • Kelvin Gasteleeeem 😂🤣🤣 crazy DC

  • ariel helwani coulndt beat me in a fight and im 5'8" on a good day

  • 44:20 Khabib Time!

  • 44:20 🤣🦅

  • 44:20 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ne name the show DC and Heldouchey

  • God Ariel can be annoying

  • Ariel is washed, boring conversation. Morning Kombat is far superior.

  • Took a small number of fights for gsp to get the belt. Took usman like 8 or 9 to get the belt?. Putting title defences against usman when comparing him to gsp doesn't really add up

  • 45:26 Charlie olives

  • Who from the card this saturday will dc is the best at something on next Mondays episode 🤔

  • Why does Ariel always points to DC in the wrong direction?

  • Thumbs up for DC. Thumbs down 👎because of Ariel

  • Love the show guys

  • DC's like my gramma... gotta watch his stories 🤣

  • 259 is stacked.. hope we don't lose any fights.

  • Kamaru isn't a star because he's corny and that's that

  • Ariel = Douche 😂 (fact)

  • Unsubscribing after the Helwani's victim session regarding Gina Carano. Lost respect for Ariel - not that he'd care. At least Dana has a spine and doesn't need to virtue signal.

  • Know your sports history DC before you talk...Bill Russell not wilt...get this guy off commentating...he is terrible...am I the only one who realizes this...

  • I agree with Ariel on Gsp dc being a company man

  • Masvidal-Usman 2 won't do nowhere near that many ppv buys again. Believe that! Colby masvidal would sell ALOT!

  • Jordan vs. LeBron. Jordan has 6 titles, LeBron was getting GOAT arguments at 3 titles. It's fair to argue Usman vs. GSP.

  • Ariel does seem like he's becoming more of a douche. Time to quit hiding in the basement, sack up and attend a live event if you're going to cover it as the "premier journalist"

  • I can not believe DC was serious about Islam for the belt, you really cannot trust his opinions about fighters he’s closer with it’s sad

  • Picture of DC looks like a bad picture of the Rock!🤔🤦🏽‍♂️😬🙄

  • If Usman and Masvidal coach TUF, I might watch it again after about 15 seasons

  • The pleasant secure disconcertingly consist because detective perioperatively turn within a splendid men. adhesive, typical swing

  • The visual on this show is awful now colors are terrible please switch back to the original color scheme when Ariel does his solo interviews it’s still blue and gold and it looks a thousand times better it’s crystal clear and the audio is always perfect DC always looks horrendous on this show it looks like his Box is under water I don’t get how ESPN doesn’t see this and allows this trash to air looking like this.

  • Usman will still destroy Jorge. He's done with this division, unless it's Khamzat

  • Imagine this - Izzy beats Jan for the 205 belt. Double champ. Stipe beats Francis. Jon Jones beats stipe. Izzy vs Jon Jones for the heavyweight championship! Izzy coming for triple C!😂

  • I just want to see Colby on the show

  • Jon is the only one we can compare to GSP at the moment for best ever. If we are talking prime right now it has to be Khabib, Izzy and Kamaru who have all been dominant in there last 3 fights. Anyone one of these if they keep winning can rival JJ and GSP long term


  • I'll never get over the fact that people can't see through Ariel Helwani for being the biggest dirtbag in the sport...shame on you DC

  • DC: “it’s gonna be a bit of a bias for you” Bruh 😂 Usman ain’t on GSP’s level yet

    • @Software Engineer Gsp dominated NCAA wrestlers and lost to 2 UFC fighters. Kamaru has 1 loss to someone that’s not even in the UFC. Chael Sonnen has come out and said he felt helpless against GSP when they sparred and that’s a man who was dominating Silva until he pulled a rabbit out of a hat at 185. Even a juiced to the gills Hendricks couldn’t keep GSP down. Just say you started watching MMA when Conor and Ronda were on the come up because you’re proving how much of a casual you are.

    • @B2BClutchYuh First of all GSP wrestling doesn't even come close to Kumaru who is NCAA champion. GSP lost to hugh and Matt Serra at his prime. You want to compare that to Kumaru? The only reason GSP is loved is because in the sports early stage, he dominated losers like Ronda has done in early stage of women MMA. He is good but nowhere near Kumaru, Colby, or top 5s now.

    • @Software Engineer GSP has an obvious advantage on the feet and is one of the greatest wrestlers the UFC has ever seen. The only reason he’s not the greatest is because of Khabib.

    • Really? More like GSP is not on Usman level. lol

  • Of course Ariel would call his kid Walter

  • The reason why DC comparing Kamaru to GSP is the same conversation as why Jon Jones is a better champion than Khabib

  • How to trigger a Canadian:GSP is not the GOAT

  • 50:53 😂😂😂

  • Usman knows that Colby is easily the toughest fight for him. That’s the only reason he called out masvidal

  • idk why but dc has become more and more annoying over time...

  • Make these 2 hours

  • I can't put my finger on why, but Usman is unlikeable.

  • Leon vs Woodley!

  • Rose is a better boxer than grasso

  • DC pushing Islam v Charles is ridiculous bias

  • problem is DC is always so biased towards Ali Abdelaziz's fighters. DC always tries push Ali's fighters for title or big money fights.

  • Ariel is such a bad listener. He doesn't listen, he just want to talk back or talk about his next point. 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Why Y’all have Daniel Cormier looking like the Rock ? Lmao

  • I can see dana and khabib in high class restaurant just going back and forth giving each other the belt lol

  • Ariel, if titel fights/defences means as much as you said. How can Khabib be the best p4p fighter compared with Jon Jones ?

  • Put Ryan Hall into UFC 4 !!!

  • Put Ryan hall into UFC 4

  • Usman does nothing wrong... Yeah he's just a really unlikable guy. 23 personalities and none of them are made for TV

  • So Ariel is saying that usman can’t be considered on GSP level cause of the amount of title defenses but it’s the same thing with jon Jones and khabib. I love you but that’s hypocritical

  • Kamaru can't stand up with Masvidal. Mas would K.O him if he don't sniff his crouch

  • DC with the blasphemy! Usman is not on GSP’s level.

  • Unsubscribing. So sick and tired of Ariel. You should have defended Gina. Instead you made it all about you. Gross. Ben Shapiro has more integrity and defended her and NOT YOU?!? Way to make Shapiro look better than you. That's pathetic, dude. I'm so done. Dana was right about you and I had your back then.

  • DC should have stopped before he got ahead of himself. He looked like an idiot trying to make an argument about GSP and Kamaru. Smh then proceeds to be biased talking about a 13th ranked fighter getting a title shot. wow. Dc needs to be replaced, or just give Ariel his own show back!

  • That Islam v Olivera for the belt is the worst thing DC has said in months lol

  • leon is calling everyone out? yea okay. Wonderboy has been calling him out for months and he acts like he doesn't see it

  • Snoozeman with maybe 10 pvps sold does not have power. Burns has a soft chin.....

  • Let me offer you this: Usman v Masvidal on the same card (or at least in the same week) as Leon v Colby. The winners of both face each other. Then Wonderboy gets the shot after that since by then he'll have recovered.

  • This level of disrespect for Holly Holm is unacceptable. DC you should be ashamed of yourself XD But on a serious note, Alexa Grasso is nowhere near the boxer Holly is.

  • GSP got a title shot very soon after signing with the UFC. Usman wasn't even being given fights, everyone avoided him...

  • DC is correct. Usman does not have to have the same amount of defences as GSP to surpass him as the greatest welterweight. GSP got the title after 2-3 fights. Usman worked and up and has faced tougher opponents. The game is so much more difficult now. Fighters are way more well rounded than fighters back then.

  • Mexicans don’t get knocked out

  • Daniel Cormier, what you said about George St-Pierre and Usman goes both ways If the competition was not as good during George st-pierre's run then neither was George Saint Pierre as good as the champion would be today. They are fighting in their respective skill levels for the era they fight in. So both the champion and those beneath him are of a specific era. Sol house man still has a ways to go to match George Saint Pierre

  • DC sucks and is always biased towards black fighters .

  • Usman as a coach puts him over for the fans. Dude is a solid guy

  • Dc forgets that conversation about varsity wasn’t really private lol he told us all about it in pre fight

  • i think Holly Holm's Pro Boxing World Titles might have something to say about DC's "best pure women's boxer in MMA"

  • "You can't tap that guy. Just go to sleep." LMAO

  • Islam is getting ignored. Definitely should be put against top 6. Usman is going G.O.A.T Status remember the name!

  • Kevin kassteleeem 🤣

  • Since you wanna cry and talk about how people should have talked to other people about their free speech. I believe I’ll hit that unsubscribe button princess your a little to sensitive to be covering Mma don’t you think.

  • Its the same way how ppl compare generations in the nba (lebron, jordan) , and the competition they faced, it just gets better as time goes on.

  • You guys rock

  • I'm always so happy when this show drops on Monday and then so sad when it's over. This was another great show and I can't wait for the next one!

  • It’s crazy to me that Ariel believes Leon Scott is a big name for Nate 😂😂😂😂

    • @Tim Ryan lmao how bout he comes back and fights before we just go saying things like that. His last fight was two years ago and his best win is RDA, get real.

    • That joke that he is so unknown it’s Leon Scott is played out. Leon edwards is problems. -Colby was on Chael's show (vid is on SEnewss) and he mistakenly called Leon Edwards "Leon Scott", and Chael starts cracking up laughing like "who's Leon Scott?"

    • @Tim Ryan it’s Leon Scott

    • Leon edwards. Leon Scott is an accountant somewhere.

  • Rose. Best pure boxer in female mma. You’re crazy dc.

  • Kamaru V Colby would be a much better fight! Colby won 2 rounds and it was stopped a little early. Maybe the right stoppage, but run it again!! Love Jorge but he has zero chance against Colby or Kamaru!!

  • I know they are " kinda " joking around but the disrespect against Julian Marquez is just cringy.

  • they cant trim off that 4 minutes in the beginning like professionals?

  • Man I like Ariel but his takes are so bad in my opinion

  • Dariush olivera

  • So how can Usman not be better than GSP because of title defenses but everyone so quick to say Khabib is better than Jones. GSP prime is better than Usman but yall logic not adding up... Khabib overrated and Usman would be him for sure. Not controlling him like he does to everyone else he's a welterweight fighting lightweights

  • not gonna hold him but he did forget that technically clarissa shields is in MMA now so she would be the best pure boxer

  • I am with DC. Usman is closer than Ariel thinks.

  • Love it when Ariel poopoos daniel's crazy ideas. Islam makachev for the title/Curtis vs Jones... hahahahahahaha. (Love DC though)

  • I agree with DC that Russian name sounds tough he surely has to be tough😂

  • Usman's going to beat Masvidal into Bellator 😆

  • I love these 2 guys

  • Conor smokes Usman and can become the triple champ.

  • This episode was just a load of pointless gibbering.

  • Swear cormier gets high before filming most times!!