Leon Edwards needs to fight - Cormier | DC & Helwani | ESPN MMA

Publicerades den 15 feb 2021
Daniel Cormier and Ariel Helwani discuss the latest surrounding the UFC welterweight lightweight divisions including…
0:00 Khamzat Chimaev pulling out of his March 13th fight vs. Leon Edwards due to COVID-19 complications.
2:22 If Nate Diaz or Colby Covington is a better fight for Edwards.
3:53 Charles Oliveira not having interest in a bout vs. Diaz.
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  • Leon has also turned down fights. Wonderbra offered and he dodged it.

  • Ariel - the only person to say Nathan Diaz... just say nate

  • Charles does not live in Texas 🤣he trains at Chute Box in Brasil , Lives in Guarulhos BR

  • Dana- "ariel is such a douche." yes dana, yes he is

  • Leon/Khamzat is the Fergy/Khabib 2.0. Seriously, I hope he gets better, but Leon should fight, but no one wants to fight him. Diaz doesn't make too much sense, Colby refused to fight him. Leon can not catch a break

  • Leon turned down Wonderboy

  • Let's get wonderboy a title shot

  • DC is a horrible matchmaker. Same dude that said Jon Jones's first heavyweight fight should be Curtis Blaydes.

  • Sick of this dbag Helwani can get cancelled anytime please

  • Tony Ferguson 🙏

  • Leon .A.has incridebell hands speed and power. like him against Hamza or Coby'' the big mouth,

  • Khamzat will eventually sleep him, Wonder Boy and then eat Usman for dinner

  • A think wonder boy is injured,

  • Makes me like Oliveira MORE. He wants to fight legit competition. Which Nate is not at this point. Can’t even cut to 170.

  • What’s in fir Charles fighting Nate. I see no incentive


  • DC stop it Dustin p . should be champion if khabib not coming bk , he's beat them all except chandler just my opinion ✌️

  • Charles Oliveira actually lives in Cape Coral, Fl

  • usman vs colby and jesus vs leon

  • Chiesa is loser WONDERBOY

    • Wonderboy is on a 6 month medical suspension you casual

  • He’ll be in belator by June

  • Leon vs Masvidal is the fight to make Masvidal does not deserve a title fight

  • MartyFakeNewsMan the most boring footsie champion!!Snoozeman Snoozeman

  • Colby vs street Judas or Colby vs martyfakenewsman

  • Would love to see Edwards fight Wonderboy. A fight that should've happen months ago, or Nate Diaz aka Nathan Diaz

  • Dana is stalling the LW division and wants to make a bs title rematch at WW, what a joke right now

  • Covington got beat up, broken jaw and stopped by the champ. His next fight should be Leon. Make it happen Dana

  • Interim Title fight should be Dariush vs Oliveira Book it! Both would matchup well against Khabib

  • Charles lives in Brazil sometimes trains in Huston btw

  • They shouldn't be allowed to give anyone in the welterweight a fight until someone stands up a fights this guy

  • Leon is jinxed feel like the blokes never gonna get a fight

  • Ariel "nAthaN DIaZ" Helwani

  • Olivera vs RDA

  • So many players wanting that belt so why don't the UFC do competition enter everyones name and winner goes through to the next round this would take a year to achieve but it stops all the bickering.

  • Wonderboy's hands are still healing from him breaking them in his win over Vicente Luque, ya goofs! 🤜😵💨

    • mma casuals are dumb I bet most of them don't even know about medical suspensions

  • very difficult not to Love DC, such a happy soul he is. respect for ma Boi DC

  • Leon V Dana.... what else is there???

  • Don’t mean to be rude... I could never do what these guys do in the ring... however Nathan’s time has passed....

  • You guys froth way too much over Nathan Diaz he's a great fighter but not like everyone makes him out to be

  • Wonderboy

  • Khamzat vs Leon is shaping like Khabib vs Tony

  • DC just embarrassed himself on here with these trash takes.

  • DCs smoking those lefthanded cigarettes again.

  • Charles Oliveira vs Leon Edwards for the contendership... Mystery solved...

  • If Colby falls through with leon. I wouldn't mind seeing nate vs leon. Wonderboy is hurt.

  • How dose (1)Charles vs Dustin (2) Michael vs Justin and the winner from those fights for the title sound? And then co-main event on the night of the title fight (3) Coner vs Tony

  • You guys are looking just like lame stream media. The same talking points as your supposed competition.

  • Kelvin Gastelum vs Leon edwards?

  • Give Leon the title shot


    • Wonderboy is on a 6 month medical suspension you casual

  • Is wonderboy dead in their eyes..

    • Wonderboy is on a 6 month medical suspension you casual

  • Every welterweight in the top 5 is scared of wonder boy! Put some respect in his name!

    • @Jakob Larson casual

    • @Jakob Larson never said he wasn’t injured buddy, it’s still true that Wonder boy doesn’t get the respect he deserves.

    • Wonderboy is on a 6 month medical suspension you casual

  • Why would olivera fight for the belt? He hasn’t beaten anyone good besides Tony.

  • These tough fighters turning down Léon Edwards because of hype.... do they think they look good using the same memes against him? Because they don't, it's rather pathetic. I think Dana White should give Leon the title fight.

  • Good call dc bring in Michael chiesa that would be a competitive fight.

  • Dc is disgusting trying to have Islam fight for a belt over everyone screw you dude

  • Why is Nate Diaz the fight for Oliveira??? That’s ridiculous. Plus Nate wants to do it at welterweight. It’s preposterous. Nate wants to fight at his weight (refusing to cut weight) and wants to face the guy who is basically next in line for a title shot in Oliveira. What is the gain for Oliveira here? Not to mention beating Diaz does nothing for him at lightweight.

  • The belt is with the champ U hate it or luvit

  • Sounds like Oliviera is going to get the Tony Ferguson treatment

  • Really DC?

  • Leon Edwards vs Stephen Thompson

    • @Jakob Larson ill beat you 10/10x

    • @Jakob Larson you the type of guy who is scared to use his name, wak f

    • @Lucas Rovie You the type of guy who gets put in a twister submission

    • @Jakob Larson you the kinda guy that get KO'd w/ an uppercut thinking he gon rule the ground game, prolly a lil skinny kid too.

    • Wonderboy is on a 6 month medical suspension you casual

  • Leon Edwards needs to fight Cormier

  • All these casuals screaming Wonderboy in the comments obviously don’t know he wouldn’t be cleared to fight in a month. Use your brain.

    • What do you expect these casuals don't even know he is on a 6 month medical suspension


  • the guy is on a 8 fight winstreak and he is 10-2 inside the ufc. how does he not get a title shot or a fair shake? .... ah yeah its the ufc

  • DC is the worst matchmaker ever lol

  • Leon should be fighting Masvidal, he wants payback but no one wants to fight him

  • colby v usman leon v masvidal burns v wonderboy 💯

  • Wonderboy getting slept on again...

    • Wonderboy is on a 6 month medical suspension you casual

  • Oliveira lives in Houston! He showed his house at the swimming pool last time he fought in the embedded lol

  • street judis is a journey man he shouldn't be getting another shot at the title.

  • nate diaz isnt fighting once this year mark my words

  • Give him nate diaz

  • Leon vs Wonderboy!

    • Wonderboy is on a 6 month medical suspension you casual

  • Usman will retire with a win streak. I dont see anyone beating him. Even gsp if he came back maybe Khabib if he moved up I think that's the only person who can really push Usman.

  • Why won't the ufc give the fans what they want. Edwards jorge. We have wanted it since the backstage incident. Give it to us

  • Islem for the belt? DC tripping

  • See everything is mucky and i gave a lineup with great fights and some clarity.

  • Sleeping on wonder boy

    • @Jakob Larson before the injury look it up you casual

    • Wonderboy is on a 6 month medical suspension you casual

  • oliveira DESERVES higher ranked active opponent who will fight at his weight class. who wants to see him beat a washed nate simply for the $? if his goal is the title shot / legacy, fighting nate diaz is a waste of time! Also, why always calling out lightweights to fight him at 170? kind of the opposite of BMF.

  • Edwards va diaz🤷‍♂️

  • Dana has got to start drop-in ppl off the top rankings if they keep saying title shot only the only right person who deserves a title shot in ranked 1&2

  • This situation is your guys fault MMA media. Every win streak you start naming goat or pound for pound for about every streak. You guys always this guy's deserve title shot that guy deserves title shot when you look at it it's a stupid long list you made. Your talk they listen and everyone wants to hold out because they rather lose to a champ

  • Islam for the belt lol

  • They all ducking dirty Diego Sanchez

  • Dobronx is on a 7 fight win streak with 6 finishes and a domination over Tony Ariel acts like he's out of his mind for not fighting Diaz and wanting a title shot.

  • Wonderboy vs Edwards

    • @Jakob Larson thanks for the update Einstein

    • Wonderboy is on a 6 month medical suspension you casual

  • Leon waited 2 years, whats another few months 😆

  • Or wonder boy

    • Wonderboy is on a 6 month medical suspension you casual

  • Masvidal vs edwards easy

  • Edwards is one of the most underrated fights in the WW division. Edwards win streak is exceptional and the caliber of fighters he has beaten is phenomenal. Edwards will literally fight anyone in the division and is the embodiment of a figter. Educated fans of MMA have not slept on Edwards skillset and how he is considerably improving everytime he steps into the octagon. I am shocked at Edwards takendown defence and believe he has the potential to beat anyone in the division outside of Usman, who at the moment is in his own league. I truly believe Edwards is a contender. Edwards PR team need to get his name out there. We need to get people interested in him, especially US and UK side. We need to make Edwards a household name and in order for that to happen, Edwards will to a degree, need to play the game. Edwards is the fighter that most people think is too risky and the reward is to small. If er can change the perception of Edwards from a PR perspective, fighters will be more willing to take the risk to fight him.

    • 8 fight win streak with 2 finishes that's taken 5 years to amass with his last 3 victories being 2 UD's and a SD and hasn't fought in almost 2 years. His PR team can only do so much to get his name out there. He does himself zero favors from a promotional standpoint.

  • Charles Oliveira is probably the one who deserves the title shot the most with Poirier

  • masvidal can't beat usman in rematch.

  • Ufc pay no ppv to lw lol


  • WONDERBOY is done like dinner. HE'S A TIER 2 FIGHTER.

  • Give leon a fight he is do.

  • Leon Scott needs to just fight anyone and maybe get a shot at Usman if he wins

  • "I love Ariel how made it all about himself. Such a douche."

  • UFC needs to make "unintentional racism" a mandatory course. Charles Ol won against Tony who was the top guy in lightweight and on the 6 win streak... But still people say hes not gonna get a title shot.