Chael Sonnen believes Colby Covington will fight Leon Edwards | Ariel & The Bad Guy | ESPN MMA

Publicerades den 17 feb 2021
Ariel & The Bad Guy react to Leon Edwards’ callout of Colby Covington, with “Chaos” saying he has no interest in the fight.
0:00 Ariel Helwani discusses the situation surrounding the welterweight title with Kamaru Usman calling out Jorge Masvidal at UFC 258.
1:36 Chael Sonnen says Colby will take the Edwards fight.
4:00 The guys discuss the state of the 170-pound division.
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  • If Leon beats belal Colby doesn’t deserve him. Only for fight for the belt for Leon

  • Facts welterweights top 5 the only one bitching about their ranking spots all the time and doesn't want to fight anybody

  • colby should fight wonderboy jorge fight leon edwards then the winner of both fight then go fight usman straight up nuthing else dana let me set tha fights up

  • Ariel real af in this segment

  • Ariel speaking about making sense but said rubber match Dustin vs Connor for the LW belt! 🤣

  • Chael "I'm wrong about almost everything" Sonnen

  • 1. Usman Vs edwards 2. Masvidal Vs Covington Winner of 1 and 2 faces each other

  • To be fair I would be pissed too if I was colby. He had 2 options and now these want to fight each other. Masvidal was ducking him and gets rewarded with a title shot. But still I think Edwards could have been the best fight he could have gotten in terms of ranking and availability. I am just worried for the guy. Father Time and inactivity can be your worst enemy and I really hope he knows what he’s doing

  • Who cares what fat head chael says ....honestly he needs to continue to make pizza 🍕

  • Talking about squattin when this unknown guy Leon? hasnt fought in 3 yrs

  • Chael is wrong once again! Huge surprise!!

  • Is Chael Sonnen hard of hearing?

  • Ariel Helwani is the Skip Bayless of MMA. Who the F are you to tell people what to do with their stock? You’ve never been in a fighters position. Helwani couldn’t survive 4 quarters in the women’s football lingerie league, stfu.

  • Well well well

  • And this is where call a name was born

  • "You're a mark, Colby is planning on taking that fight." Leon literally booked to fight someone else the next day.

  • Too lil, too late

  • Turns out Ariel was right.

  • Belal stepped up

  • ariel was hurt by that mark statement

  • Usman, Madvidal ,Colby Cubbington, Leon Edward's, wonder boy Thompson & Makachev are the best fighters in the welterweight division atm & I can't wait to see what happens when the smoke clears

  • Colby Covington vs Usman 2 is the fight to make

  • We all know Usman called out Masvidal cause it’s an easier fight

  • Remember the name

  • Chael I can always count on you to get it wrong, slow down on the videos and check the info first , pro tip

  • Looks like Chael was the mark because Colby ducked the fight


  • Ariel is getting more annoying by the minute

  • Colbys chin must be non existent since he got that jaw broke. Hopefully the magat continues to lose

  • None of these guys want to fight. Leon's last fight was in July 2019. Stfu you pathetic fraud.

  • Hespekt to Ariel calling out all Squatters in the WW division. Leon Edwards is the real deal for willing to fight anyone.

  • Choked Sonnen's predictions always are the worst.... HE HAS NO CLUE ABOUT THIS SPORT!. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 That's why he is .. nobody.

  • Guess who didn’t fight Leon edwards...

  • Incorrect.

  • I'd rather see Wonderboy vs Colby.

  • Masvidal dont beat any top 5 welterweight. Ranked 4 its all luck. Why you think he turns down ever fighter except title fight. Cause losing title fight you don't go so down in the rankings. He has 14 or 15 losses for a reason people. I use to be a masvidal fan but he fake suppose to be this so call gangster and he turns down all these fights calling out and fighting lightweights. Masvidal not what he think he is he knows that why he always turning down fights. Colby turn down he ranked 1 and turn down leon fight he ranked 2 . masvidal only talk. He will not win a fight no more watch people

  • Fake drama.

  • If you think for one second that Covington isnt scared of Edwards you’re mistaken

  • We all know Colby is willing to sit and wait for a title shot

  • Colby would get smoked by Usman again. He could beat Gilbert but the better, more even fight is Jorge. Great banter plus Jorge could get nicked.

  • Ariel has officially been given to much power and become arrogant


  • Wrong chael ! Lol

  • Stop throwing hate on Colby, you ariel fooker 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😠😠😡😠🤬🤬🤬

  • He talks pretty tough for a guy who won’t even mention Schmo’s name

  • As much as I don’t like Ariel, he’s dead right on this one.

  • Colby and Kamaru is a bigger fight, would make a better show for ultimate fighter, is just all around more entertaining. Usman is looking for an easy payday with masvidal. This showed how much usman doesn’t want to fight Colby.

  • Colby likes the truth so lets see how he reacts

  • Ariel on his rag

  • Leon vs masvidal needs to happen

  • They made the Belal fight. So you’re wrong Chael

  • Chael wrong as always

  • Chael never lost a round in the ufc

  • Belal steps in and fucks off chaels whol argument lol

  • That didnt age well

  • As fans I agree fight and put on a show, but "planning out your opponents", and strategically timing your fights can be the difference of being a champ or not. This is not the case for people that are so good they will run through 95% of people.

  • How does this clown have a job? He's wrong about everything

  • well he was wrong

  • 😂 Ariel starting to back himself 👏🏾

  • Ariel knows his stuff

  • Colby will be the champ

  • U his personal mouth pc 😂😂😂😂 Ariel just killed him.

  • Good call Chael

  • Ariel gets smart with Chael not DC.. PATHETIC

  • Whoops, that prediction hasn't aged well!

  • Booo ariel. Gina wins


  • Chael was completely wrong about Colby fighting Edwards.

  • This didn't age well

  • Who's Leon Edward's? Did they mean Leon Scott? :^)

  • Colby gets nothing out of fighting Edwards besides an easy paycheck. He’s in the same spot after beating him. Nothing changes. Usman and masvidal are ducking Colby.

    • How do you duck someone you already beat whose only win since is a guy on a massive losing streak? Usman has wins over all these guys and none of them have fought each other yet.

  • Colby turn the fight down Edwards is fighting someone else so chael once again doesn’t know what he is talking about

  • Why is Masvidal above Thompson, Thompson schooled him? And why is Chales face so booze hound round?

  • Arial needs to back what Gina Carrona posted it was not anti Semitic...I am canceling my ESPN and Disney accounts until she is rehired!


  • The father defending the Sun

  • Colby vs Usman 2 is the fight to make.

  • Covington is not going to take this fight because he knows he's going to lose. He should fight Diaz or Wonderboy instead.

  • Who is this Ariel idiot, can ESPN not afford anyone decent? He is just trying to push buttons. I would like to see a fighter get hold of him and watch him fill his nappy! If it hasn't happened already then it will at some point.

  • Didn’t age well

  • Hah! Bully B is fighting. Looks like Chael was the mark.

  • Ariel absolutely sucks 😂

  • Yea what were you saying Chael?! New Main Event Edwards vs Muhammad. Swear, stop acting like you know everything. You're definitely not as smart as you pretend to be.

  • 1:30: and once again, Chael is clueless about MMA and the UFC - an absolute douche - EDWARDS VS MUHAMMAD WAS JUST ANNOUNCED - How the fk did Chael ever get that job? what a joke.

  • Why are these so short?

  • Another spot on prediction Uncle Chael!!

  • “YOU’RE BOY “ kinda racist

    • Not really. Only if you're looking for racism. I feel like he'd have said that about someone of any race

  • Ariel is the greatest sports reporter/journalist of all time. Tired of these welterweights!

  • I know this is probably the unpopular opinion but I really can't stand chael, so loud and such a 'know it all', he's always negative and always thinks he's right about everything and anything. Plus his career as a fighter boasting about never losing a round while he was on steroids, pretty glad DC took over on espn

  • Wonderboy wants to fight. Everyone in that division is avoiding him. They all know that Wonderboy is a problem

  • This aged well

  • Cancel ariel

  • Chael & Colby are really close. That Oregon connection is strong.

  • Well Leon is confirmed a fight and it’s not Colby lol

  • The guy has defended Edwards the whole time about people not fighting lmao!!!!!!!

  • Helwani hates his Jewish people and tries so hard to be an A lister to espn lmao

  • Chael super wrong on this one

  • Wrong

  • Aaaand he isn't fighting Leon. Chael still wrong as always

  • Respect to Belal Muhammad for stepping up to fight Leon.

    • @emlabc17 they usually want to but they have to work their way up. Belal saw an opportunity and took it.

    • Its a huuge shock that the no. 13 guy wants to take on the no. 3 guy

    • @Daniel Madison lol 😂. Have a good one! Thanks 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    • @mmadigest 😂😂 i respect the honesty, well, you got some attention from me too

    • @Daniel Madison desperate for attention