Gilbert Burns: I was ‘overexcited’ in fight vs. Kamaru Usman | UFC 258 Post Show | ESPN MMA

Publicerades den 14 feb 2021
Gilbert Burns explains what went wrong for him against Kamaru Usman in their welterweight title fight and maintains that he’s still motivated to win the belt.
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  • Looks a bit like AC Slater from saved by the bell here

  • Don't choose to fight friends. You're a great fighter but karma caught you.

  • After Hooker slept him, no way could he be considered a contender

  • Like you attitude. Sorry mate you was not close! Usman is another level.


  • The brother was hit by the African express. Usman may have appeared to be hurt to lure this guy to let all his steam out. After that, he just piled it on, baby. This guy got the muscles but shot on brains. He will learn, I hope.

  • Its true what is saying he got very excited after the knockdown and he got tired he start to lower his hands and Usman been there and was relaxed and got the win

  • expect from that hook it was a total domination from usman from end to finish. It was not close stop dreaming

  • Go look at the fight again. Gilbert really one ONE MINUTE of the fight.

  • You have to love this mans hunger 🙏

  • I honestly think McGregor can beat usman in stand up fight in round 1 if usman doesn't goes for take-down. Burns has showed some holes in usman games that they need to finish usman as soon as they can

  • BOLOGNA you got in 2 punches and layed around on your back terrified.

  • When you're fully prepared for foot stomps and not jabs....lmao...Kamaru had him crying like a scorned prom date. Gilbert " the j.v. guy" burns....lmao

  • Don’t give up bro next time you gonna win bro

  • that is code for...tonight I was the loser!

  • Your just not ready. Atleast you tried ✊🏻 Your time will come brother, God Bless

  • Dude ! Usma beats your a$$ 10 out of 10 times.

  • He had it too. Usman just has physical gifts over everyone else.

  • Burns already had plans for his reign as champion..even before the fight. Don't count your chickens before they are hatched.

  • Everyone got an excuse for Burns, but Usman though rocked stood solid and discipline through out, great head and chin.

  • The fact that you have heavy hands, doesnt mean that you can't take the shots walking forward. He should take him down after he hit him the first time. Good Fighter, poor game plan and pior adaptation.

  • Mi first question what’s going through yr mind right now😂😂 sometimes journalist are funny.

  • I was more impressed with Burns than Usman in that fight. I’d rather see Usman fight Burns of Colby again than Masvidal.

    • idk bout that take

  • You can’t take out Usman with one punch. Usman has a granite chin.

  • Gilbert almost had Usman in that first round, he expelled so much energy in those first two rounds loading up on his punches going head hunting he lost himself in the chaos, he will be back.

  • Gotta love Burns yo

  • Respeto

  • he looks so sad

  • Megan always looks like a dime piece - she is so hot!!!

  • Masvidal did the best fight against usman

  • Respect to Gilbert... Having said that, it was "overexcited" 1) In the fight 2) In the path to the title 3) In accepting this fight TOO SOON 4) In TRULY ASSESSING WHY he felt this was the WAY to pursuing the belt. He was LAZY in thinking that the path to the title went through HIS OWN TEAMMATE?? You did not want to put in the work of studying a DIFFERENT OPPONENT?? 5) You fight your teammate when there is NO possible corner to run to, you've discussed this, AT LEAST, man to man, and the champ is NOT in his PRIME!! 6) You let the UFC PUSH you into this fight JUST to fulfill their quest to get rid of USMAN off of beating 2 WASHED UP guys in Woodley and Maia. Don't go through the WASHED OUT CIrcuit thinking those wins will legitimize you. If you beat Colby or Leon, THEN we have something to talk about. Woodley just had a number by his name....He gave up the ghost (champ mentality) when Usman TOOK it from him.

  • Please gilbert I really hope u change ur game coz jabs really put u down not power shots

  • Burns look like he's crying without even crying 😂😂😂

  • Put some respect on Gilbert's name for sure.

  • He rattled Usman early. He just lost focus and didn't sustain that pressure. Dude will be back and contend again.

  • Kamaru was a beast in there

  • I feel sorry for his next opponenet!! Great dude,,fun style...he is always ready to go on short notice...

  • You boys need to go out and train. Too much unnecessary male energy in these comments . Jeez

  • Loser..

  • Good try Gilbert... Amazing fight my friend. You have a new fan brotha

  • i believe he will be champ at one point

  • I’m a Nigerian nightmare fan but burns had me out my seat when dropped Usman in first round! I honestly thought he was gonna finish him off but usman is a champ for a reason! Good fight burns I’m sure he’ll be a champion you can see it

  • I've never seen somebody cry for as long as he has after a fight. Ridiculous. He lost before the fight even was even announced.

  • Fight Colby next...

  • Feel the Burns!

  • The Peoples Champ! Always a fan.

  • Meghan - Joseph did a good job with that ring. I can see you are very proud of it. Looks great against the red. 😃🤣

  • You’ll be back even stronger brudda 👊🏽

  • Experience in this case won the game I think

  • Great job Usman and alot of respect to Gilbert burns he will be back but Usman is great my 3rd favorite fighter ever

  • As a Kamaru fan ..I like Gilbert a lot ..before the fight I was quite comfortable because I felt if Kamaru lost to a guy like this I wont be so pained bcos Gilbert looks like someone with a good heart ...However it is wrong for him to overstate his moments in the first round..yes he dropped Kamaru but he could not have gone all out for the knockout because Kamaru had sufficient tools to counter him ..yes Gilbert is faster but Kamarus reach advantage would always count and the jabs kept Gilbert in check until he was dropped..I don't see things changing even in a rematch .

  • I hope you understand now the difference between friendly match and real one.power without control is always useless...good luck.

  • Burns won on authenticity and personality. 10-8

    • Is there any belt for that category?

  • i wanna see douglas lima vs usman. lima is the best welterweight on the planet next to usman and colby IMO. was very competitive with Mousasi.

  • Dillbert

  • Honestly, I’m just gonna say it. I can’t stand Megan Olivi. She seems so fake and over acts her personality.

    • cause she's rich lol. Being $rich$ makes you unhumble.

  • It takes a VERY special man to do this after a loss like that. It says mountains about him

  • Marty Usman was never my champ!!

  • He tried to brawl with him instead of using his bjj

  • If he starts losing, the real answer is covid damaged his lungs. He gassed so quick.

  • I get what Burns is saying. I think it also speaks to the smart game plan by Usmans and his team. They probably suspected Burns was gonna come out hot as he talks about here. Usman was patient, weathered the storm in the first then put it on Burns once they saw he was overheated.

  • The only guy who really hurt Usman. Colby gave a longer tough fight but that first round "maybe knockdown" was so crazy. Truly the best 2 fighters at WW (Wonderboy is a close 3rd)

  • Megan 🥵🥰😍

  • 1:38 You can hear how upset he is with himself in making that one slip up. Looking forward to his return, because he's got the skillset to be the champ.

  • You had him hurt why did you go on your back and let him recover for so long

    • He was inviting him to the ground game so that his Bjj skills could count but Usman was smarter

  • Hespect 🙏🏻

  • Fair play i honestly thought he had it when he landed his shot but I think usman showed a better side to his style. Definitely best usmam has looked

  • stand up guy. cant wait to see him come back

  • Giblert put up a good fight

  • its hard for Megan because she been through this with Joe B many times, strong woman

  • Burns was great in the first round.

  • I really thought Gilbert was going to win ... that first 2 minutes I thought would happen but I thought he would finish him ...

  • They all have a plan until they get in the octagon with the Nightmare.

  • This man can be a champ. 258 wasn't his night, but it wasn't a loss, he proved he belongs here. This man will be back.

  • I was rooting for usman, this fight was super satisfying

  • You definitely got him in the first round Should keep pushing

  • Megan sees her own husband's pain in Gilbert. Getting so close to the pinnacle of your sport and falling just short. You can tell she has a lot of respect for Gilbert, and so do I.

  • I feel like Gilbert didn't have enough experience....

  • No matter whoever wins the winner is Joseph Benavidez

  • Need his strength program, dude has quads like a cyclist.

  • Gilbert will be back, some tweaks, few fights and hes ready to knock out anyone

  • Take that L ...💪🏿

  • Why is no one giving usman credit . Y’all pity this cry baby 😭. He had a silly smirk on his face before the fight. @And still !

  • Looks like your face isn't too excited

  • Great fight. He went out there looking for the finish, not a tap tap tap point battle, and he came up a hair short. No shame in that

  • Huge fan of gilb he gave usman a fight. Hats off to usman as usual, always proves why he’s the champ !

  • If they where really friends he would have talked the way he did before the fight. I know it's just business and he's a great fighter but come on he needs to go back down in weight

  • Its crazy how hard these guys are on them selfs 1# guy in world 🌎 👏👏👏

  • He is making no excuses it seems. Sounds a lot like he is gonna do the Dustin Poirier. The question is who Usman is in this scenario? Is he McGregor or is he Khabib?

  • olivi look good

  • Usman can take a shot alright .It was weird a couple of times when burns hit Usman he froze & ducked his head i was screaming knee knee knee i felt a knee strait up the middle could have finished it ,but it does not matter how athletic how good you are physically if you don't have it mentally as well you will never get there & Burns weakness seems to be mentally fighting is 80% mental ..

  • I'm a fan of Gilbert now, that's for life!

  • Just goes to show you how good Colby Covington actually is the only person to push the Nigerian Nightmare to the limit

    • Colby v Leon Edwards should be a goodun. Hope they make it

  • If he didn't have a glass jaw, he would def be a champion.

  • When she said “question” with a lil accent Gilbert took a double take real quick 😂

  • Excuses are like assholes... and I'm not interested in either one.

  • Poor coaching from Burns team.

  • The day you got butthurt against Helwani I knew you will lose your fight!

  • plan was even working but instead of pressuring him after having stunned him he decided to lie down on the canvas while Kamaru regain his focus. Stupidest move i've seen in a while.

  • Takes a real man to stick around and accept defeat . He will be champ in the future no doubt.