Daniel Cormier reacts to Kamaru Usman’s UFC 258 win vs. Gilbert Burns | SportsCenter

Publicerades den 13 feb 2021
Daniel Cormier joins SportsCenter to discuss Kamaru Usman’s TKO win against Gilbert Burns at UFC 258 to retain the welterweight title.
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  • Usman took that respect.

  • Usman has 1 loss. What is this espn guy talking about? And DC didn't even correct him. Smh. Stooge

  • I don’t like how we keep saying he’s beating gsps streak when gsps streak was all at title fights and defenses it’s not the same. But still impressive

  • who is that fat reporter, he acts like he's a fighter

  • DC! Usman is so good at his jab

  • Congrats to DC! Legit seeing this guy on sc.

  • Now I want to see a fight with kamaru Usman vs. George st pierre

  • daniel is the goat analyst

  • Is DC reading from a teleprompter?

  • 0 in the loss column hey... clowns

  • 170 Usman vs Khabib?

  • Early in his career, Usman was written off. Now he is holding record breaking numbers. Very talented fighter and more to come....lovely to watch. He will be the man to watch for years

  • Cormier is a great analyst. If he was calling the NFL games, easily 5 to 10mil a year!

  • Dc is talks the best mma

  • Dc

  • Shoutout to the Daddest Man on the Planet, Daniel Cormier!

  • Kissing a.s as always

  • What "zero" is he talking about??

  • Okay okay, Usman beats a one dimensional fighter. Get over it already.

  • Dc is getting better as an analyst. I like it!

  • Marty fake juiceman 💉

  • DC is a true and dedicated representative of the ufc

  • I was scared for usman in the start of round one but it was a great turn around for him.

  • Anabolics or steroids

  • Ends the clip with "Hard to argue with that zero in the lost column" True mma fans: "You casual do you even follow the sport?.he has an L on his record.".

  • ESSO!

  • Usman alsi talking too much like corner one day he is also same like quiet 🤫 corner

  • Burns looked afraid of Usman to me in the fight... 😎

  • Daniel, you praise Usman after 4 championship wins against 3 none champs and 1 champ. What say you about the Jon Jones comparison?

  • the next fight to make for Usman is George Saint Pierre .....................since he just took the record he should also beat the former champ who will still be considered the lb for lb best ever unless Usman would beat him.

  • Feels like DC explained the whole fight to the guy cos he hasn’t a clue lol

  • Usman vs Khabib at 170lbs. That is the challenge Khabib has been looking for.

  • he has lost though

  • There is only one guy who can beat Usman, and that’s Colby Chaos

  • man, usman, adesanya , jones and khabib hacked the whole game. they just cant lose


  • The fight for Usman is Colby. I know Usman whooped him but Covington fought a good fight. These other guys are getting smashed

  • Why DC still in shock?

  • Khabib vs usman !!!!

  • Usman getting mad respect from everyone now

  • Leon Edwards after that "Rematch" with Masvidal

  • Are people trying to cover up his one loss? It was in 2013 and outside of the UFC but it was still MMA.

  • Usman vs kabib.if Kabib really that good why not facing Usman as GSF does to Bisping.

  • Most Dominant UFC Champions by division ISRAEL ADESANYA, defeated 7 of top 15 KAMARU USMAN, defeated 6 of top 15 KHABIB NURMAGOMEDOV, defeated 5 of top 15 DEIVESON FIGUEIREDO, defeated 5 of top 15 STIPE MIOCIC, defeated 3 of top 15 PETR YAN, defeated 2 of top 15 JAN BLACHOWICZ, defeated 2 of top 15 ALEXANDER VOLKANOVSKI, defeated 1 of top 15 Don’t be mislead by hype surrounding a champion, look at the stats.

  • He was almost got knocked out. Showed great heart and he is a physical specimen. That was his dominant wrestling, he is able to dominate people however the respect isn't given to him because his striking skill level it's far exceeded by so many other people. Striking level is nowhere near as good as Jorge masvidal his Jiu-Jitsu is nowhere near as good as Jorge masvidal and he is a much better wrestler Than People recognize however that strength fact it is such a big difference. If Jorge could muscle up a bit and add that to his skill level he absolutely can Beat the Champ! As far as kicks as far as working off of his back as far as the Karate aspect of MMA he is very very limited but the fact that he has a great heart and such a physical specimen if you have a good wrestling background it's going to dominate in this Arena. Can he even throw a spinning wheel kick a Superman punch a spinning elbow I don't think he's able to perform any of these things and he doesn't need to to win so if you can understand what I'm saying this is the reason that he doesn't get the respect because there are so many Strikers that are as such higher level than he is but he is such a specimen he's able to win and dominate because of his strength and his wrestling along with his Jab, yet he's able to maintain the victory so the reason he doesn't get the respect is many many fighters like Jorge masvidal are much more skilled than he is and have more experience than he does but hats off to him he'll continue to improve but he is absolutely beatable!

  • Khamzat

  • Usman is so boring

  • I'm liking Usman, he's the kind of champ I can get behind. First off, he doesn't act like some kind of stupid pimp, you know, the way McTapper/McSleeper, was trying to do. He's articulate, he doesn't speak like he didn't get past the fifth grade, not a lot of slang or mispronounced words. He will be a great champion particularly if he continues to out strike, strikers.

  • The difference in karamu and gsps win streak is pretty much all gsps wins were title defences were Karamu wins were not title defences this was like his 3rd title defense so big difference and gsp was fighting pre USADA most his apponents were juiced, had gsp not lost to matt sera with that lucky shot serra landed gsp would of had like 20 plus title defences. So big difference

  • Black Fedor... Who remembers!?

  • Khabib wants a challenge why is he not going up a weight class and fighting usman, thats a fight I want to see

  • Despite what everyone says, Colby was the only real challenge so far. I believe Usman can beat anyone in the division.


  • People don't like Usman not because he's black, he's just a weird guy

  • Stephen Thompson is a tough stylistic match up for Usman. Great TDD, Great distance control, Great striking.

  • Gsp vs usman book it Dana!

  • Jfc this guy is way better than Steven A Smith 😂😂🤙🏾

  • Where the “Snoozeman” comments at now? Cant say this last one was a dud!

  • Usman would beat khbib

  • Put some respect in Usman name

  • Usman is on another level...

  • Kamaru is surely the most underrated fighter

  • When you see Dc smiling about a fight he looks like a kid in a candy store being able to commentate fight

  • DC speaks well. Doing a great job

  • Usman beat the 💩 Colby

  • Usman ✊🏾

  • Learn IT

  • There ain't no such thing as almost

  • But almost doesn't count here

  • They both raced to early knock out

  • Hes not studying all of his fights and training based on mistakes and capitalism of opponents

  • I gotta watch that one again

  • He doesn't trigger watch

  • Hes not pace assessing

  • Weight is issue so if it ain't broke it is but yeah

  • I'd up his calves game as well

  • Hes got the missiles

  • The goal is getting him to the Money team

  • Sustained? IRS SUSTAINED NOW

  • 🗣💬smh eeeyyyyyeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh

  • Kamaru is a physical specimen

  • I never lost a fight in my life. -Covington -Chael

  • Usman got rocked, and weathered the storm. A true champion.

  • How does Masvidal beat the Champ? Would be as much chance putting Nate Diaz in there. Kamaru is after that money

  • DC is drunk

  • Burns really messed up staying on his back in the first round. He should have got up sooner and get after it

  • Marty is on the juice hardbody

  • yo dc

  • Lightweight champions a welterweight want fight at his natural weight class same as usman84kg middleweight 83kg let see how they do at there natural weight

  • can Usman be stopped ? I personally don't think so right now..

  • Took a 1:32 to mention Conor this time.. good job ESPN you’re improving. Hopefully soon you won’t mention him at all in interviews that have NOTHING to do with him!

  • ”Can’t argue with that 0” DC thinking ”he actually has lost 1”

  • DC is excellent at bridging the gap between the knowledgeable, hard-core fans and the more casual audience

  • Khabib vs Usman

  • Usman isn't undefeated. he has 1 loss from a long time ago

  • It;s not the respect. The guy is weirdo, or at least doesn't know how to talk normally. His trash talks are little off sometimes. He just doesn't have charisma, that's all. Doesn't mean he is not the best fighter now, which he is. But I do see him losing eventually. With Khabib I really felt he will never lose if he plays his own game. Usman has holes like any other fighter

  • Hahaha 😁 I'm so happy for usman, a victory for him is a victory for me.

  • DC should take Dana's spot as the UFC promoter when he decides to retire

  • Is it time for khabib vs Usman to find out the real goat !

  • Am i crazy to think Stephen Thomson should be in the talks when people ask who’s next