Curtis Blaydes understands why Jon Jones got heavyweight title fight before him | ESPN MMA

Publicerades den 17 feb 2021
Curtis Blaydes joins Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show ahead of his #UFCVegas19 main event fight vs. Derrick Lewis, as the two discuss…
0:00 The designs in his haircut and it being a fight week tradition.
3:50 Dana White saying Jon Jones will fight the winner of Stipe Miocic vs. Francis Ngannou for the heavyweight title.
6:35 Derrick Lewis’ sense of humor, why Blaydes doesn’t think Lewis puts in the work to be great.
10:30 Receiving criticism for his last win vs. Alexander Volkov.
17:24 The success of teammate Cory Sandhagen and why Blaydes likes watching him hit pads.
18:40 The Miocic-Ngannou rematch at UFC 260.
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  • He said Greek warrior!! Lmao not Africa warrior but

  • He overlooked Derrick

  • I wonder if that suttle stutter was cured.. Or made worse after his run in with that Atomic upper cut from the Blackbeast...

  • I came here after seeing him knocked to see if he was talking greasy before the fight. Great guy though

  • A upper cut is a amazing advantage when coming to wrestling.

  • Ariel come on at least smile while introducing fighters

  • After Derrick Lewis he deffo understood.

  • Looks like he will waiting a little bit longer for a title fight... crazy uppercut!

  • Curtis definitely's got a concussion consequences...

  • Curtis looks like he got Zica.


  • He didn’t have symptoms at first cause he didn’t have covid until they tested him sticking that virus on his brain

  • blaydes seems honest and straightforward, this interview made me a fan of the man

  • Not trying to be mean at all... does Curtis have a stutter? It sounds like it but it’s not consistent.

    • @wdj_ I hear you but I wasn’t worried. I was curious. There’s a difference.

    • Dave Mazur i don’t care if you care, just saying you shouldn’t care, but it’s up to you; there are greater thing to worry about in life than someone’s voice

    • @wdj_ my brain does, I thought I noticed it and I’m wondering if it’s just me. Not a big deal at all. Why do you care if I care?

    • who cares

  • Blaydes has the smallest head. Solid guy tho

  • He really does look like a Curtis

  • 14:00

  • he's right 100k extra to win fook everyone

  • He lookin like the dark horse in that division

  • the design called meandros

  • Blaydes 💯

  • Mohawk. Big ol Beard. Lines drawn on the sides. Still can’t hide that face looking like an armpit, ready to stink up another heavyweight fight.

  • Curtis making Ariel jealous with that hairline

  • Let’s go Curtis!

  • Why Curtis head look so fat

  • This is not the best camera angle for Blaydes

  • Curtis as JAX in the MK movie woulda been cool he kinda fits the build of old school JAX

  • Dude has a name built for MMA or Mortal Kombat, has he got a sister named Sonya?

  • This covid thing is ..... sheeesh!!

  • Ppl say hes boring but come on what he did to jds or reem or hunt is not boring at all he's a beast

  • Curtis Blaydes looks like that girl Precious in Precious, based on the novel Push by Sapphire

  • He starting to realise how the UFC operates, and MMA as a sport. Certain people and money fights happen. When you are at the top and young age in consideration, I believe he can become champ. He has time! When his hands get heavy, He will be unbelievably good.

  • Nah you lot were moving mad with the thumbnail! Why does Curtis look like Gimli from Lord of the Rings. 😭😭😭😭

  • Huge fan of Curtis , how he represents himself and the sport....

  • I like this dude. Humble and honest. He'd make a great champion

  • take it from someone with a missile head myself, you need to tell your barber to straighten your box (hairline) so that your forehead can look more open so that your head doesn't look as small. blessings.

  • Is he Mike Jones the rapper from a world where he chose MMA instead of being a 1 hit wonder.

  • Am I the only one that thinks hes a ninja turtle💀💀?

  • Big fan of this dude, anyone who says he’s a boring fighter is wack. Dude punishes guys on the ground

  • As someone with a stutter, I didnt know Curtis had a speech impediment until I saw this video. You can tell he's worked hard to resolve it! All the best to him for this weekend!

  • Widest face ever

  • Volkof is LANKY yw

  • I have followed MMA for several years reasonably, but not super close. Somehow missed Mr. Blaydes. As I see and hear him, it is obvious to me, that he is a BIG heart. This is how he strikes me. I am left feeling good about him as genuine, respectful. Most impressed. I am a new fan of his now. Thank you. As for Mr Helwani, the 'D' word does not occur to me in the slightest either. Reasonable man and undeserving of disparagement and disrespect. Hope he continues to prosper, be heard, and have a platform for his voice.

  • his head has zika virus

  • Whats with the ears of these mma fighters 😳 . Scary.

  • 6... dddddddD batteries

  • Anyone else notice his speech seems to have suffered ?

  • Damm Blades, who ever cut your hair messed it up bro, totally butchered uneven, lines all wrong, with his money you think he would have a fly cut, Good dude though.

  • NICE!!! Blaydes studders like me... I can RELATE!

  • I enjoy the ground game but this guy is always boring.

  • Curtis needs to ask Bob Perez or Lauren Murphy if Derrick "puts in work". The man lost a lot of weight & got fit but doesn't "put in work" 🤔

  • I like Ariel but i gotta be honest I cant stand Dana

  • Why not fight Jon Jones ? Nobody wants to sit thru another Derek Lewis fight and this way Jonny boy doesn't have to wait till the end of the year.

  • alright guys we have found Curtis’ weakness, not getting a haircut before his fights. very unlikely scenario tho.

  • Just look at that cattle head, maaaan.. 🤣🤣🤣

  • So humble.

  • Technically Jones hasnt got a thing in the heavy weight division. Ngannou is first up.

  • This guy has Bellator written all over him

  • Curtis who? Why is this Curtis dude mentioned in the same sentence as the GOAT?

  • Bc curtis got smoked by francis that's why

  • That guy has a threehead

  • Curtis is a sound guy

  • Ariel trying to stir the stew

  • That picture ain’t do him any favours

  • Curtis blaydes is in a tough spot. Feel bad for him because under normal circumstances, beating Derrick Lewis would earn him a title shot. there’s already two guys in front him though.

  • Btw idk why Dana calls out Ariel .... Ariel makes his product much more appealing and interesting to the fans , thank you Ariel

  • Curtis blades is a great martial artist but honestly after this interview I’m now a HUGE FAN. Take him down and keep him down Curtis !!

  • 08:54 " I root hard " 😂😂😂

  • I like Curtis strong dude

  • how an you dislike curtis? him and anderson were two of my favorite dark horses of the division

  • This is my first time listening to Curtis, I'm a big fan now.

  • Curtis had the mindset . I think he’s hurt Jones .It’s Curtis the blanket Blaydes or the Razor that shows up fight night ..Heavyweight can’t have a goat for too long .. Too many hammers to mess up the undefeated records . The current champ has been blackout ko’d twice .

  • "Whoever wins, Jon is gonna get 'em" - Curtis. He knows Jon is winning that title. He knows.

  • This is why I check interviews out before knowing who I am rooting for. Go Curtis...very good person so I hope the best.

  • Curtis seems to be a down to earth honest person

  • Because no one likes him lol. It’s pretty obvious

  • Love this guy's personality after this interview. So genuine.

  • What a cool guy. I know these guys are fighters and probably have very little interest in the media side of things - but these long form interviews get their personality across. Curtis has definitely got another fan from this

  • A jab from a heavy weight is not the same as a jab from a light heavy weight.

  • Love Curtis. Its not for him to change his style to suit the guy trying to take your head off. Do what you do best. Its like asking a swimmer to be a olympic diver. Got love for both him and Derrick. May the best man win.

  • Agree humble type dude. Also he must be in good shape just by looking at his head. Lol

  • This nerd is NEVER gonna be a champ LMAO "Im gonna lay and pray my way to the title!"

  • Does he have a speech problem or am I tripping. Regardless I'm a new fan of his based off this interview. Not only does he sound like a really good guy he seems like a real one as well. Blaydes>Lewis

  • Gets not got

  • As cool as he is , until he develops his stand up, I can’t rock wit em .

  • Very cool guy, i hope he wins

  • Nice haircut😁

  • Great interview, Curtis! Level headed guy. Couldn't find fault with anything he said.

  • Curtis, you have a now fan right here.

  • only black fighter i root for is Mike Perry....

  • does the ear thing effect hearing in any way?

  • He looks like one of those shrunken skull people.

  • I hope he’ breaks d Lewis and fights winner of Jones v stipe

  • He clowned d Lewis 😂 blaydes is a real dude. Not some wannabe WWE bozo like half these dudes nowadays

    • You’re a casual. You don’t know fighting at all. You sound like your 13 and You’ve probably never seen the inside of a gym. You’re the reason why mma has the worst fans. I respect the victorious, and the defeated. You surely have never seen the inside of a cage 😂

    • Your right casual i’ll let ya live

    • Dude chill it’s just fighting. People win and lose. Get a life

    • Don’t switch up now go wake ya boyfriend up

    • Who cares?

  • Stipe beats ngannou. Jones beats stipe. Blaydes beat Jones. That would be his path, but everything would have to be just right. However I think stipe KOs Jones and stipe also would edge out a win over blaydes. I can’t see anyone ever beating stipe

  • 👁👃🏼👁

  • Looks at his face he's a freak 👟👞

  • “What was that like?” 👁👄👁

  • Well fine then, I'll add another guy to my 'seems like a dude I'd like to hang out with' list.

  • Curtis looks like Butcher Brown from Ready 2 Rumble Boxing