Beneil Dariush calls top lightweights ‘businessmen’ when booking big fights | ESPN MMA

Publicerades den 16 feb 2021
Beneil Dariush chats with ESPN MMA’s Brett Okamoto about his last win and the UFC lightweight division.
0:00 Looking back at his win vs. Diego Ferreira and critiquing what he could’ve done differently.
4:50 Why he feels like he’s working with a “businessmen” when trying to get a big fight next.
8:40 What a potential bout vs. Charles Oliveira would look like, then gives his thoughts on Michael Chandler and Tony Ferguson.
17:20 What big name he thinks could accept a fight against him and when he’d like to return.
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  • Dariush if he gets little bit powers and games planning for started and finished in one go he gets every body

  • what a man

  • this guy would be a dangerous opponent to khabib

  • I've been following Beneil since the Drew Dober fight. That was a pretty good fight where he seemed to have a come from behind win with a sub that I was impressed with. At the time I thought he was good but nothing too "spectacular" but there was something about him that made me want to watch his fights going forward and I haven't missed one and he's on a very good run right now.

  • Okamota saying "salt and peppa" cringe

  • BABA Iranehhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • Top 5 nicest peeps in the sport 😊

  • Salt and Pepper I like that

  • Give this Man A Big Enough fight RDA or Felder ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • A top 5 that comes from loses should not fight agains another top 5 he needs to prove he still a top 5 agains a top 10 at least

  • "It seems that for this fight he was trying tofight for his family... Get out of the picture, woman!"

  • ‘’ my last question’’ lasted Almost 1/3 the interview. Just something I caught hopefully this helped you or

    • If it didn’t then subscribe to me ☺️

  • Poirier vs Oliveira: For the belt Gaethje vs Chandler: No.1 Contender fight. Winner gets Winner of Poirier vs Oliveira Tony vs Conor: 2 losses at LW, both popular and need to bounce back. Winner gets loser of Gaethje vs Chandler. Loser fights Felder. RDA vs Dariush: Awesome matchup. Both coming of wins. Winner gets a top 4 opponent. Loser fights Hooker

  • HE'S 31??? WHAT

  • Scott Baio reporting

  • Trust me Dariush, better grey hairs than receeding hairline, or even that darned bald spot.

  • Dariush vs felder

  • One of the best interviews in a LONG time! God bless Beneil!

  • Welterweight is way worse, nobody ever fights in that top 5 or 6

  • It's genetics. In a year, they all turn grey. Hope he gets a big fight soon. Dude deserves it

  • Lightweight division is the most stacked division yet the title gets defended less than any other division lmaoo.

  • I like him, but he's not an elite fighter.

  • Lol get out of the picture, woman!

  • Tony vs Dariush.....makes perfect sense

  • Beniel vs Hooker sounds like the fight to make

  • He has a good well

  • The dog that isn’t gonna get up is me, LOL

  • Dariush is the most underrated light weight out here.

  • Dariush is awesome. That judge who scored for the other guy should get an ear full.

  • Can someone tell me what card he fought on ? I missed the fight and I live watching this guy as it always turns into a brawl. Was he on the Usman card?

  • would lovee to see Dariush vs hooker or RDA

  • Underated fighter with SEVERAL solid ws. One the dark horses of the division.

  • 🐐

  • he finished drew dober who is super underrated in the lw dv

  • Beneil got almost full white hair in a few weeks, because he lost his unborn he and his wife are expecting a 2nd one. All the best for him and his family !

  • These two are studs with great hairlines

  • 22:16 Beneil was referring to This Well: "Jesus answered, 'Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.'” (John 4:13-14) Preach it Bro!

  • which fighter he talked about that has most potential?

    • Rafael Dos Anjos, maybe? I was confused as well

  • Beniel is awesome

  • This guy acc high level lightweight

  • He should fight Paul Felder

  • Beneil's fight vs Ferreira was mad. It looked like he was putting himself in crazy jiujitsu scrambles for fun and to prove a point! Dariush vs Oliveira would be mental!

  • No offense but dood is from Iran. He could be 42

  • Ferguson is washed

  • Give him Charles Olivera

  • Love this bloke

  • Rda

  • Dariush vs Ferguson or Feldor?

  • 12:09 “I had a bunch of dudes just to get beat up by. If you don’t have that, I don’t know if you’re gonna get far.” He criticizes Tony Ferguson and Max Holloway for not doing hard sparring, but Tony Ferguson won the interim championship and Max Holloway won the championship. Ferguson and Holloway have gotten far.

  • I agree with Beneil the rankings are a fake thing made up by UFC for casuals. They don't mean anything and the UFC can remove people whenever they want from them. They should use this tactic to force the guys to take fights. They pulled Edwards from the rankings and then re-inserted him once he took the Chimaev fight lol. UFC can do whatever they want and the rankings are a joke.

  • So many fighters in this organization to root for.

  • I always love watching Dariush fight!

  • I would love to see him fight Chandler

  • very likeable

  • He has some good fights. Cant wait until he fights again.

  • Beneil and Tony

  • Oliveira went from underrated to overrated in one performance. Dariush beats him 4 times out of 5.

    • Easy work for Darisuh

  • Dariush is on a 6 fight win streak (2 KO, 2 Subs, 2 Dec). He has earned a top 5 opponent, they should do Dariush vs. Ferguson.

  • Well this is professional prize fighting and a business and as good as beneil is they have zero reason to fight you

  • I hope we see him again soon

  • A true Warrior

  • We only spar 100% once a week... thats a fight Beniel, so.. bad rap deserved

  • He's a tough and talented guy, but every time I watch him fight he seems to get tired quite fast. If his cardio catches up to his talent then maybe he can be a top 7 guy, but right now I don't think he beats any of the top guys unless he takes them out in the first round.

  • Beneil is a fighter like an a real fighter

  • WAR BENEIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LOVE Beneil! 💪🙏

  • Why would Chanlder, Poirier, Charles, Gaethje or Tony ever give him a chance when they could rather just face each other? They're higher ranked AND have much bigger names. I'm not even gonna listen to him pretend that Conor's an option when Dariush only has 15k followers on Twitter. Like it or not that matters. Plus, who is Beneil's biggest win? James Vick? LOL Carlos Ferreira? Another guy with a very small following? The guy got starched by Alexander Hernandez. Sure, it was a while ago but he's never gonna be a champion. Let's be real. At best he might get matched up with Dan or Paul because they're both coming off 2 losses. Tony is too but I doubt he'd even get that match up. Perhaps, he might but it's a stretch. You can't blame the UFC for not getting behind that idea of giving Beneil Dariush one of these matchups.

  • Let's be honest he'd get beat badly by an of the top 5

  • Everyone’s time will come. I like Dariush but he’s literally in Oliveiras position a couple fights ago it took him 8 to get a big fight. Dariush is good so he can definitely get it but he just needs to stay focus and keep doing what he’s doing

  • Dude is a class act and BMF. I’d like to see him fight some of the top guys. Ferguson and Oliviera come to mind.

  • beneil vs rda is a perfect fight i bet theyll make that one next

  • Starting to like this guy. Hopefully can see him fight more in future.

  • awesome interview 🙏

  • I hope he doesnt think he can just walk everyone down he does need some adjustments too

  • I would love to see him and Chandler fight, thats a great match up

  • I like Dariush, but those knockout losses against Barboza and Hernandez really pushed him down in the rankings. Can't blame other guys for wanting to fight guys higher in the rankings

  • Yip turning into boxing picking and choosing fights what happened to the best fighting the best

  • Most underrated fighter in lightweight

  • Seems like Dariush's only options are to wait for the top 6 fighters to fight and let that sort itself out. Or try to get a fight against hooker or RDA.

  • Gives that man Tony! Fight of the middle aged men

  • I got this dude in UFC 3 in one of those stupid card packs, so then I watched him on fightpass and became a huuuuge fan. This dude is so much fun to watch.

  • he’s a great fighter man

  • one of my favorite fighters in the roster dudes so humble give this man a big opponent he deserves it for sure his work in the octagon and out is what makes him so great

  • Iron sharpens shins beneil

  • Cavemen energy

  • Great dude, as far as competing with the best my only concern is his stand up.He gets hit a lot and seems to leave his chin up there to be hurt.But other then that great fighter.

  • All these fighters becoming spoiled divas, its getting annoying 😒

  • olives eira

  • Beneil “Nathan Drake” Dariush

  • him against gaugee for the title khabob didn't relinquish yet

  • Tony signed to fight for the Undisputed title twice. First time he got injured, second time he decided to fight for the interim title instead of being patient and waiting for Russia to let the eagle fly

  • Great insight and info! Thank You Brett and Beneil for your time and thoughts! -Peace & Love

  • Man has the right mindset. Beneil is a warrior!

  • I respect every fighter how they show love to there manager ali abdelaziz

  • Beniel is very soft spoken man 👨👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • 8:23 Ali definitely taking credit for it now

  • Brett that interview with Frankie was so bad. One of the best to ever do it and a fan favorite deserved a lot better than what you gave.

  • Imagine giving a Beniel Dariush interview a 👎 Sad to think there’s that many horrible ppl in the world

  • I like this guy

  • Beneil is a very dangerous fight for anyone in the top 5 to me. I’d like to see vs Hooker or Felder.