You blew it! - DC & Helwani’s message to Julian Marquez about Miley Cyrus | ESPN MMA

Publicerades den 15 feb 2021
Daniel Cormier and Ariel Helwani react to Julian Marquez’s post-fight shout out to Miley Cyrus at UFC 258, with the pop singer responding on Twitter and Marquez making a request of his own.
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  • People don't understand that banging Miley wasn't the bag he missed. He took the fattest L becuz he missed an opportunity to suck as much attention and free promotion as he could from the recognition Miley gave him. Any smart person would keep that back nd forth going. Especially cuz he was clearly desperate to promote whatever he was promoting at the end of his fight

  • why would a spry yourng man call out a 60 year old drug addict

    • She’s younger than him, has more money than him and is more famous than him....🌝

  • Lol

  • But why that tore up chic, why not Mila Kunis or someone who's really hot. 🥴

  • 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • UFC should just cut him at this point...

  • Ted Cruz levels of awareness

  • Lmao what a goof

  • DC do you really need money this bad to still be doing this show with this shitball

  • Every dude had a girl in High school who was way out of his league and she liked you for some reason and you blew it thinking you were too cool, this was his moment lol

  • Way to go Julian! Only submissive losers in point...Ariel & DC

  • U know when the two douche bags roast you... ur done

  • Guy was embarrassing asking for the date the way he did to begin with realisticly... Then you honestly gonna shave her name in your chest for a "Chance"?.. lmaoo she just wanted to see the muppet dance for her a second time.

  • You don't just follow the commands of a woman who, purposely, wants to exercise her anti-patriarchal power through humiliating a man. Do you really think she was going to date him, if he foolishly and publicly broadcasted himself wagging his tail, like a puppy, at the drop of a pin? What he replied, although still somewhat silly, is better than actually following her instructions. DC and Ariel, along with evidently most MMA fans, are absolute simps.

  • I’m only on this video because Ariel is such a clout chaser that he put his pic on the thumbnail just because of Miley Cyrus when literally there’s absolutely no reason Ariel should have his face here. He doesn’t ever put his face on fighters videos this just proves the mark Helweenie is...Uncle Chael was right ARIEL HEL-WEENIE iS A CLOUT CHASING MARK!!!!

  • Simpin ain’t easy

  • Miley is a freak.

  • Marquez is a savage💯 especially from coming from behind to get the finish. What Daniel, Ariel and all you other LAMES AND SIMPS dont understand is Marquez just got himself instant clout and status to new levels. Yes asking MC to be his valentine would be weak and Simpish IF he was for real..this whole stunt, was exactly that. Come on seriously, Marquez can have Way badder broads than used up thrash like MC..he used her and the system to elevate himself. Dude is a winner and lost nothing.

    • She’s younger than him, wealthier than him and is more famous than him ....🌝

  • Ellie talking like he's some player with the ladies.

  • Am I the only one to think Miley Cyrus is a weird ugly person? Seems like he dodged a bullet if anything..

  • He just wanted to smash lets be honest

  • Lmfao

  • He looked more tired than Ngannou looked after his lone 5 round fight 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • If I was him I would do the MC thing and responding with a picture


  • Bag fumbled

  • Wait???? isnt dudes like this from Judaism, fully inbred ? Dont act like you havent got a couple of cousins and stuff with the same mother ariel, the gene pool aint that big brother, thats why you and Streisand have a striking feature

  • y'all can keep talking but when he drops a selfie with her from their actual date, we'll see who's gonna roast Julian then 🤭 she followed him on IG tho 👀

  • DC talking about never having a GF, that's some serious projection, considering DC's childhood GF is his wife, he is the actual guy who only ever had 1

    • Ariel is even worse, to this day he is still awkward talking to women on camera. These two are literal eternal losers, who try to comfort each other, by bashing on guys who get more action in one weekend, than these two got in their entire life.

  • Dont worry boys, next fight he will have MC

  • No. Miley Cyrus or not. You make a demand. It’s a two way street. Don’t set the precedent of being desperate, or you will be for the rest of your time.

  • lmfao he ruined it!!!

  • I've watched his fight, his win. This night began not so bad for him... So, why Julian? 🤯

  • Billy Ray does not approve

  • i cant get through the whole video this is genuinely painful to watch

  • When you almost catch that big fish...

  • Rodolfo Viera let himself get submitted because if he stayed in that fight for 10 more seconds he would literally die.

  • He radiates Cringe. From the walk in to the post-fight press.

  • U

  • Why are people pretending Miley Cyrus is some prominent or important figure? Her entire career was manufactured by rich men, all her music was written for her and the only reason she was selected is because her father was a mediocre country musician.

  • Way too many hits on his head!!!

  • Miley never was serious about this anyways, she's joking around. It's trend on tiktok - people are asking Miley to name their future baby, make a tattoo, which colour they should dye their hair and etc, it's very funny. They posted some moments in her plastic hearts lyrics videos. I guess this guy just didn't understand that

  • The guys never had a girlfriend

  • I crumbled

  • Miley Cyrus 🤮 dude got strange taste

  • This is showing Jon Jones levels of lacking the common sense that God gave Geese! What a choker

  • 😂😂😂

  • Why not? Least he's not being a sap. She tells him what to do, so he's gotta be a man and demand his own end. She might just do it too. If he just shaved his chest like she asked she might of thought he was desperate. I reckon he's more of a chance now, that said maybe Miley was never serious in the first place, just leading him on for some MORE attention, now that makes the most sense in truth..

    • @Martin Bloks in truth I reckon Miley was as serious about dating this guy as she is about being a "lesbian". In truth I think she's more into pretty boy, more famous men anyway..

    • You're missing the point. If she would get more attention (by him shaving) and responded, he could've kept the flirting going and get more attention from fans through her. She is more famous after all. (and he is not a well known fighter yet)

  • Daniel “just go to sleep” Cormier

  • Helwani is a docuhe

  • Cancel Ariel the DOUCHE See how he likes it.

  • It's a serious lack of self awareness on his part...

  • I’m so glad that DC and Ariel are covering this 😂

  • Won’t shave MC in his chest but will shave his head for a dude? Lol

  • DC is totally right! I mean just shave it. What a idiot. She never said permanently ink tattoo it then I’d see but come on smh.

  • Never had a girlfriend. DC is spot on. Dude is a dork.. can't take nothing away from his third round though. He has a lot of heart but zero game

  • Dude…just date guys! You’re better off I think..… girls just blacklisted you all over the world! 🤣😅

  • He did not!!! I am so embarrassed for this man

  • Nothing good comes from childhood stars ,so he might of dodged a bullet

  • Miley cyrus will date anyone thats famous

  • Big oof

  • I love it! He’s a funny dude, plus if he didn’t call her out, how is he going to ever meet her?

  • I know he messed his chance up. But Miley ain’t all that her body or her looks. Not to mentioned who knows what’s been in that clam she has. Marquez saved himself a check up to the doctors lol

  • Ariel is a Douche - Dana White

  • He didn't 'blow' anything, Miley was humoring him and he knew it so he just humored her back. Calm down people.

    • He would still probaly get RT maybe responded and from that point everything is just extra, is cloud for the guy, they not just talking about she being her gf or something like that

    • @THEDUTCHCOOK dude could have kept the bit going longer by just doing what she asked. Whether she was really going to give him a chance or he was just doing it to get his name out, his response was still a poor one.

    • Exactly. His reply could have been better but all the same, nothing was blown.

    • I was looking for this comment. This comment section made me realise MMA fans are a bunch of simping cucks with no sense of humour.

  • Miley followed him on insta after that tweet soo? Lmao💀

  • Y'all crazy, she was testing him. If he went and shaved that into his chest shed know he was a pushover. I'm not saying asking her to get a Henna tatt was the best response, but neither was shaving

  • Miley Cyrus?! Yeah dude dodged a bullet.

  • Miley Cyrus said she does not know if she is a man or a woman. The woman is weird.

  • He's the type of guy to owe money to the mafia and then when they ask him to pay up , he responds “ beg me, get on your knees and beg me”

  • Dude Miley cyrus is like a 4

  • Omg, he really DID blow it.

  • Miley is the “cool girl”? HAHAHAHA you’re shot


  • Let’s be real though. Miley Cyrus is bad news . She’d cheat on him , divorce him , and he’d probably kill himself out of depression. He dodged a bullet .

  • Isn’t she engaged to the smaller Hemsworth?

  • Completely disagree, he knows his worth.

    • you've clearly never had a g/f either.

  • It was the muscles I’ll do a interview with fluffy later he’s my boy we’ll just be in my car smoking a blunt, I’ll ask him if he got his blue stripe

  • He could have smashed aswel

  • Sounds to me like Cormier is never had one.. ^^

  • That's a dude.

  • I mean he was probably only try’s smash so he just said it ain’t that serous 😂

  • Can't talk about BKFC but they bring up this cornball Marquez trying to bag Lil Ms Cyrus? Smh, guess Dana made you cry so hard you literally became his pet shill.

  • Real men are dead or what? How could he blew it so badly?

    • @Dmitriy Kolyesnik nah, real man get the best women

    • so real men are those who do everything a woman told them to do? lol

  • Who gives a f

  • Wouldn't expect betas like cormier and helwani to get it. This dude absolutely nailed it, that was hilarious. Nothing was ever going to happen with that girl. Saying something preposterous was by far the best move, congrats brother haha

  • 0:59

  • marquez still doing better then DC, marquez has a podcast with a pornstar, DC has a podcast with helwani

  • You don’t understand! He let the cooool girl go! That’s strength! My respect!

  • He did blow it🤦🏻‍♂️ all she asked for was to shave hair, and he asked for a tattoo🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • I would have posted a photo of a clipper and told her to come do it herself 😏 lmaoo

    • @Ham Bone took notes brother, I'm ready to go find myself a multi million dollar cultural pop star

    • 99.9999% chance youre getting ghosted after that. Multi million dollar cultural pop stars don't wanna shave some dudes chest. The only option if you want to keep her responding is to do it then post a pic with some light hearted challenge back to her.

    • You smooth Mursel, you smooth! That's called putting the ball right back in her court!! Ah it's all good fun.

  • I kept yelling at the TV for him to stfu about hashtags and call out someone and then this happens

  • Nah that was a boss movie. Julian's been listening to Kevin Samuels. lol

  • Yeah, because doing whatever a woman wants you to do always works out well.

    • Some of you guys take being redpilled too far! This isn't a sign or disrespect or simping. Just shave the MC on your chest and call it a day.

    • @Ham Bone i agree with you but he don't sound like someone who understands that

    • Theres a time to assert your dominance king and there's a time to play along....I get the feeling you don't get to play very much.

    • What the dude above said.... its not that deep😂😂😂

    • It AINT that deep

  • I mean marquez did the right thing even if he blew it lol...because she was gonna control him anyway...celebrities only date people not as popular because they have more power over them

  • More fumble from Marquez than miley gets backstage.... and thats a lot of fumbling 😂🤣

  • I never want to see that guy fight again. Everything he says is awkward.

  • Simpin ain't easy.

  • Really guys? He asked her to be his valentine, not if he could be her clown for a day to make fun off, it's called selfrespect.

  • Hey guys. See the low view count? It's cause we as MMA fans don't care about anything that has ever happened involving Miley Cyrus ever. Only came on to leave this comment. thanks!